What is TransUnion, and why is it important?

What is Trans Union?

Trans Union is one of the “Big Three” major credit reporting bureaus which are commonly used by insurers and lenders to obtain information on their applicants credit history. Based in Chicago, Illinois – TransUnion in 1968 by Union Car Company. As of 2006 it operates more than 200 offices across the country, and around the world.

Trans Union, much like the other two big credit reporting agencies (Equifax and Experian), now market their credit reports directly to consumers, in addition to their core business of providing the reports to potential creditors. Which is good news for consumers, because now anyone can view their credit report as a potential lender would see it.

What is an Trans Union Credit Report?

A Trans Union Credit Report is a compilation of credit reporting data from many sources. It can be delivered instantly online after your identity is confirmed, and you also have the option of printing it out if needed. You can also get your Trans Union Credit Score (FICO Score) along with your report.

Is a Trans Union Credit Report the same as the others?

In many ways, yes it is very similar, but not exactly the same. Lenders don’t always report to all three major credit bureaus. Some only report your payment history and balances to one or two of the major bureaus, so it is important to check all three agencies to thoroughly review your credit history, and to check for errors or signs of identity theft in your credit report. Your report from each of the “Big Three” bureaus will usually differ slightly.

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Some common misspellings of Trans Union include: tran union, trans unon, transunioncom, tranunion, trns union, trens union, trans onion, transonion, trans unin, trans unien.


  1. Sbusiso Vusi Mbewe

    Hi I paid off my past due creditors last year and I was told that my name will be cleared from credit bureaus in 21 days and I will be able to open accounts but now as I was buys trying to open a contract account it declined . I wanna know how coz I paid everything. can you please contact me on this number 0796672779

  2. Lauren

    Hi, I’m in the process of paying off past due creditors. Some were sent to collections,but I don’t remember the names. How do I get a list of the people that I owe on my credit report to pay them?

    1. admin Post author

      Thomas, no, the credit bureaus generally do not collaborate with one another. It all depends on which bureaus your creditor or lenders report your account payment history to. You can check with your lending institution about which bureaus they send your account data to. If they do not report to all bureaus, you can request that they do, but of course I can’t speculate on the results of that request.


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