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Customer Feedback Is Important

Your Opinions Matter

Your opinions help create better customer experience in the future, for you and others.

Honest Answers

Your honest answers to survey questions is important for improving customer experience.

Timely Feedback

Your timely feedback is important to have your recent customer experience fresh in your mind.

Message Received

Your feedback (good or bad) is very important for future improvements with customer service.

Ready to Speak Your Mind?

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Jack In The Box is currently inviting customers to complete a survey dubbed “Jack Listens”, an invitation which is printed on every receipt.

As a reward for providing your valuable feedback, they are offering a free discount coupon – or what I like to call the “Survey Reward”.

Getting your free Survey Reward is simple, just follow the directions then click on the button below to enter and complete the JackListens survey.

What’s the Survey Reward?

The survey reward for this offer can vary depending on timing and location.

The two most popular rewards are:

  • 2 Free Tacos with any purchase (even just a drink)
  • Buy One Get One Free Jumbo Pack or Supreme Croissant

Be sure to check your receipt and see what your Survey Reward is. It could be one of these, or something totally different.

JackListens Survey Details

Survey NameJack Listens
Survey RewardVaries (Free Coupon)
Receipt Valid For3 Days
Coupon Valid For7 Days
Max EntriesUnlimited
Purchase Required?Yes
LanguageEnglish or Spanish

How To Complete The JackListens Survey

To enter the survey and get your free reward, follow these steps carefully:

  • Step 1: Make sure to have a recent receipt from Jack In The Box. If you don’t already have one, go make a small purchase (such as a cheap drink) to obtain a receipt.
  • Step 2: Within 3 days of receiving your receipt, visit to begin
  • Step 3: Select your desired language (english or spanish), then enter the 14 digit survey code located on your receipt and click the “Right Arrow” button to start the survey
  • Step 4: Be sure to answer the survey questions with your honest opinions
  • Step 5: At the end of the survey, write down the validation code in the space provided on your receipt (don’t forget this step!)
  • Step 6: Within 7 days of survey completion, bring your receipt to a Jack In The Box to redeem your survey reward with your purchase

Tips & Tricks – Survey

When finished with the survey, be sure to write down the validation code in the space provided on your receipt, in order to redeem your free survey reward.

If you don’t write down the code, your reward is invalid.

You can complete this survey and get the free survey reward as many times as you would like. So feel free to go back to the JackListens survey often for more free rewards!

Ready to Speak Your Mind?

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