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  1. sonya thomas

    not impressed i always liked shoppers till i came in yesterday alan last month wanted to keep my pick-up day on wednesday when doctor Anderson changed it so i was allowed month to month he gave me 15 pills from saturday and changed the date to the 15th for some reason and your new guy wouldnt listen to anything i had to say he said i would have togo without my meds for six days, I nor don cant understand a word he speaks i said go back in your records and find-out, what happened my dr has put me on a month to month on her computer it says i was due, Because of him wanting to keep my pick-up day on the sameday not understanding im on a month to month pick-up he refused and was leaving me for six days without meds, I called panarama and they told me he was to despense what the date said or take it somewhere else because of him not looking i asked for the perscription back, You have a heavy set dirty blonde who hates me there and threw my persciption back at me and said fine GOODBYE!!!!! you lost my business because of the way i was treated i was very tired and sat there for three hours he still wouldnt even fax the persciption finally he did and that took and hour and a half maybe you shouldnt leave someone like him alone on a saturday if he cant speak english and its not the first time ive had trouble there when a dr puts you on a month to month is because im trusted i asked to be put on a weekly all this time your staff thought it was because i was in trouble, I asked dr Anderson to because of my divorce, im having growth and cant go six days without meds maybe hire someone that speaks better english and actually can handle a busy day because none of them could, I dont appreciate that girl throwing my percription back in my face, Sorry crystal also congradulations on your new baby… to both you and your husband don will be leaving there too!!!!, Sonya thomas

  2. Pamela Henley

    I would just like to say that Emilia at the 5005 serena drive Beamsville location, is AWESOME she did my daughters make up for her grad. She was fun, professional, and just all around a nice person. I would recommend friends and family to go in and see her, i even told my hairdresser about her…lol… I was in there today and told her manager she was awesome!!! Nice to see such energetic, positive people.

  3. Penny Legge

    Very satisfied as I stated on the phone. I am able to always find what I want in the store. There is however, one problem which has occurred lately. Three packets of cleansing towelettes have been totally dry when I have opened them. There were no expiry dates on the packets, and of course, I have no receipts, as I buy then on sale and are not used right away, L’Oreal was the last one. The sales person I talked to yesterday suggested I contact you. I can’t remember the names of the other packets but by the third one I thought I should contact some-one.

  4. sonya thomas

    im not impressed with shoppers and i will change doctors and pharmacys, i was tild if i went to the hospital as soon as she did she lefy me to suffer, i satat the hospital and im not allowed to see, My own doctor she threatened me if me or don come into panarama she was letting us go as patients.

  5. Anita Slavko

    Cosmetics at 666 Burnhamthorpe , Nikki is so friendly and always has a big smile in her face. Love to shop there!

  6. Vicki Stamp

    9980 137 Avenue Have been going to see Naz and Daniella for years. This is the best
    store in Edmonton 5 stars out of 5. AThey know what I need the minute I walk in 🙂

  7. Mehran Nasseri

    I dispense all my prescriptions at Homer/Nelson SDM pharmacy for 5 years. staff are very friendly specially pharmacist name: Mohammad is very kind, knowledgeable and helpful.
    I like to thank him.

    Mehran Nasseri


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