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Target is currently inviting customers to complete a customer satisfaction survey. An invitation to the survey is currently being printed on select receipts.

About the Survey:

The survey is located at

This is a customer satisfaction survey, meaning it's goal is to gain knowledge and insight into how customers view their experience during their recent visit to Target.

Rewards or "prizes" are often given for completing customer surveys such as this (check your receipt for details). This is what I like to call a "Survey Reward".

"Survey Rewards" are given to you as an incentive to give your valuable feedback as a customer.

If your receipt states that there is a reward (such as a free coupon, or sweepstakes entry) getting your free Survey Reward is simple.

Getting started with

Here's what you need to do to complete the Target Survey (located at and redeem the offer printed on your receipt:

  1. To get started, visit
  2. Read over the quick and easy instructions
  3. Make sure you have your receipt in hand
  4. Click "Start Survey" to begin

Enter Survey

Target is my family’s favorite store to shop. They’re doing a great job, but they would like to do even better. They are looking for your feedback, and they are willing to reward you for your opinions with money saving offers. Just take their Guest Satisfaction Survey to tell them what you think, and enjoy the savings on your next visit.

How to get rewarded for your opinions with Target:

  1. Have a recent Target sales receipt handy
  2. Visit to get started
  3. Select your desired language and click “Next”
  4. Input the user ID and password from your receipt
  5. Select the time of visit form your receipt, click “Next”
  6. Answer the questions based on your past visit to Target
  7. Upon completion you will be instructed on to redeem the offer printed on the receipt

Ready to Speak Your Mind?

27 Responses

  1. user id 796777535987 465 706 This morning I was in the Balboa Ave. Target, to get a couple of items. Bananas, Molasses, and ink for my epson printer. After I made my purchase and went home, (aprox. 10mi.), I found that someone had replaced their empty ink cartridge’s in the box that I had purchased. all 4 cartridges were empty. After i got the beans in the crockpot, (molasses), I drove back to the Target store, and to the return counter. I was greeted by two lovely women, Crystal, and Marla. They returned my item, gave me a $10.00 gift certificate, and assisted checking me out after we made sure that the ink cartridges were unopened. IThis company should be extremely thankful for these employees, and their work ethic. Thanks ladies, you turned my day around.

  2. I just want to mention the wonderful service that I recieved at your Leesburg Pike store.

    Target Associate Abdulk, assistance to me made my shopping experience with this location fast and easy. That is all anyone can hope for.

    Thank you Abdulk and Target for hiring him.

  3. we shopped at your store this morning. 2 items were price different that what was said below them. The blender said 19.99 at the register it said 99.99. The water cooler cup said 12.99 under it and at the register it was 19.99. I don’t plan on going back. The prices are not the same. Dishonest

  4. My visit to Target this evening was a pleasant safe experience. My husband and I are self isolating during this Corona Virus Pandemic. I came to target for needed groceries.
    Every employee which I came in contact with was thoughtful of customer needs and safety precautions. Target is doing an excellent job helping us during this difficult time. Thank you.

  5. I have just returned from shopping at the Target Store at The Quarry. When I checked out the young man-Stephen -asked if I had found everything. I said there was no toilet tissue. He said a new supply was at the loading dock and I should go back to shelf display and it would arrive soon. A few minutes later, Stephen came to me with a package of toilet tissue. As an 85 year old woman, I was pleased and grateful. A fine young man working at target. Thank you.

    1. Sorry, I forgot to leave my User Id: 7992 6890 5991 from my Target Receipt for my comments re: Stephen. The Password: 646 692 Ardes Johnson

  6. 03/02/2020 REC #2-0062-1104-0072-3158-1 VCD#759-250-0503
    User Id: 799378896992
    The cashier did not speak when I approached the check out. She answered the phone while trying to check me out, didn’t ask the phone customer to hold while finishing ringing up the 1 item I had. Stayed on the phone and pointed to the card reader when I had to re-enter my card. I was the one who spoke and said thank you. She was very standoffish, and didn’t speak. I would hate to think that they way she treated me was due to the color of my skin or socioeconomic status. I have worked retail and customer service and she was a prime example on how not to be. Will think twice before returning to Target.

  7. I tried to leave this comment on the receipt survey, but missed finding where it should go
    My REC#2-0056-2429-0071-3631-1 VCD#752-158-033.
    My assigned User ID 7994 3757 1992 Password 863 689
    My problem is that after returning home and reviewing my ticket, I discovered that I was charged full price on a clearance item. It was item 206067935 JOY top. I was charged $12.99 for the outfit and it was clearly marked for CLEARANCE at $4.98.
    I do not live in New Braunfels so a trip back to the store is not necessarily in the next few days. Please let me know how we can fix this issue.

  8. On January 13 @ around 7:16 pm; I was looking at the clearance beauty products. What I noticed the makeup/lipsticks, etc…products for women of color was not clearance however the products for lighter women were clearance markdown. When asked was told I don’t know…have to sale whatever comes up on register.

    I hate to think the action are being at all your stores. I noticed this several times however, I let if slide by thinking its just a mistake. No, it appears women of color must pay full price while lighter women gets clearances very low products L’Oreal, Maybelline, Etcy (msp), Revlon, etc….all your beauty products.

    Please explain….thank you….

    No, I did not get items I wanted because all were at regular prices!

  9. I bought an air mattress and pump with a warranty. I was told to register it on There is no site that gives the registration warranty. It only has sites for serveys. If it does have a site for registering a warranty it is not made clear. This is very frustrating!

  10. I was completely embarrassed by one of Targets employees tonight when my son and I brought back returnable cans. Knowing that they sold coke and bubbly, we brought back our cans to Target. The associate was angry that the cans weren’t counted, and gave us attitude because we brought back so many. $10.30.
    Michigan law states that if an establishment sells the returnable cans, they are required to take back up to $25 worth. I was made to feel embarrassed and humiliated. There were other customers that overheard as well as my 8 year old son. I was mortified. I wouldn’t have been treated like this at Walmart!!

  11. On 10/13/19 we had excellent service when subscribing to community cellular service at your Texarkana tx. store. Mhanjuan Davis was excellent on this service. She was patient and knew her stuff. She was excellent on this her proficiency. She was excellent and proficiently.

  12. I took your survey this morning saying I wasn’t happy but after talking to your manager Katie at the Glen Burnie,MD she was great. She listened to my problems and settled it right away. So I would like to change my survey to be a number 10 Great service and great personnel. I love your stores!

  13. I shopped at Target for 6 items on 8/17, two of which were Fancy Feast 12-can cartons of cat food. At checkout, the receipt said I will get a $5.00 gift card for the purchase of two Fancy Feast cartons. I did receive the card, but upon getting home, found that I was charged $5.00 for the gift card. I will take this up with the store manager tomorrow. NOTE: the $2.00 coupon was redeemed on Fancy Feast Dry Food. The total bill should be $47.79, but if you add in the charge for the $5.00 PROMO GIFT CARD, you get $52.79 – this amount was charged to my Discover card.
    Receipt code:
    REC#2-9229-2537-0072-1162-1 VCD#758-257-049

  14. I don’t usual shop here but you had a promotion for beauty products that if you spent 20$ you would get a 5$ gift card ! I purchased my products and more items that I found . Unfortunately on a Saturday the store only had two registers open which is ridiculous! When the cashier rang up my order I asked her for the 5$ free gift card she said I had to mail in my receipt to get it. Mind you she did not smile say hello or nothing. Not one associate while I walked around would even ask if I needed help. There is NO customer service at all in the store. Come to find out you don’t mail in for the gift card you give a coupon and get the gift card! Target can keep there gift card and I will keep going to Wal Mart.

  15. Good Morning, Everyone. After speaking with someone on the 800 line on 1/30/19 who most likely wasn’t in the US, told me that she couldn’t find the item that I was trying to find, and basically told me to call back in the near future to check if the item was back in stock – I took to the internet again myself to search (never give up!). I came across the Target located in NE Pensacola at 4711 Bayou Blvd, Pensacola, FL 32503 and called (850) 494-9070 because the site said that they had it in stock and was available for pick-up. In this world, customer service is fleeting and going extinct quickly. Payment is expected and taken regardless of the level of customer service afforded (that would not be my experience at this Target). However, customer service-oriented people still do exist – offering hope to customers who are lucky enough to interact with them (I’d like to take Deshay everywhere I am going to need customer service, as she’s that good). A young lady by the name of Deshay answered the phone. She didn’t put it down, put me off, or hang up on me. As she schlepped across Target taking each step, she discussed what she was doing – and why. She clearly stopped what she was doing and went to investigate the availability of the jumpsuit I was inquiring about personally. Not only did she inform me that there was one (1) left, but she also informed me that it was the size I believed that I needed to achieve the look and feel I wanted (I had just returned a smaller, similar jumpsuit via Deshay even went so far as to put the item on a 24-hr hold! Because she did such an amazing job, I refused to wait until the next day to purchase the item because I wanted to inform her manager about what an awesome, courteous, respectful, helpful, and customer-service oriented associate she is – whether or not the jumpsuit worked out! I also mentioned that it would do Deshay better justice and respect if she were standing there when I spoke to the manager. I went through a lot to acquire the jumpsuit I wanted and Deshay made it come to fruition – as the jumpsuit in question is getting harder and more rare to find. Thank you for everything that you did Deshay! Lastly, since the jumpsuit was on clearance, I spent less money than I initially had ordering from Special thanks to Kevin (Deshay’s supervisor) who listened openly and welcomed and recieved my commentary warmly, Special thanks to Angel who was my cashier. She warmly greeted me with a smile, was polite, and ready to assist me in checking out. Special thanks to Bre who “works in the back” and took my call to inquire about my cashier’s name (tell your supervisor she missed out on the positive survey). So, if you’re in this store – tell them that D. D. sent you and make sure you seek assistance from Deshay. She will take care of you and get you taken care of. None of this would have ever been possible without you, Deshay, for it began and ended with you yesterday. Thank you so very much! Your care and concern for me throughout this process was refreshing. Take care…[:0)

  16. Had a good experience with a cashier Michael at La Quinta Target this morning, could not be more helpful and cheerful great disposition…

    1. Yes Michael is always cheery and helpful. I always try to get to her register———I have shopped in the La Quinta store since it opened and we have just had a remodel to up date it is very nice.
      I hadn’t been in the store since the remodel. I was very surprised to see how unorganized things are——-the shelves are particularly stocked though out the store. I went to buy some Ziplock bags——had a hard time figuring out the sizes I needed because there was no organization to the shelves. The cosmetic side of the store looks organized and is great to poke around in I always find something to buy.
      I love shopping the La Quinta store and the remodel is great..
      All the the associates are so pleasant and helpful.If you can’t find an item they will walk you to it.
      So here’s to getting La Quinta organized.

  17. Just wanted Target to hear of our experience in the electronics department at our Altoona, PA location. We are both retired, getting up there in years and not particularly great with electronical devices. We just yesterday purchased two cell phones. Jessica waited on us. She was wonderful!!! So very patient, I can’t tell you. She spent time with us and was soooo very helpful. This girl deserves a very large raise. She made a much dreaded shopping trip most memorable in a very positive way. “Kudo’s to Jessica!!!!!”

  18. Trying to do a survey with receipt in hand. Link takes me to page that states I’m already done. Will this technical glitch be fixed soon?

  19. yes me and my Big Sister were @ SPRINGFIELD Store …Really Nice Greetings @ FRONT DOOR But they Get you in the END ….with have Lunch W/us …(Specials)…were O.K.”….but No Foot-Long Hot-Dogs …like …COSTCO””is ..FAMOUS”…for …but now we purchased their ..CAMPBELLS”””Soup…(3-Cases-)-worth what was believed to be …GREAT-DEAL’ then 30 DAYS Later When We Got T/Bill…it was Damn ‘near Twice as Much W/29-%-interest on TARGET-CARD”

  20. I shopped at my local target 3rd Dec. 2017 I had a wonderful experience using the My Wallet Target app. to shop had coupons, cartwheel etc. and raved about how wonderful the My wallet app. was, I had no problems. Fast Forward to today, go in and use My wallet, app. Cashier has no idea how to do it, I have to suggest get a manager, (lines are now behind me) She brings someone over (I assume they are a manager,) and they couldn’t figure out how to do the my wallet either, she said she didn’t understand why it wasn’t doing it, then leaves, and the cashier tells me I need to use my card. I have to rummage through my bag to get my card. Then I go home and lo and behold, none of my cartwheel I had scanned while shopping, was taken off my receipt. Of course now I am home, and do not want to go back to the store for a couple of dollars. I am not usually a complainer, but if you brag about an app being so good, please make sure the kinks are out of it, before you implement it. I love Target, so I am hoping this will be corrected for the next time I use this app. as I am a little apprehensive now, on using it. Thank you Angela

  21. Bought a google home 2 weeks ago and it is $10 cheaper now so I went to your Watertown, MA store with my receipt and ad to get my price match and was appalled by the disrespectful and disgusting treatment by your manager Melisha. She should never be involved with customers, every “guest” that she came in contact with was treated rudely and unprofessionally…suffice it to say she did not resolve my issue which I will take up with Amex. Melisha might be better managing one of your store rooms where she doesn’t interact with “guests”.

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