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Denny's is currently inviting customers to complete a customer satisfaction survey. An invitation to the survey is currently being printed on select receipts.

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This is a customer satisfaction survey, meaning it's goal is to gain knowledge and insight into how customers view their experience during their recent visit to Denny's.

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"Survey Rewards" are given to you as an incentive to give your valuable feedback as a customer.

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14 Responses

  1. I guess Denny’s doesn’t listen. The comment I posted about our favorite and hard working waitress Mayra Gonzales, who worked at the T C Jester Houston, Tx location, was not posted. Her customers have enjoyed being waited on by her for a long time. My husband and I for over 25 yrs. She would see you drive up and by the time you got into the building, your coffee would be on the table waiting for you. She is a hard worker and go-getter. That is why she had so many customers that would ask for her. You could tell that the other waitstaff was envious. Her customers are now spending their money at other restaurants. If she returns I am sure her customers will also. This will bring that income back to your restaurant.

  2. Oct. 2020, it was to our surprise that our favorite waitress Mayra Gonzales, who has waited on us for over 25 years was no longer at the T C Jester Denny’s in Houston, Tx. She has many call customers because she has waited on them for a long time. She knows lots of people, from her children’s school and sports and customers that followed her from when she worked at JoJo’s many years ago they became her regular customers. I could tell that other wait staff were upset, she always had a full station. There were times when you would come in and they would look at you and just call her name. A few times when she had customers waiting sometimes Maria and Tanya (bless her soul) would give up one of their tables so the customers could be seated. These customers are your restaurant’s income. Why would you let someone who brings revenue to your store go? Because she is no longer there, we have chosen to spend our money at other restaurants now. I am sure her other regular customers are doing the same thing. If she were to return I am sure her customers will come back also.

  3. We where seated in Jackson GA. Tonight and there was about 3 or4 tables being waited on and she asked what we wanted to drink and ten minutes had went by before I seen a party of 4 come in and got seated in no time and got drinks first thing and she never even looked at us when we got up and walked out

  4. Denny’s Fife Washington is bad food ,place was very empty now I know why? I decide to try one of my favorite meal chicken fried steaks with tw0 side dishes and not much to pick from sautéed veg yuk left steak bad left it then get other side dish potatoes and gravy.the bread garlic? first time under 55 pluse exspensive shake 4.00 dollars coffee 3.00 now that’s steak taste old and deep fried in old oil or peanut oil gross .. time we got done left a lot off food.spent $73.19 for all meals 11.00, 10.00, my mom ate off my plate figure we can share. waitress said sense my mom couldn’t eat solids she didnt get her on plate mom 88 years old .you need undercover boss check it out or close up.

  5. My friends and I go to the same Dennys every wednes day or Thursday, it’s a thing we do to catch up on the past week events. A waitress there does not like us due to lies that her daughter had told her. Anyways we’re over the drama it was almost 2 years ago. Not all people stay friends. We’re polite and we never try to be rude to anyone for no reason but she acted like we were the worst guest that she could host. This isn’t the first time either. On a previous occasion she asked a different waitress to switch her house sides so she didn’t, not only have to serve us but didn’t have to serve anyone on that side of the building by pawning us off to another employee.
    However this time, it’s late she doesn’t have another waiter with her that night so she prolongs welcoming us at our table or to even ask us our drinks. Four groups of people enter, were placed at tables and asked about their drinks before she came to our table. We waited 30 minutes before she came to our group. I had also picked up on her complaining about us to another employee and saying that she would not serve us if she didn’t have to. Well she had to, her manager told her she had no choice.
    She only has beef with me and the girl sitting next to me. When our drinks came out she handed out the drink to my fiance, skipped over me and my friend. And went to the other side, served them and purposely walked along the empty side of the table and set the drinks down there so we had to get up to grab them. When our food came out she personally served everyone else’s orders but mine and my friend’s. I’m very annoyed by this because I had done nothing wrong to her for her to treat us that way and her actions are very petty for a grown woman of two adult daughters. I wish she would have handled her personal frustrations with us in a better manor and would have served us properly. I have worked for a diner and I understand that some guests you don’t want to serve but it’s your job, being disrespectful like this doesn’t get you anywhere.

  6. My husband and I went to Denny’s in Bernalillo, New Mexico this evening. We usually go two – three times a month and have very good service. This evening was different. The server, Annette, took our order. When it came out, my husband’s order was wrong. We brought it to the attention of another server. He went to the manager. She came to our table and asked us about it. We told her he ordered the chicken fried steak skillet meal not the chicken fried steak dinner meal. She said, “I’ll talk to the waitress.” She came back and said the waitress told her that he did indeed order the dinner and she even wrote down the sides. This simply wasn’t true. She lied. The manager, Debra, was incredibly rude to us. My husband offered to eat the chicken fried steak anyway for the lower price of the other meal so that food wasn’t wasted. She agreed, but then said, ” I noticed you have a 20% percent off coupon. Denny’s will not let me give two discounts at the register. I informed her that they made the mistake with the meal and they needed to fix it and that yes, we should still be allowed to use the coupon since it was their mistake. She got really upset with me and said, “Ma’am, listen to me. She said a lot of other things too. Then she turned to my husband deliberately and ignored me and spoke in a very condescending voice. I can’t get over how rude she was. She made us feel like dirt, like we lied about the meal. First, of all we are thrifty people, not cheap, there is a difference. We could certainly afford the higher meal, but often choose to eat inexpensively on purpose. We also use coupons often. Therefore, we can spend our money on other things. I have never been treated so unkindly, just because I questioned her about the use of the coupon and the price of the meal together, and felt like they should make it right. She did eventually comp the meal, but had to let us know she was giving us her dinner meal for the night, and she used the 20%$ off on my meal. But she did it so rudely that there was no real satisfaction. I am saddened that I don’t feel comfortable going back to this restaurant that we often frequent because of the comfortable surroundings, descent comfort food, and usually good service. Furthermore, I wondered about why the waitress lied instead of just admitting a mistake. I think I would have lied too, if I had to work for a manager like her. If she was willing to speak to us that way , I can only imagine how she speaks to her employees. I will say that we usually go on Friday nights instead of Wednesday, and I have never had a problem with the other manager or wait staff. How sad!

  7. For several months now, We have been going to Dennys every Saturday evening after church. My parents are elderly and we require special room/seating to take care of the walkers. This is the Dennys on Valencia Rd. in Tucson Arizona. We have had the best little hostess and waitress EVER. All of the waiters and waitress are great and the cook is wonderful as well. This evening we came in and NO HOSTESS, no one to help us to our tables. As we wait and look around, we see that there is NO HOSTESS and the waitress and waiter, One of each, were taking care of waiting several tables full of people as well as bussing tables. What? So we waited for 5 or so minutes before the waiter helped me shove the tables together and seat my parents. NO time for menus or silverware. He was off cleaning another table. Our little waitress that always take care of us came over to the table about 5 minutes of so later, embarrassed that we didn’t have menus. She apologized and got us menus and started to take care of our drinks as she always does. In the mean time other people came in and she had to stop and seat them and wipe off the table. WHAT? Where is our little HOSTESS that takes care of all that stuff? When our waitress finally came around again I asked about the HOSTESS. She tells us that she was let go. WHAT? that was a terrible mistake on Dennys part, that girl took care of everything for those waitress and waiters. She was even in the parking lot one evening picking up trash. What a girl, hard worker and she loved her job. Now your customers are waiting and waiting to be served, your employees are getting over worked and it is showing on their not so happy faces. We loved coming into your restaurant and getting a HAPPY GREETING from the Hostess and then in turn from our waitress. SHAME ON YOU DENNYS.

  8. I had the best service today I had a very lovely waitress who was very friendly and offered choices that I didn’t even know they had . She was very welcoming and very helpful and I would love to have her on our next visit, I can’t Remer her name but she has curly brown hair and a very beautiful smile . This was at the bloomsburg pa location

  9. i went to your restraunt in chico. the staff allowed a homeless man to wander around the store and bother the customers. to the point that they did not 6ffer me a refill on my drink. after 30 minutes of having to listen to him and not seeing my server. i left. this was the worst service i have recieved there in a long time.

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