TrustedID Review

Trusted ID is a great value, especially for families. There are a few different plans all with different pricing, but each plan includes all 3 credit scores, daily 3-bureau credit monitoring and alerts, 3-bureau credit report, and many excellent identity protection features. Be sure to at least check this one out before deciding on another service. It's a top notch service for ID theft protection.

Pros: Includes all 3 credit scores and report, rich in ID theft protection features.

Cons: No ongoing free updates to your credit scores and reports.

Standout Features

Trial Info 14 day free trial
Credit Scores All 3 Free Scores
Credit Reports All 3 Reports
Credit Reports Monitored Equifax, Experian & TransUnion
ID Theft Coverage $1,000,000
Price After Trial $14.99/mo

Full Review

Free credit scores & free trial

Trusted ID provides all 3 free credit scores and your 3-bureau credit report upon sign-up, with your 14-day free trial – that’s the up side. The down side is that those scores and reports do not update for free, as many of its competitors do. So as far free credit scores and credit reports are concerned, what you get at sign-up is all there is. But you do get ongoing credit monitoring as a member, that’s a plus.

Daily credit monitoring and alerts

With this service you will receive 3-bureau credit monitoring and alerts. If there are any changes that could indicate fraud or ID theft, they will notify you ASAP about the suspicious activity. This is pretty much a standard ID theft protection feature across the board.

Identity theft protection features

TrustedID has many great services to help you protect against ID theft, here is a partial list of the most notable features:

  • Identity threat score (an easy way to gauge your risk of ID theft)
  • Unlimited black market scanning
  • Anti-spyware and anti-phishing protection
  • Option to place fraud alerts on your credit report
  • Family identity protection
  • $1 million ID theft coverage

Family identity protection

TrustedID will protect your entire household under just one membership. This includes you, your spouse, children and seniors – all with just one account. This is where the real value of this service shows itself. The family plan includes all 3 free credit scores and 3 credit reports for the first 2 people (mom and dad for example), the rest of the family won’t be eligible for that part. But they can still enjoy all the rest of the ID theft protection features they provide.

The family plan costs a bit more than the individual plan, but if you have a need for it, you can’t beat the value.

Identity threat score

TrustedID provides a personalized Identity Threat Score, an easy way to gauge your risk for identity theft by monitoring information in public and private databases not included in your credit report. This is a very unique feature for these types of services.

$1 million ID theft coverage

It’s very unlikely, but if you were to become a victim of ID theft while a member of this service, they have a $1 million service warranty and trained professionals to help you on your way to recovery.

Bottom Line

This service has its pro’s and con’s, but the real value lies in the family identity protection features. So if you need to check your own credit scores and reports, along with your spouse’s and want ID theft protection for the whole family – this one is for you! If you’re not interested in the family features, then another service might fit your needs better.