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Taco Cabana Customer Survey (www.cabanacares.com)

Taco Cabana Customer Survey

Taco Cabana is currently inviting customers to complete a customer satisfaction survey. An invitation to the survey is currently being printed on select receipts.

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The survey is located at www.cabanacares.com

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81 thoughts on “Taco Cabana Customer Survey (www.cabanacares.com)”

  1. Gerry Trandler

    I can see why you’re closing stores. Your people are about as friendly as someone who just heard their dog died. Seems annoyed. And you don’t offer salsa when tacos are purchased? Give me a break. When I ask for red salsa, I don’t expect to be handed green. Not at all happy with the service. Employees need better training when dealing with the public. To be that unfriendly at 6:30 in the morning in inexcusable.

  2. Cannot open survey so I guess you really don’t want to know how you are doing and that the order is not correct.

  3. My experiences at the 12714 West Lake Houston Parkway location have been absolutely terrible thus far. The consistent attitude of the staff is horrible, and the assistant manager Patty displays no concern for customer service. The first time I went, the cashier rang up my payment info incorrectly and was very apologetic. She called Patty to see how to correct this issue and was not only ridiculed (and called stupid) in front of me but was talked to in such a disrespectful manner that she began to cry. Once I returned home to discover that my order was incorrect, I called to speak with Patty who argued incessantly with me about (1) what I ordered and (2) why it was incorrect. She demanded that I provide my receipt and said that she would replace only 1 of the 3 incorrectly made breakfast tacos. Very poor customer service Patty!! Today in the drive thru my order was again made incorrectly. I returned thru the drive thru and was met with much resistance (and a rude/argumentative attitude by employee #426833). She demanded that I provide my credit card receipt to prove their mistake, and was reluctant to give it back. When I asked for complimentary chips/queso to compensate the now 20 minute wait, she barked at me to just drive around and wait. I never received an apology from the staff for rude behavior/messed up order, had to ask twice for my receipt, and when I got home I noticed that my other order was made incorrectly. Who eats a chorizo/egg/cheese taco with BEANS? I am about fed up with the staff and quality of service at this location!!

  4. This taco cabana has horrible horrible service I ordered my food at 7:11 pm and it’s now 7:48 pm. No food has been brought to our table. Never again. Brought my family for dinner will not recommend to come back.

  5. I just tried to complete the cabanacares.com survey and it didn’t work!
    Sooooo, that is complaint #1.
    #2 is that on Jan 17, 2020 at 4:59:12 PM, I used the Drive Thru at 8101 South Main in Houston, Texas. This is the second time it was very slow to answer. Then after I paid it was very slow to get 1 beef taco and 1 Coke. And the Coke tasted like sugar free which I did not order. Of course, since I was in a hurry I didn’t go back for a replacement.
    The time before, I tried to order a chicken taco and was told chicken was not available anymore.
    Needless to say, I’m not going back to this place again. I could see thru the window that it is poorly run. They are not organized like Mc Donalds or Chick Filet and need to get up to speed or this store will fail.

  6. I had a pretty rough day, and I was just looking to have a quick bite to eat, and possibly a drink. I went to the salsa bar, and there was no Salsa Verde, which is my favorite. And, every single lime, in the pan was BROWN! Not just a little bit, but the whole lime was brown. Unacceptable! I work in the food industry, and to save those food cost, make lime juice for the Margaritas, or other recipes. ALWAYS have the fresh produce at the salsa bar. Thank you

  7. The food was not fresh I waited for 1 HOUR and I only got five bean and cheese tacos I am very MAD this is unexceptional GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER or I’m not coming back

  8. I went through the drive thru this morning and ordered 2 brisket tacos just meat only, so the cashier said $7.34 I asked why so much when I just seen in the menu that they were $2.69 without cheese so she goes and gets a manager and I reported what I said I let her know that I do have the money to pay for it but if the price is more than what I saw then they need to change it and I could take a picture and show it to her so she sends the cashier to take the picture but she never returned to tell me or show me different. I went ahead and paid for my stuff and left. When I started to eat it I noticed that the meat was mixed with some fresh meat and some old meat . I could tell because some looked juicy and the other dried I went ahead and picked out the dried one and ate it but now I’m sitting here with an upset stomach. I did like going to get a dozen of flour tortillas every week but lately I noticed that they are getting smaller and smaller . And the service is sooo slow and rude , I have had more complaints prior to this but never commented but this has gone too far because I am now in pain from eating your food and I will not be back until I hear of a change for the better. Thank you and I hope you can get it together.

  9. I had a great customer service experience at Store#20299 and it restored my faith in TC because I stopped going for a while.

  10. It was around 6:49 pm, Sunday, that we had dinner at TC. The atmosphere wasn’t friendly starting from the cashier who took our order, who didn’t smile at all and didn’t even offer information on their menu. Our order took some time and we were surprised how small the tacos were and the meat in them, so that we ordered additional food. The lady preparing the food was helpful though and the person who mopped the floor since we had accidentally spilled water. There was more cheese than meat in the quesadilla.The food was really of poor quality and pricey. Had better food for the same price at other restaurants. Won’t recommend to others, nor even go back. This was at the W Bellfort & South Post Oak location.

  11. aelyons4@sbcglobal.net

    I have 2 receipts from yesterday but I can’t read the code on either one since it appears the store printer was out of ink. Some of the numbers are readable but most are not. We ate in Bastrop and We had the fajita. meal. The meal was great except for the beef which had a lot of gristle. The chicken was fine. The lady who waited on us was wonderful but the store itself was dirty. I’ve never seen this location dirty. New manager? Missing employees?

  12. I went to the Taco Cabana in San Marcos on Aug 14. I have been trying since to take the little survey to receive $1.00 off my next visit. I have just tried again and it says it is not a good web-site and it is blocked. It would be nice if I could take the survey. I did go inside the store and Jennifer was so nice. She had a line of people waiting and she took care of all in a timely manner. Let me know what I can do at receiving a $1.00 off coupon.

  13. tried to take the survey and it went straight to thank you for taking survey no Validation Code or anything! I feel like I have been ripped off!

    Store 20244 in Houston texas is the BEST!

    please send me discounts.

    1. There is a strict 2 day limit on when you are allowed to take the survey. I have also received that same response and did not understand the message until I realized that it was received after 2 days had passed. *NOTE: This time expiration encompasses the hour: minutes: seconds as noted on the receipt.

      I hope this will clear up this “mystery” for you.

  14. I went to your restaurant to day at 2601 dean street balch springs,tx 75180 store#20338 I don’t know how you train your employes but they stan at the register they don’t ask what you want and they cant seem to know what their doing their rude like they don’t care if your there or not I guess their only there for the pay check something need to be done when trhe store first opened there was great service maby its the manager fault thought you might want to know

  15. This was the worst customer service experience I’ve had in a long time! The young man taking my order was so nonchalant and rude. He definitely do not belong behind anyone’s counter. He got the order wrong, there was never a hi welcome to Taco, neither was there a thank you at anytime. He just did not care and I will never go back!

  16. Just went to taco cabana in Galveston. It took 15 minutes in the drive through to get my food. The coke had no syrup in it- like brown carbonated water, the lady at the window was rude, and i didn’t get any sauce that i asked twice for. I basically got screwed out of my lunch break and had to pay just short of $10 to get lunch and no drink.

  17. Destiny R from Austin Tx at 199 was such an amazing person!! she went above and beyond with customer service. I appreciate all she did.

  18. Rocio Morales

    Its the first time I order a brisket quesadilla, I mostly always order brisket tacos. The tacos are usually filled with plenty of brisket but this time the quesadilla barely had any brisket. Margaritas are always really good.

  19. Eileen McLellan

    Did not know what to expect in your restaurant. Pleased with cleanliness, Server, and food.
    Also, there was a gentleman, that made sure everything was correct and he was pleasant to customers. (I think his name was James, seemed to be working on his Spanish too.)

  20. I went for lunch on 7/3/2019 to the Cabana off 635 and Belt line in Irving Tx. Store# 20329 – The wait was extremely long (understandable it was lunch time ) – After I made my way up to the speaker I ask about the Mexico City taco special – The young lady taking drive thru orders did not know the answer when I asked what type of meat was on this special I overheard her ask a co-worker ( it seems like each time I have a question for the order taker about the menu on my out of way visits – there aren’t good responses). Once I got to the window I paid with a c/card – She closed the window – once she handed my card back her reach outside the window was minimum to hand back my card nearly dropped it- She closed the window -I waited an additional time frame – I asked for condiments for my Taco’s – she closed the window again I waited some more – Once I returned to work to enjoy my lunch I realized there were NO condiments with my Taco’s – With this visit today – very Dis-Satisfied. Good luck young Lady..

  21. i am always going to the location 20259 all the time and I am starting to think they do not care about there customers. I have complained in person and over the phone and they waive off the situation. this was my last straw I always order the kickin nachos and add extra sour cream and jalepanos and guac. this time they say well no guac comes on it. I asked since when they state always I told them well its on the picture on the menu. I paid for it…. and well it was the size of a nickel ordered a chicken fj bowl got a… burrito.. they do not even say sorry… need a new place

  22. I ordered the new Applewood smoked brisket in a taco. The meat was very dry and did not taste fresh. Also there was a lot of fat in the portion they gave me.

    I would not recommend this brisket to anyone. Stick with the fajita meat, it is cook fresh everyday.

    I also took the survey but did not receive the validation code for my dollar coupon.

    Not a happy customer

  23. My husband and I visited a woodlands TX TC location for breakfast. Our order was taken by Jon who was friendly and prompt. Jon then moved into the kitchen to prepare ours and the previous customers order. Mind you there were 4 other women in the kitchen.
    I proceeded to get our drinks only to find no ice. I walked back to the counter only to be looked at by 2 of the 4 women and Jon how was already doing something else asked me what I needed. He stopped what he was doing, took off his gloves and proceeded to get ice. As he was walking away one of his coworkers began to complain because she then had to attend to what he stopped doing to get ice for the customers in the dining room. Jon appeared with a smile and filled the ice machine and thanked me for letting him know it was empty as he proceeded back to the kitchen to pick up where he left off. With all this being said Jon was the ONLY TC employee in that location who was hustling to take care of customers. We enjoyed our breakfast and as we were leaving I stopped to thank him for the job he was doing and to let him know that I saw his hustle and I was going to leave him a review because he deserves it. Thank you Jon for making our breakfast an enjoyable one. TC is lucky to have a enthusiastic employee like your self.

  24. Caustin626@yahoo.com


    I just visited TC in Lewisville and I had the Good fortune of getting to speak and order from Ariana. She was incredibly nice and very customer service oriented.

    I had a few questions about some items I was ordering for my family, and she was happy to assist. She was very patient and told me about several specials and a Raspberry Lemonade Margarita. I ended up purchasing a Margarita and several other items and it was amazing.

    It’s so refreshing and surprising when you receive mediocre Customer Svc, but Ariana was so sweet and helpful and went above and beyond!

    Thank you for having amazing people like Ariana around and I will definitely come to this Taco Cabana ito see her.

    Thank you,
    Craig Austin

  25. Concerning your customer loyalty app:

    I went to scan receipts from approx 2 weeks ago and it tells me the receipt is too old?? I have held my receipts until I had thectime to scan them all at once. Only to realize you do not honor receipts unless scanned by the app that day! I have visited Taco Cabana 5 times since March 15, so I feel I’m a LOYAL customer; which is the purpose of your app, correct?? I would say it’s failed with this customer.
    If your not going to honor receipts older than 24 hours – you should inform customers they must scan their receipts immediately to accumulate the points for that visit! That’s only fair – don’t you think??

  26. Bad service my ordered was wrong 3 times good thing I checked it b 4 I walk out ,I had to go back like over n over again,be 4 it was right,I took the survey but it didn’t give me a code ,,,

  27. We have normally enjoyed going to TC as we travel. Stopped by Store # 20157 on Rigsby by Loop 410 in San Antonio. No wait at all, but the cashier was slow coming to take my order and then kept asking other employees where the customer numbers were rather than listening to me. She did get my take out order correct & I asked for the Senior Citizen discount……..but she didn’t apply it. TC is now giving 20% which is great! I paid our bill & noticed she didn’t give me the 20% and asked her about it. “Oh, I didn’t hear you.” And just like many of the other comments I read, you can’t do the online survey!! I tried several time & finally the page shows “your response has been accepted”. Come on TC, we deserve better!

  28. What a difference a few days make. Went to TC on Saturday mid afternoon. Service, food and store was great. Decided to go back a few days later and decided to leave without ordering. Place was a wreck. 1 person on counter, one on kitchen. Neither in a hurry. Waited for 15 minutes. In that time, 1 order finished and set on counter. Tried today… not much better. Service was faster this time at least.

  29. This evening I craved chicken fajita bowl so I finally drive over pick up one and sm queso & chips. arrive home 10mins after getting food seat down to enjoy of all times I’ve eaten at Taco Cabana today was the WORST!! Chips was stale, queso cold and the taco shell was old and stale. I was furious, too upset to drive back over to the location to complain. I not sure if it was purposely given because when placing the order via drive through the cashier got huffy with me when repeating my order twice an I corrected her in a cordial manner. An the order was incorrect because I asked for sour cream on the side instead they put cheese on the side, really. Waited all day to finally drive to Taco Cabana to be disappointed. I threw the entire order in the trash. Waited money and time, PIISED OFF!😡🤬! Store# 20177 Houston, Tx

  30. Andrew and Christyn

    Cassandra at 502 W Lopp 1604 N San Antonio (Potranco/1604) has such amazing customer service, helpfulness, ordering knowledge, and all around a great face for Taco Cabana. More people should be like her! She made she we had exactly what we wanted, and unlike most Taco Cabana’s in SA, the burrito was made well, like my experiences all over Dallas. BEST LOCATION in SA!

  31. My mom sister and, visited store 20143 and we were welcomed by beautiful smiles and welcomed by a staff that was warm and friendly. Thank you Ms. Latonya and Mr. Avery for everything and all that you do daily, it is appreciated!

  32. Taco Cabana 12731 I.H. 10 West has amazing crew.
    The customer service was great. When you walk in the door they employees always greet you. The food was serve hot. The place is always clean.
    The condiment bar is always kept clean.
    The manager of this restaurant was very nice and wanted to make sure that our food was good.
    Every time I come to this establishment I always get very good service.
    Thank you so much.

  33. Michaelle Wormly

    The Taco Cabana on 3079 College Park Drive delivered exemplary service to me on a very large family order on 11/10/18. They were so professional and courteous, in addition, they provided suggestions on items or appetizers to pair with the dinner plates. My compliments to the management and staff.

  34. Taco Cabana Atoscacita
    FM 1960 Rd East

    30 minute wait for a cabana sampler with zero people in line in front or behind me, and zero people in the restaurant.

    How does it take 30 minutes to make an appetizer when I’m the only customer.

    I see why I was the only customer.

  35. Do not go to TACO CABANA 21121 Tomball Parkway, Houston, Texas 77070. Our food is not serve yet and it’s already 40 minutes. I went to complain with the assistant manager and guess what she said ohhh its already ready “FUNNY” I just told them to refund my money and get out and never go back to eat TACO CABANA. Notice too their table are dirty nobody is cleaning and the broom to sweep the floor is beside the table. WOW that is really turn off to eat on that TACO CABANA. I just feel sorry who ever franchised that fast food, they need to clean up the worker specially the manager.

  36. visited TC, at 11722 IH-35 in San Antonio, TX, beans were hard & lukewarm,the enchaladas were lukewarm as well.
    I advised staff that the soap dish was out of soap and the entire restroom was in need of attention. The tables need cleaning. This is totally unacceptable….

  37. I went to one of the stores off 67 I’m in Dallas-Fort Worth area and the play was too hot and burned my fajitas and I was kind of disappointed but I didn’t say anything but I love Taco Cabana I haven’t come here for my fajitas for like 30 years so I stopped at the one in Rockwall this morning on my day off hoping that they would be good so I didn’t ruin my day and the staff was wonderful here and everything was perfect it’s kind of made my day plus I got my military discount which is much appreciated I don’t use that very much cuz I feel like a tightwad but I do it here and I just saved $4 on my meal and it was wonderful keep up the good work guys. Store#20292

  38. I wanted to do the survey but I guess 4 days is too long to wait. Anyway…did not have a good experience this day. On 9/24, I visited. Twenty minutes to get my food, the order was incorrect. The crew that night was not up to par.

  39. Why have a survey if I can’t even take it?!!! I have been going to taco cabana twice a week for a whole month and I can’t even use the damn survey?????!!???!

  40. Store 20283 needs to encourage their staff to practice hand washing. Watched a man blow his nose then proceed to load the ice machine with unwashed, ungloved hands. Disgusting!

  41. Only 2 customers in the store when we came in, no napkins, we had to wipe our own table off it was so dirty, never saw a manager, most of the salsa tubs were empty, salsa bar was filthy with food dropped all over the bar, I cleaned it up, service was good after we were finally able to place our order. Order was accurate and timely delivered but I never expected to have to wet paper towels to clean our own table and the salsa bar, and use them for napkins. Staff was in the kitchen having a high old time but where was the manager? We were at store 20362, 9719 Poteet Jourdantan Highway in San Antonio, TX. This store is usually awsome but slowly going down hill.
    coupon code: 3011 7362 1033 8031 Pass code: 52813–Survey not working correctly.


  43. I order two dozen taco and not of them had a label for the contents.

    I asked and showed a military ID and was given a senior citizen discount.

    I asked for some pico and it was denied.

  44. Store no 26341 in Bourne TX has the best customer service. I live within 5 miles of two restaurants and prefer this . Your employee Ruben has taken care to always get my orders correct.

  45. Yet another Taco Cabana employee asked me for money. I was seated at a table eating breakfast, and an employee came over and asked me for $5. In what universe does Taco Cabana think it is okay for employees to hit up customers for money. The number of bums who walk into the store and steal drinks and use the bathroom to take a bath is revolting enough as it is. Straighten that place up or close it down.

  46. Bandera and 1604 location, 3 times waiting in line and left after waiting for the first car to be served after 15 minutes. Service was good for awhile, but going down hill again. Thankfully Las Palapas opens at 6, busy but they get it done..

  47. Robert R. Christy

    Do not visit the Taco Cabana at I1604 and Potranco; poor service, not kept clean (Trash inside over flowing) the female cashier does not listen to the customer, wrong change and pour 3 drinks down the drain; if you get Santos as your cashier, you are fortunate, polite, courtesy, customer orients – the only bright spot; Employees observed standing around doing nothing or talking on cell phones; Salad bar area needed cleaning and resupply; Corina Zapata came and talked to us because she knew we were not having a good experience, she was polite and listened to our concerns – the Manager told her to leave and terminated her shift, the only time we visibly saw him – he displayed no interest in the Customers and customer satisfaction. The Survey system has changed and it is not Customer friendly.

  48. I have visited many several Taco Cabana’s in the Dallas Metroplex area most of them are excellent good customer service and good food. However this store in Denton at 2330 W. University store #20355 has the worst customer service mainly one person her name is Addison. If you don’t like your job find something else you like. Don’t spoil for other people that do a good job. She did not give me all my order and the taco she gave spilled in the bag I asked her to fix it she just poured into another bag and gave it to me. Missed half of the order. I just left the taco on the table even though I paid for it. Please find another job that you may be good at. Working with customers is not your thing.

  49. Taco Cabana seems to be a bush-league operation. Also,, the opportunities to do a survey are pretty rare. That tells me that TC doesn’t really care about what the customer is experiencing, and that giving them $1 for their feedback is too much to pay. Generally, the service is horrible and the food not always acceptable. Now I’ve even had trouble trying to do a survey. When I type in my 16-digit code and then press Enter, it gives a message saying, “Thank you for your feedback.” No opportunity to do the survey!

  50. I have to say – my server at the drive thru name tag was “Sunny” and WOW did it fit. What a great customer experience I had. Tell her the she gave “RAVING” service to me today and for that my disposition is “Sunnier” . 1st visit to you and to any fast food in a very long time and I appreciated the bright smile and helpful attitude.

  51. Visited LIttle Road in Arlington today. I am used to seeing a long line for breakfast tacos. When there was just 1 car in line, I stopped by, thinking “what luck.” I waiting for a response to my arrival, ordered and then waited a while for the previous car to leave. The attendant had fingernails more suited to an opera and hair so long and loose it was sweeping across the prep counters as she moved. The poor attitude and lack of mutual respect and cooperation in the business was apparent even in the few minutes I spent waiting at the drive in window.
    Since my last visit, the entire staff at the location has changed. And not for the better.
    My tacos were poorly wrapped, the salsa cups were covered in sauce and leaking.
    I wont be returning any time soon.
    PS- the survey does not ask the right questions.

  52. The Greenville, TX location Store # 20365 sucks! The manager on staff Amber is rude, hateful, and does not know how to give correct change back.
    When I asked to staff members her name the first thing they ask was why and followed with was she rude to you????
    Taco Cabana where I live is always crowded & the food is always good. Plus the staff up to the manager check on you while you dine in. That’s why we stopped in Greenville but never again.
    My husband likes a lot of meat on his nachos so I requested extra meat & cheese. You would think for the price that was charged one would see the value…NOT!
    EVEN AFTER I explained to manager that serving was inappropriate she gave me the “so bitch” look. Then stated that was a TC rule. First I’ve heard because it’s not like that where I live. These are our regular meals…nothing about the order is ever different. The straw that broke the camel’s back is when I ask for a refund not only did she short change me she didn’t give me credit for the tax paid on the item.
    I was not afraid to say anything else to her but I was just that appalled that she even had a manager’s title.
    Sign No crowd
    I see why, Amber works there…

  53. the site is working i when to taco cabana this moring 25 july 2018 they stated they will stop using discount why stop it i been eating their for years please do not stop this discount

  54. Survey does not respond properly, No code for discount on next visit, no questions to answer. . Not working just just as reported for the last 3 days. Cabana bowl was not up to par, could it be they already know?

  55. SURVEY SITE NOT WORKING FOR OVER 1 MONTH NOW ! Either remove the survey/coupon from the receipt of fix the site. Stop wasting time.

  56. I have to say that our trip to store #20277 Little Rd, Arlington, Tx, was very unsatisfying. The girl we placed our order with was not very good at her job, she didn’t ask if we wanted a drink, my husband ordered street tacos and she didn’t ask if he wanted the plate or just the tacos. Sales person not strong she acted like she was bored and didn’t want to be there. I know we wont go back. The menu has changed again. Then when we received our food, after a long wait. It was really bad. My husbands street tacos fell apart the corn tortilla was stale and dry, the meat was sparse. My taco was so greasy that there was about a Tablespoon of grease in the container. I ordered brisket Nachos and there was hardly any meat on them. We have given this store numerous chances. Our trip before this one was for breakfast and again it was so dry and gross I couldn’t finish them. They need better service and better cooks.

  57. Went to Lewisville location today 7/10/2018 and ordered brisket quesadilla with pick de Gallo on the side, received no pick and the food was the worst I have ever had from Taco Cabana. I have never complained about food before but the brisket was dried out and hard to chew, making the quesadilla un edible. Such a disappointment I used to love to come here and get the quesadilla but it looks like those times they are a changing.

  58. I went to a Taco Cabana in Dallas, TX today, and one of the employees asked me for money to pay for their bus fare. I am not kidding. Can you believe that? You go into a store to buy food and one of the employees asks you for bus fare. I did not even know the guy. That is seriously screwed up. If that ever happens again, I may never return.

  59. Rosilee Garcia

    Tried putting in second coupon would not take it. Bring back other survey or fix this one please.

  60. Michelle Cantu

    Went to store 20113 on 06/27/2018. First time trying to take a survey and now I understand why the service is so bad. I put in my coupon code then went to thank you for taken the survey. Didn’t even get to take the survey. It should not be cabanacares. It is cabana does not really want to hear what the problem is.

    I was in the drive thru for 8 minutes for one taco. There was only one vehicle in front of me that had already been seating for a time (I figured this because it had his motor off waiting for his food). It was ridicules that it takes so long to get served.

    1. Yvonne Haynes

      I Thought I was the ONLY 1 getting the Thanks for taking the survey. The Store I Went to on 1604 and Culebra, was DIRTY, the Tables were NOT Cleaned. Wasn’t Greeted when We came in, and the Young lady who took our order acted like We were Interrupting her. Gee go figure. Not going to this store again.

  61. The website is not allowing me to take the Survey but, I went to store #20268 June 23 & 24 about 6:30 a.m. after getting off from work. Thru the drive thru I ordered 3 tacos with chorizo, egg & cheese and I could not taste the chorizo; on the 23rd there was a black African American female had her cell phone charging next to the cash register; on the 24th a black African American female on her cell phone laughing and talking out loud while putting condiments in my bag without asking me and I did not want condiments. Both employees were very unprofessional. I will not ever go to a Taco Cabana again.

  62. Charlotte rivera

    COUPON CODE 4000 7236 2241 2061 PASS CODE 58968
    I have visited Taco Cabana store 20236
    I visit several of your stores, just about daily for breakfast. This store is the closest to my job. I have to say this is the worst store in the city of Houston, TX. If you get inline anytime around 7:00 AM in the Drive Thru, you can expect to sit inline for 20-30 minutes. Then when you finally get to the window, the cashier is very rude, especially on my visit today 6/22/2018 order # 432. he did not ring my order up and tried to give me the wrong order. I had to ask for Pico and napkins. He does not greet you or thank you, he just closes the window in your face. This month alone I have drove away from the window without my order at least 4 times. I get to the window after 20 minute wait inline just to be told that what I ordered has not been prepared yet (I love the shredded chicken tacos) or there is more wait for my food. Today they had about 6 people on the line and still could not get orders correct. No manager in site.

    I went on the link for the survey, after putting in my coupon code, it said thank you for taking our survey.

    I managed fast food for about 10 years and THIS STORE NEEDS HELP!! IT IS AWEFUL!!

  63. It lets me enter code but then goes straight to thanks for taking the survey…. except it never gave me the survey to take. Not to mention didn’t give me a validation code. Survey works about as well as the store service today….which was lousy!

  64. My family eat at store #20253. The last time we ate the one television in the inside dining area had on CNN. I have a young son and it was blaring riots being streamed via the network. Everyone there were so disturbed due to the content. We returned again, and this time CNN is blaring yelling due to the election. I asked the cashier could the station be changed or the TV cut off due to it’s offensive content. He replied, no. It’s pre-set on that station. This is just horrible that we cannot take our children to eat without having this type of entertainment forced upon us. I looked around and saw so many parents with kids with the same response. This has to stop!

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