Protect My ID Review

This service has excellent ID theft protection features, but lacks a free credit score and a free trial. That is mainly why it's not much higher up on our list. It does have a $1 30-day trial though, so if you're not so concerned about getting a free credit score, and more concerned about having a low priced premium credit monitoring service, with great ID theft protection - this one could be for you.

Pros: Monitors all 3 credit bureaus, excellent identity theft protection features

Cons: No free credit score, but discounted scores are available for purchase

Standout Features

Trial Info 30 day trial for only $1
Credit Scores None
Credit Reports All 3 Reports
Credit Reports Monitored Equifax, Experian & TransUnion
ID Theft Coverage $1,000,000
Price After Trial $15.95/mo

Full Review is one of our top choices for a low priced 3-bureau credit monitoring solution, plus it has extensive identity theft protection features such as internet fraud monitoring, lost wallet protection, and more. That coupled with the low price on this service makes it a definite winner.

The main downside to this service is that there’s no free credit score included. However, you can buy your score for a discounted fee once you are a member. Considering the significantly lower price of this service, the fact that you don’t get a free score at sign-up is not a big deal.

After sign-up, you can buy your Experian Credit Score & Report for only $9.95. This is a pretty good deal considering the low monthly price of this service.

Free Credit Score and Free Trial

There’s technically no free trial for this service, but the cost of the 30 trial is only $1 – not free, but darn close to it. At sign-up, you will receive your Experian credit report, and begin your membership in Triple Advantage 3-bureau credit monitoring. There’s no free credit score included either, but as mentioned above, you can purchase your credit score at a discounted price once you are a member. If during the 30 day trial, you decide the service is not for you, just cancel and pay nothing other than the $1 for the 30 day trial.

Standout Feature – Identity Protection

Both and are both owned by Experian, and both have the same credit monitoring system, called Triple Advantage. This is a great tool for guarding against ID theft. However, goes beyond basic credit monitoring and alerts, to bring you one of the best identity theft protection services currently available.

The features offered are very similar to Identity Guard, minus the free credit scores, but is only $15.95/month instead of Identity Guard’s $19.99/month. Both have similar ID theft benefits, but if you’re not as concerned about checking your credit score on a regular basis, may be for you. Here’s a short list of some of the extensive ID theft protection benefits:

  • Daily 3-bureau credit monitoring, for signs of ID theft
  • $1,000,000 Identity theft insurance coverage, if you do become a victim
  • Daily Monitoring of internet black markets, for signs of fraud in your name
  • Lost wallet protection – helps protect your credit accounts, if lost or stolen
  • If ID theft does happen to you, a member of their Identity Theft Resolution Team will help you stop the thief, and recover from it

Credit Monitoring and Alerts’s credit monitoring system (Triple Advantage as they call it), will monitor all 3 of your credit reports on a daily basis, and keep an eye out for any changes such as new accounts, inquiries, change in credit balances, or any other change. If a change is detected, they will alert you by e-mail or text message immediately so you can investigate and make sure you are aware of the activity. Keeping a close eye on your credit is an effective way to detect and prevent ID theft.

Identity Theft Resolution and Coverage

As a member of, you are entitled to $1,000,000 ID theft coverage, if you were to fall victim to identity theft while enrolled in this service. They also provide what they call “Lost Wallet Protection”. Essentially what they will do is if you lose your wallet, they will help you out by notifying your credit card companies about the situation (which will help protect you from fraudulent charges). This can be a big help if you ever find yourself in that position.

Bottom Line

This is one of our favorites for top notch credit monitoring and identity theft protection benefits. If you are mainly concerned about monitoring your credit reports on a daily basis and protecting your identity, this is certainly something to look into. Its low monthly price and additional ID theft benefits, makes it a great deal. We would like a bit better if it also gave you a free credit score, but all in all, it’s an excellent choice for what it does.

Similar services to consider has stiff competition from Identity Guard, which offers basically the same identity theft protection benefits, plus a few more, and it also provides you with all 3 credit scores, with updates to those scores coming on a quarterly basis. It does cost a little more than though. The price, and the free credit scores are the two main differences between these products. Find out what’s important to you and decide for yourself.