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Your credit score rating - Very Poor

What does "Very Poor" mean to you?

With very poor credit, most lenders and insurers will likely deny your application based on your score. There are some lenders who will approve "bad credit" borrowers, but without a co-signer or a large down payment, these loan offers (if you can get approved in the first place) will surely come with high interest rates, or high premiums if you're seeking insurance.

There are many factors which can contribute to a "very poor" credit score. Usually it's a combination of things, such as late payments, collections, repo, bankruptcy or high balances on your credit cards. Applying for too much credit too fast can also drag down your credit score (remember, apply for new credit only when you need it).

Don't Fret, Improve!

There is a bright side to all this, there's plenty of room for improvement! It's likely to take at least a couple of years, but you can definitely improve your score with a little know-how. Be sure to check out our tips on improving your credit score.

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