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Bojangles is currently inviting customers to complete a customer satisfaction survey. An invitation to the survey is currently being printed on select receipts.

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The survey is located at

This is a customer satisfaction survey, meaning it's goal is to gain knowledge and insight into how customers view their experience during their recent visit to Bojangles.

Rewards or "prizes" are often given for completing customer surveys such as this (check your receipt for details). This is what I like to call a "Survey Reward".

"Survey Rewards" are given to you as an incentive to give your valuable feedback as a customer.

If your receipt states that there is a reward (such as a free coupon, or sweepstakes entry) getting your free Survey Reward is simple.

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Bojangles has some of the tastiest Chicken & Biscuits around.

If you’ve recently enjoyed a meal at Bojangles, you are invited to tell them what you think about their service.

Just visit and give them your honest opinions, then you can redeem the offer printed on your receipt.

Sometimes it pays to give your opinions, doesn’t it?

Ready to Speak Your Mind?

42 thoughts on “ – Bojangles Survey (START NOW)”

  1. store 1173 North Augusta Sc 29860 order was once again wrong, cannot get and answer on the phone. Service was slow and wrong. ordered an 8 pc, and instead of 2 legs, substituted 4 wings. No mention of it. discovered when I arrived home. still no answer on the phone for over 3 hrs.

  2. I voted. So I have the right to complain. Up until recently, your service was courteous and quick. What happened?
    While sitting in your dining area, I noticed former co-workers from employers-past in Bojangles. On the 4th of July I saw one on your television. Kurt is a war veteran. So was George Wallace. But that didn’t make him any less of a bigot! The other former co-workers, Willie and Bobby, are just as dumb-as-they-come. Foundry workers aren’t what one would call, the brightest bulbs in the lamp.
    On the day I quit, Dad asked me,”Why aren’t you at work?” So I told him,”I quit.” Then he asked,”Why’d you quit?” Space is limited here. I don’t have time to write you a documentary!

  3. Jeremy Payne

    Jonathan was my cashier and server.he was quite a gentleman and deserves a raise.Bojangles cant take care of him enough for the quality of service he offers to your company.

  4. Terrible breakfast. Stale biscuits on Sunday 4-14-19
    I’m not looking for a refund or coupons of any kind. But I will say this /this isn’t the first time with terrible quality and if I’m thinking about not buying anything else how many others are thinking the same. Just plain alright horrible. Crackers would have been just as good for breakfast. I probably will try again because I know the food can be good but eventually there comes a point where enough is enough. Good luck winning back lost customers. This was the Hopewell Virginia location that I’m giving feedback on.

  5. It’s 11:30 am location at goose creek sc is out of chicken again twice at lunch time this has happen. How can a chicken place not hear up for lunch. Went next door to cicis pizza.

  6. This was my 1st visit to a Bogangles to eat. After filling out the survey I got the validation #, but it’s no good if I have to drive over 500 miles within 30 days to use the reward . Same place?

  7. Fries overcooked tasteless. Never seen proportion of food such as rice so small 8 piece chicken all they had was wings. ask if that would be all right. Wings do not equal to breast and other parts of the chicken. What mentality hiring that mentality.

  8. I ordered 2 pork chop grillers,one chicken biscuit and a small coffee, The girl at the window handed me a medium coffee, which I told her was the wrong size. She said just keep it. When my order came in the bag I had one pork chop griller and when I told her what my order was she huffed and went and threw one more pork chop biscuit in the bag. Again I told her that my order was still wrong because no chicken biscuit. She replied my god and finally got a chicken biscuit. I usually won’t complain but this is a common occurance in Cleveland Tn. at the Bojangles on apd 40. Feel sorry for the people that own this franchise. Employees don’t care and are constantly messing orders up.

  9. I just left store000455 landover road Greensboro the worst just picked up 4 meals 7:30 at night and it tastes like that food has been there since open a shame and I am a manager if you don’t want this kinda service don’t put it out FYI I DID NOT FEED MY MOTHER THIS GARBAGE INSTEAD GAVE IT TO THE NEIGHBORS DOG WHERE IT SHOULDVE BEEN WHILE KAYLA ACT LIKE THAT WAS NOT WHERE SHE WANTED TO BE I WASTED ALMOST $40 on this garbage now I will NEVER PULL UP TO ANOTHER BOJANGLES KFC AND POPEYES FOR ME FOR NOW ON UNBELIEVABLE

  10. I didn’t get a receipt. I went this morning. check #478908 at 7:49:30am. Bojangles Country Club Rd, Winston-Salem. I got a ham biscuit. It was at least a day old. It was not even warm, and when I opened it the ham was green. I know that doesn’t mean the ham was bad, but it wasn’t appetizing and I could not eat it.

  11. I visit Bojangles on yesterday it was not a good experience the cashier was not attending to my needs I had to ask for a straw and untensil to eat with the order was wrong I asked for mash potatoes was cold with no gravy but I got French fries first did not order, the soda was warm no ice in it chicken was cold I am a very not happy customer, I love BoJangles the food is good , but I do not know what happen with this order{ I want a refund not happy!!!!!!!}

  12. Bethlehem BoJangles is the best.. Staff is on the job, food is cooked correctly, place is clean and friendly.. we do run out of coffee sometime but that is normal with a crowd like us. Keep up the good job,Bethlehem BOJs.

  13. For all those that have had a bad experience on here, you got to drive West on I40 Exit 119 Hildebran NC Bojangles.
    These Burke County folks have got it down! They are clean, courteous, work as a team, and know how to cook.
    The chicken and steak biscuits are perfection!
    So head West people! Come see us🙌

  14. James Huntley

    U on West Boulevard Bojangles no one in the store 19 cars outside the store order my food at 9:40 it is 9:53 now still no food what can I say about this service look in the Wonder what is taking so long the employees or sitting down it is morning time

  15. Yes.
    I visited the store across from signal hill mall this morning.

    We waited at the register for several minutes and was ignored.
    Employees passed by us and never acknowledged we was there.
    What a shame.
    And to think,
    They play gospel music all day long.
    It must be why they have bad attitudes.
    We went to IHOP and was treated with respect.

  16. We have been going to Bojangles 2 days a week for about 4 years, We (a long with 60 to 70 other seniors) and enjoyed listening to a band playing Bluegrass and Old Country music Mon and Tues. nites from 6-8. Monday in Winston=Salem,NC and Tuesday in Walkertown, NC.

    We have been told that Bojangles will stop having music beginning in January. WE come and eat supper and socialize with a great group of friends. We are so sad to have this stopped. I don’t know why they have stopped the music at these stores. When we go by Bojangles on any other night their parking lot is empty. We fill up these places on Mon and Tues nights. They must not appreciate our business.

    I wish your company would check into this and see if there is any way our music could continue.

  17. i visited the bessemer city location just west of charlotte, nc.
    i tried to fill out the bojangles listens survey but because i didn’t save the receipt, it wouldn’t allow me to fill it out. that gives you an entry level idea of what the corporation is like.
    i’ve spent forty five years in the restaurant business. my wife bought the food.
    driving down the road it became obvious that they hadn’t cleaned or changed their fry oil in a long time. the bo-rounds were soggy and black.. the chicken biscuit was equally soggy, black and inedible. the biscuit was suitable for driving nails.
    i won’t go to another bojangles. that ‘dining’ experience coupled with a refusal to hear my complaint because i didn’t save their crappy receipt seals the deal.

  18. I visited the Bojangles restaurant on 12441 Warwick Blvd. in Newport News, Va. They sold me a biscuit that was falling apart with a sausage that was hard. It must have been sitting there a very long time. I didn’t go at a busy time, so they didn’t bother giving me a fresh one. Also the person who handed me my food had long green fingernails that curled under. And he was a man . I didn’t know that fingernails like that were tolerated on anybody who served foid to the public.

  19. my experience at the Charlotte location Midtown third Street was awful waited in line for 35 minutes to receive cold food even though they gave me a discount I’m very unhappy eight car left the drive-through window while I waited

  20. Last time I ate at Bojangles was out of town, chicken dinner was excellent. Now I have a new Bojangles in Cross lanes, WV. Ate there last week. Excellent food and service very good.

  21. Amanda Johnson

    I really enjoyed this Bojangles they prepared my food just the way I like it I can’t really complain.

  22. South Church St. M’boro, TN… Once upon a time ‘was’ decent. No longer the case, they had a clean, astute, compentent employee (Tony was his name) apparently they wore him down, as he seemed to be about the ONLY knowledgeable employee there, apparently he decided to look for a new employer, as he is no longer there! Thus they no lonager have the ability aeven to. know the proper temperatue of their food!

  23. at 6:40 a.m. How can u tell if a biscuit is fresh? mine was hard around the edges. Didn’t seem fresh in the center.

  24. My experience was OK, but the lady who came back in from the drive through was upset because she had waited 15 minutes. She had a small child in the car. She wanted her food or money. They would not give her money. She was going to leave. The manager said she had been counting the money, but offered no apology, no coupons, no empathy. The lady had been upset, but was reduced to tears. Took her food and left.

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