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Checkers & Rally's is currently inviting customers to complete a customer satisfaction survey. An invitation to the survey is currently being printed on select receipts.

About the Survey:

The survey is located at

This is a customer satisfaction survey, meaning it's goal is to gain knowledge and insight into how customers view their experience during their recent visit to Checkers & Rally's.

Rewards or "prizes" are often given for completing customer surveys such as this (check your receipt for details). This is what I like to call a "Survey Reward".

"Survey Rewards" are given to you as an incentive to give your valuable feedback as a customer.

If your receipt states that there is a reward (such as a free coupon, or sweepstakes entry) getting your free Survey Reward is simple.

Getting started with

Here's what you need to do to complete the Checkers & Rally's Survey (located at and redeem the offer printed on your receipt:

  1. To get started, visit
  2. Read over the quick and easy instructions
  3. Make sure you have your receipt in hand
  4. Click "Start Survey" to begin

Enter Survey

Rally’s and Checkers want to reward you for your feedback and experience visiting their restaurants.

Have you recently visited one of their locations? Have an opinion to share? Then you can get a discount on your next visit.

Just go to, enter the 4 digit store number and the date of your visit, and begin the short survey.

Upon completion you will be given a validation code, write that down on your receipt, and redeem the offer printed on it during your next visit to Rally’s or Checkers.

Ready to Speak Your Mind?

65 Responses

  1. I recently completed the survey. Check number WU121 store #6260 08/24/2020. I did not recieve my promised coupon. Please deliver the coupon. Thank you

  2. August 25, l went to hamtmack mi,checkers.order was 2 Mother crunchers 6 fish 1 fry…The crunchers were very bad,is that chicken?taste like some wet market sale. Very nasty..Bit one only,spit it out.ruined my meal and taste, looking at them now in the,so disappointed..WHAT HAPPEN TO CHECKERS?? B.K DETROIT..

  3. I just went and got the special 4 for 4 I bought three combos all the burgers are cold the fries are cold I am very disappointed in the food service tonight I really like Rally’s one of my favorite places but tonight was not that night I would like a feedback on this or else I don’t know I think I’m going to go on Yelp very disappointed !!!!!! I do not appreciate getting cold food when I pay my money !!!!! This is the store that’s on Palm avenue in San Diego I paid $12.93 for some freaking cold food

  4. Hi my name is Jamill I’m a customer at the Rally’s on Carolina & Superior and it’s two young ladies handling the business professionally and timely these ladies doing a wonderful job and need a raise Ayanna B

  5. I came with my friends, it had been awhile to the Selma store. 7:00pm on this date. They messed up my friends wife hamburger by not putting cheese on it, andbl burned the buns on both my hamburger and my friends. When my friend complained. The guy running the grill said that’s how they all come. Very disappointed. I’m making sure that I give my option when Google maps asks me my experience.

  6. my service was lousy I order 2 hamb and I got a spicy chicken and 1 hamb I order lg pop no ice got a small 1 with lots of ice. where did I say this already?

  7. Hi my name is Jennifer Johnson and I’m making this, because I was at your store in Cincinnati on Reading Road I guess the store number is d s270 the check number is 20171 the store number I think now I see it is 73206 I asked the cashier lady what was the bird that you can get for the $3.50 meals she said look on the billboard I did then I said well give me the Rally Burger in the fish sandwiches you can’t get that you can only get a rally burger and it’s hot spicy chicken sandwich I said what I just asked you what could I get she was being rude nasty I also talked to the guy who fix the meals and gave me the meal out the window would you have to pull up to one window and drive around to the other window to get your food that’s how they do it down there there was no accountability for her she was still talkin smart she was just so rude I got told him maybe she could go and take a walk and get her man right after she got something going on but she still was just being rude and nasty and talk this morning at the window I just wanted to let y’all know about what she is asking for her name she wouldn’t give it to me and I told her I will be calling rallies and talk to corporate about the way you are acting at this window it should have been customer service I didn’t get smart with her my number is 513 344 4434

  8. I went to a new Checkers on Moravia and Sinclair Ln. The food was room temperature at best. I couldn’t complete the survey because there was no store# on the receipt. Never again even though it’s close to my house.

  9. We stopped at your store on 1449 Donnelly Ave on 08/22/2019 after a hard day’s around 11:48 p.m. we placed our order my granddaughter don’t eat mayo nor tomatoes they were the 3.50 meals but when got home her sandwiches were not in the bag we tried to call it was an incorrect number I am getting back to u because we work all the time just got the time to contact u my grandson was in the car so he used his credit card or my granddaughter please respond

  10. My receipt was not legible because the lack of ink was not printed showing the complete transaction. Therefore I was denied to enter your contest which was disappointing, to say the least!!! Get your act together and become professional if you want to stay in business.

    Chuck Keshock

  11. Rally’s what is up. Filled out surveys two days in a row and no code to get a burger. What a cheat. You suck. This survey is glitchy as hell. Fix it. P.S. Your food rocks. Nice people but fix your jacked up survey.

  12. I went to checkers,in Camden,nj, for lunch, with a friend. I ordered two big bufords,no onions,for us. When we received our order, we found that onions were on them. I made my complaint,and was told that they would replace them. When we left with our order,and drove away, we found that the burgers were not replaced… the onions were just removed. But, Small pieces were still on the bread and in the cheese. This was very upsetting to me and my friend. I checked the receipt for the number to call…. but the receipt was so faded nothing could be seen. This doesn’t shake my loyalty in checkers…. but, something needs to be done.

  13. I went to the checker on cobb parkway and I was in line for 20 mins stuck between two cars. The lady said she was going to take my order at the window and after 20 mins. The manager tells me that he can’t help he don’t have a cook and it’s only 3 of them. I never got food just the window close when I ask for corporate number….smh

  14. Went through the drive through on my lunch break today at store #5183 at 12:14 pm Check # 20029. I ordered a #9 no mustard – just chili and onion.
    I was very disappointed when I returned to work and opened my chili dog – it had no onions and it did have mustard on it.
    A very disappointed customer.

  15. Okay I filled out a survey but they didn’t give me the didn’t give me the security code that I needed the secret cold they never gave me the secret code when I fill out the survey

    1. Another problem I had from this checkers is that I couldn’t do the survey because the ink is so faded on the receipt… the needed information was not there. This was the store on Black Horse Pike,in Camden,NJ.

  16. 550 hwy 27 clearmont fl in Walmart ….the absolute worst place ever over 40 min wait customers walking out without service and the staff was on phones , long hair hanging out of hair nets management was no help and didn’t do anything food was inedible….

  17. I went to order food from rally we waited 25 minutes to get our food the cashier thought it took to long to I got receipt there no store number on top of the receipt. Kaitlyn is the cashier in Evansville Indiana on Morgan Ave. The fries where cold and the sandwiches had mustard on the paper and sandwiches look like they were thrown together, I understand it’s a busy place and people wait for few minutes I asked the cashier can we get a free soda for waiting she said no she couldn’t do that you can tell she was discussed to waiting on the order she pitch in trying to help who ever was in the back fixing the order. She did try. At the window people where waiting and unhappy for it was taken to long sorry I don’t have store number it wasn’t on the receipt the day was 7/23/19 at 11:50 am the number and letter under Kaitlyn name is Ds229 the phone number is 8124759450 you have my email address and here my number (812)6827761 thank you. Have a blessed day.

  18. I bought 2 for 7 dollar philly loaded steak sandwiches..Let me tell u it was the worst tasting most discsstion sandwich I ever had I actually threw out the 2nd one..terrible

  19. Customer service at Checkers is always a plus. The ladies at the Checkers we visit are friendly and our orders are always right and timely. It is really refreshing to visit, and we will continue to go back.

  20. I’ve tried calling your store manager and got no answer because my husband went through the drive thu and got to burgers the store #9807 at 7:17 as i almost finished my burger it has hair in it i was Swallowing and had to pull it out my throat i don’t Appreciate going through that Experience the Host name is HANNAH ! My number is 559-270-1737 !!

  21. I have a complaint. On June 19, 19 at 2:40 pm I went to Checkers on 8 mile & Ryan in Detroit, Mi. First their were 2 drive thru lanes, nothing to indicate 1 was closed. I had to go around again. I finally got around to order. I had to repeat 3 times to be heard. I get to the window and was informed computer went down so my order was free. I waited about4-5 minutes and she comes back and says computer fixed my bill was $5.30. Why would they say free, then charge. After she gave me the bag, she shut window, again waited until she came back and had to ask for ice cream .Very disappointed. Phone 586-214-7394

  22. We just sat in a line for about 10 mins. That didn’t work along with other people, they didn’t tell us it was broke and then we moved to next line and still had to wait about a half hour


  24. It is 527 2019 9:51 PM I just went through store number 4117’s drive-through I ordered chili cheese fries and I want to side of pickles they said they don’t give side of pickles I said if they could please put extra pickles on my chili cheese fries and they put three pickles on it. As well I ordered Mr. Pibb upon repeating my order correctly I receive my order and my receipt to show that I had ordered something completely different to drink Coke. So the worker that rang me up and took my order repeated back to me Mr. Pibb all the while signing me up for Coke. As a failure to communicate as a team member.I took into consideration that the gentleman perhaps was new but I wanted Mr. Pibb so bad my husband and I were talking about how good it is and how far hard it is to find when I was opening the straw to put it in to get a great big mouth full of Coke. It sucked that’s all I’m saying we love your food would Love the store we recognize and appreciate the target you’re aiming for good wholesome family fun and food back when families actually ate together. Thank you very much, we Appreciate the service you provide.

  25. I purchased a bacon Philly cheese steak sandwich yesterday. This will be my last attempt to reach out to you my phone number is 724-678-6181.
    I returned to the store and they only offered to remake the sandwich. They only gave me the slip taped to the bag, So I’m unable to complete a survey. Yesterday I left a message on the voice mail for the franchise department, it was the only number I could reach.

  26. There is no store number on this receipt, and seeing other people saying this too it’s starting to piss me off, like you’re lying to us. It was the Rally’s on South Madison in Muncie, Indiana. The speaker was horrible, or maybe the guy taking the order was mumbling. I ordered two bacon steak burgers and a small fries. The sign outside said two bacon steak burgers for $5 and small fries for $1.29. The receipt didn’t have individual prices but a total of &7.55. That sounds off. Also there was no bacon on the burgers, although they were delicious. They were listed on the receipt as BcnPhilly Bgr. I feel like I would have liked what I ordered better, and that I was overcharged (or maybe the prices outside were wrong?).

  27. 5/9/2019 6:53pm store #7621 419 334-7901
    ordered 3 Items:mushroom swiss, chilli dog no onions, stacker oreo. then went to order 20piece boneless chicken wings for my boys and couldn’t even get out the words and man stopped me at 20piece interrupting me and saying “you will have to wait”……..told him to forget it. got my order and left, got home and chilli dog had onions. not happy with service today

  28. Location to Checkers 844 Poplar Ave, Memphis, TN 38105

    On 05/09/2019 @3:31 pm went thru drive-up and receipt does not list all info needed for the survey. Ticket does not have Store number.
    Ordered 1 Baconzilla cmb-1 5 pc boneless *Garlic Parmsc-2 Fish Sand Mi x M- 1 kids Ckn Bites-1 Fries MD cmb- 1 medium dring coke Total 21.05
    The fish was black and hard like it was cooked in burnt grease.

  29. Went thru drive-up and receipt does not list all info needed for survey. We ordered 2 burgers and 2 fries and when we got home with them we were missing one box of fries. Too late and too far to go back. All receipt shows is 04/17/19 5:00 p.m. ds227 check # 20092
    Store was on Cypress Gardens Blvd. around 6th st. in Winter Haven Fl.

  30. Pulling up to the window for my food, I was not greeted, my total was not told. The Drive thru woman simply put her hand out and did not look our way. My boyfriend asked for the total and gave her our card. Which we had a issue with as it was declined. It seems to have upset her. Luckily we had cash and once again asked for our total as she still did not give us our total. When giving her the cash she was rolling her eyes and shaking her head. We ignored it but my boyfriend reminded her we had another drink so when we asked she was rude and said I know wait for it. When she gave us the food and the last drink we reminded her of my ice cream cone. My boyfriend told her, she shouldn’t act that way because it was a customer service job, before he could even explain anything she started cussing at him and saying things in Spanish. She stated he needed to relax because he did not want problems. And then told us we needed to learn to speak Spanish. So we pulled the car over and asked for a manager. My boyfriend stood at the pick up window where two Hispanic females were. One told the drive thru lady the young man was at the window, the lady then said, “Me vale verga ” in Spanish meaning she did not give a fuck. So the other woman came to the window when we asked for the manager she handled the situation. he explained to her she would be written up and for her to apologize and the drive thru woman kept trying to justify by saying “but” during her apology. We are Latino born and raised in DC, English is our first language, we understand Spanish well. She made us feel discriminated among our own race and the amount of disrespect was beyond unprofessional. I was not buying from someone selling on the street, I was purchasing food from a business after a hard day of work. I will be speaking with my attorney to see what legal action I can seek again the you and your employee.

  31. Because I do not have a store number I am unable to fill out your survey so I’m going to leave you this comment. I went to checkers here in Fairfield Texas and ordered you’re bacon Zilla combo and then a bacon Zilla by itself along with fries and your funnel cake fries that were supposed to be loaded. When my grandson and I got our order to go I went to open up the funnel fries for him and everything came pouring out of the boat that they were in . When I went back to give them back to the manager she was very rude rolled her eyes at me when I suggested that maybe they should put them in a better container so that everything didn’t end up been in your lap or inside the bag. She also slammed the window on me while I was still talking to her. I will never go back to your facility here in Fairfield again I will not be spoken to are treated with disrespect from them or anyone was very uncalled for. I will also let it be known to everyone I know here in Fairfield of their disrespect of your manager.

  32. Food was ok but the service was no no she look at me like I was stinking she did say hello or thank me for coming very unprofessional Gave me my money and food at same time loose bills and a bag is hard to grip all at once

  33. Checkers on 55th St in Chicago near Dan Ryan Expressway (rt 90-94). Notice they had special posted. Get to drive thru menu all busted up have half a menu. The glass window swung in the open position. Can’t places order if no special are listed. This is a drive thru restaurant there’s no excuse for this.

  34. Just walked up to checkers on portion rd ronkonkoma ny 11779, I would give the store number but it’s no printed on receipt , That area is blank .ordered a combo meal and chicken dipper box after waiting there for 5 minutes before ordering . What a dirty place floors ,sign board , walls I see why no store number printed on receipt . They opened the window handed my order out and closed window needless to say I did not receive drink and when I went to the car to eat there was no “crazy good sauce ” for the chicken dippers . I am sure this will be the next store closed on Long Island with good reason .

  35. Every time I come here they mess up my burgers and I’m done with is. Your employees need to do a better job at taking orders, making the orders correctly, and then double checking that the food is correct before they hand it to the customer.

  36. visited your page ave. store in overland mo.63114 on 10-29-17 store number 8136 tina b ds274 at 6:07pm no meat for big bufords had to take 2deep sea doubles and 2big chicken sandwiches. cook from back was friendly and helpfull

  37. Love your food, great prices. Unfortunately, the time we were there (a few weeks ago) at the Depew, NY store it was lunchtime. There were only 4 people working. They tried their best to keep up. It was chaos. My suggestion is:
    more people working at lunch time
    one to do the ordering/register
    one to do only drive thru.
    Otherwise scything was great

  38. This place got wrong order and filthy floor was all disgusting fries were so salty and wrong burgers store 5400 seffner fl

  39. I hate the Rally’s on Reading road in Cincinnati, Ohio ( Avondale) I’ve been sitting @ the window because nobody answered the drive thru window, I waited 8 minutes…as I pulled up to the window no one was in the restaurant!!!! As I sat there, the manager came walking up with a pop in his hand from the gas station across the this time it was 2:57 am and the store was supposed to be open until 3 am. I work 3rd shift @ a near by nursing home so we only have Rally’s & McDonald’s to choose from early in the morning….so I guess Mickey D’s will be getting money from now on. Rather not waste my time,patience & money on these ignorant fools!!!! And it’s sad because I really LIKED Rally’s 😑🤐

  40. I have always enjoyed the food and service, But this new survey I do not! you ask to many question that are not what you need to keep me and others happy with service and food. And I don`t think it will be soon till I eat at any of your places because of this.

  41. Hope they never stop the four for three. It really helps when funds are low. Only wish the servered tea WITHOUT sugar, or at the very least a LOT LESS SUGAR.

  42. I went on your site i tried to do my survey but was unable there was no store number on my reciept i went to the new checkers in the walmart in poinciana fl 904 Cypress parkway 34759 also they told me they were a franchise and they donot have the same specials advertise on tv please put in your commericals does not aply in franchise stores

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