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Jack In The Box Customer Satisfaction Survey

If you have recently visited Jack In The Box, your feedback is wanted! Here's what you need to do to complete the Jack In The Box Survey (located at www.jacklistens.com) and redeem the offer printed on your receipt:

Please Note: To qualify for the survey, you need to have recently visited Jack In The Box and saved the receipt.

  • Step 1: Have your Jack In The Box receipt or survey invitation handy.
  • Step 2: Be willing to answer each question with your honest opinions.
  • Step 3: When you're all set, click the button below to begin.

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Jack In The Box is currently seeking customer feedback. They are even willing to reward you for your opinions with money savings coupons. All you have to do is tell them what you think using their Customer Satisfaction Survey, and enjoy the discount on your next purchase.

How to get rewarded for your opinions with Jack In The Box:

  1. Have a recent receipt from Jack In The Box available
  2. Visit www.jacklistens.com to get started
  3. Select your desired language (english or spanish)
  4. Enter the 14 digit survey code located in the middle of your receipt
  5. Click the “Right Arrow” button to continue to the survey
  6. Answer the questions with your honest opinions
  7. Upon completion, you will be given either a validation code to write on your receipt, or a coupon, each are redeemable for the offer printed on your receipt on your next visit


  1. Emily

    This evening I ordered two Smoky Jack Chicken. When I got home I discovered I had been given two Smoky Cheddar Chicken. I dislike cheddar cheese and these half melted orange tough pieces were particularly not tasty!!
    The buns were tough and dry as if they had been heated in a microwave. I only ate the chicken, tomato, bacon and lettuce. Needless to say my dinner was disappointing and certainly not up to JB’s standard.

  2. Bob

    The jack in the box crew has been nothing but nice to me. My experience is always wonderful. Yours truly Bob. Loyal customer for a year.

  3. Luanne Moody

    Greenville, Tx. Last night we went inside with another family. They refused to take our order, saying the inside was closed. That we would have to go through the drive thru to order. Then 10 minutes later a man came in and they took his order ? Waited for over an hour for a burger and fries ? Watched a worker cuss and act irresponsible with a knife ? Everyone’s order was wrong, it was a nightmare. That location is definitely in need of a supervisor !

  4. Hide Omori

    Just tried brisket burger with coupon deal..The onion rings in the ad picture looked
    delicious. but the onions were inedible (outer ring with dried skin). I don’t think I’ll
    buy another brisket burger at full price..

  5. Marie

    Didn’t receive a receipt waited in line to get my order for 12 minutes the young Lady wasn’t friendly at all. Will not go back

  6. Steve Marchese

    We live in Fayetteville Arkansas and have no Jack’s here. Please put some there, getting real tired of McDonald’s.

  7. Tom

    Your store in Marysville ca. has a policy posted on the restrooms customers only. This morning passing threw Marysville at 8am I felt stomach cramps and gurgling. I stopped at this Jack in the box the store was empty, I had to call out to someone. Then I heard a voice call out order, order. The person approaching the counter seemed annoyed. She wanted my order I asked to use the restroom she stated you have to place an order first. I explained I had intestinal disorder. She replied you have to order something. I know why they have the signs and the doors locked. I’am 65 yrs old retired dressed for the golf course, not homeless. I left went down 2 blocks McDonalds had the same signs they gladly open the restroom for me.

  8. Jim Menzies

    My brother and I attended the Jack’s on 128th in Mill Creek, WA on 4/27/17. Our order was delivered promptly and the hamburgers were excellent. One notable thing happened that pleased me greatly. When I informed one of the employees that the soda pop choice of ours was out, she smiled, thanked me, and immediately solved the problem. You don’t expect that type of service from a fast food chain, but it exemplifies what this particular one does frequently.

  9. L. Mario Carmona

    On Feb. 21, 2017 I visited your restaurant at 11080 Scarsdale Blvd Houston TX. I ordered your Breakfast Platter, Bacon.
    The scrambled eggs were OVERCOOKED, having that awful taste of eggs close to been burn.
    Three or four days later I answered your survey and, obviously, I complained about your product quality. Along the lines of your survey there was a note stating that, if I approved, someone from your company will call me. Well… as of today Mar 23, 2017 NOBODY has bother to call.
    I had visited this location before and the service as well as the food quality was good, and I expressed my opinion in the corresponding surveys.
    I WILL NOT visit ANY of your locations as long as I do not receive an answer to my complain. My dissatisfaction with your response, or lack of it thereof, supersedes my dissatisfaction with the quality of the food of my last visit.
    Is this your way to keep your customers happy?

  10. Joanne Soldan

    I use the drive through mainly and I find the service staff to do delightful. They have always had a smile on their faces and get my order correct. That type of service make, along with the value and taste of the food, helps me choose Jack’s instead of many other options. Keep up the good customer service and this is one customer who will be returning again and again.

  11. Gretchen Lipow

    Why can’t customers like me go directly to the official survey and bypass
    all the other information many of these sites require. Please make the process user

  12. steve smiths

    The j i b number 540..san leandro, ca. The dine in area is always cold..in the mornings at 699 lewelling blvd…not..san lorenzo ca its cold at 6:33 am..just is it is outside.

  13. Bob

    I looks like a scam when I enter the web suite address with a .com suffix and it gets redirected to .net, and then the “start” link goes to doubleclick. Why not just directly to Jack’s own web site?


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