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Lowe's is currently inviting customers to complete a customer satisfaction survey. An invitation to the survey is currently being printed on select receipts.

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The survey is located at www.lowes.com/survey

This is a customer satisfaction survey, meaning it's goal is to gain knowledge and insight into how customers view their experience during their recent visit to Lowe's.

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249 Responses

  1. I completed the survey. I was presented a number of “special deals”. I picked the wrist fitness tracker. I then was presented a shipping charge of less than $10. I gave my VISA number and other required information and then presses the “claim your reward” button. This brought up a box that said provide a “valid contact address” for my VISA card. I did!!!! This is my valid VISA billing address. I tried the entire process to claim reward again, but the same “valid contact address” message again appeared. While I was getting your internet address the “claim your reward” message “timed out” and I could not claim my reward even though I had completed and submitted your damned survey and it was not negative in any way.

    I really feel jerked around by Lowe’s. You wouldn’t want me to fill out that damned survey now, believe me. You can make this right or my survey is I will NEVER buy any thing form Lowes again. If your company doesn’t know it, most members of the American public are tired of this type of treatment. My name is Gary Gardenhire and my Lowes card is 819 2437923800 9. As you can also see, I am a very long time customer and in certain years have spent significant amounts (for an ordinary purchasing individual) at your store(s). There was more that I just paid for in cash.

    All this will stop forever if your company doesn’t make this jerking me around RIGHT. Does your department exist just to run faithful customers off from your retail sales? I expect a reply and explanation. Disgustedly yours /s/ Gary Gardenhire

  2. We just had a great encounter with “CONNOR,” who was substituting for Mike in the appliances section of your store on Boston Road in Springfield, MA. He helped to get the ball rolling on our Refrigerator order. He was able to give us a delivery time and date for our refrigerator! We’re so grateful that he stepped in and helped us!

  3. I was in Lowes in Prattville , Alabama on Thursday. Jalen Wright took the time to help me find the item I needed to purchase and also helped me to put the heavy item in my car. His thankfulness, knowledgeable and kindness was very much appreciate. You show be very proud to have him on the team at Lowes. I rate him a 10 or more.

  4. I recently got in on the appliance sale. We spent $2000.00 plus dollars and the whole process was so bad that I cried in Lowes out of frustration. I bought a stove, fridge and microwave. A day or two later we decided that we needed water and ice in the door. I went back to the store to pay the difference. They charged me $200. The difference should have been 500. ish. I figured with the $300 off for spending 2k was why it wasn’t more. I had a feeling it wasn’t right. They had cancelled the whole order and only charged me for the different fridge. Got husband and went back. An hour later and now they said the difference was $1000. It was actually $618. We got that straightened out, so we thought. When the delivery came they told me their wasn’t a microwave on the truck because I had cancelled it. I sent the 2 appliances back. Delivery men said they weren’t sure if they had the correct fridge anyway. I went back to the store and they told me it wasn’t on there because I had cancelled it. But I had paid for it and nothing had ever been credited back through all of this. The paper trail is so messed up that we don’t think we even got the 300 dollar credit that we qualified for. The guys in appliance’s were great. It was the people at the service desk that were so bad. The delivery comes in 5 days. I am crossing my fingers.

  5. Kathy at the Oneonta Lowe’s location has been extremely helpful and personable throughout the last 9 months. She has bent over backwards to serve us in every way possible by taking the time to search out various products, spend generous time on the phone discerning exactly what we need in our order, tracking down lost orders, running receipts/purchases out to our car in cold weather, and generally becoming a good friend. She is a stellar employee who exceeds the general duties of an employee. Sandra and George Ackerman, Satisfied Customers.

  6. For the past three visits to Lowes I have observed and had to avoid lunatics (customers) who were not wearing masks. I was told by one of your employees that Lowes cannot bar maskless people from the store. What is the matter with you? Don’t you care about the lives of loyal Lowes customers during this horrible pandemic? All of the other stores I shop at require masks before people are allowed to enter. If your policy does not change I will not be able to shop at Lowes until this pandemic is over, however long it takes. Covid-19 is not a hoax. It is a deadly reality.

  7. December 2, 2020
    Maria at Lowe’s Oceanside helped me with the battery for my car. She was efficient,
    helpful and kind. She really is highly commendable as an employee.

  8. I purchased a lawn sweeper from lowes and I worked on it for hours and could not get it together. I called lowes to see if somebody could help me and they said they would be happy to help. Make a long story short 3 men unloaded the sweeper and started working on it. These 3 men got it together in a short period of time because they knew what they were doing. These men went beyond their call of duty to help this old 75 year old man. They didnt care that the wind was blowing fiercly and it had been raining they were on the wet ground and paid no attention to it being wet. They were the great workers and did a great job. I would recommend them to anybody. Their names were Phil, Alex and Randy. You have 3 good workers that you better keep. Thank you

  9. I received a Kobalt pole saw safety recall last week. After the Batesville, Ms. Lowe’s Store advised me that I would have to contact the phone# on the recall letter to learn where to take it for repair, I dialed the number. I was on hold for 25 minutes before someone answered. I was advised that the phone # on the recall letter was wrong for Kobalt polesaws and was transferred to another number. I waited another 30 minutes to find out that no repair shops were located within a 3 hour drive. The only other option was to repair it myself with a part that would be received within 7-10 days. In other words, I would need to make the repair myself regardless of safety concerns about whether the repair was completed correctly.

  10. We ordered curtains Thursday in Defiance, OH at store 231.
    Associates, Klingshire, Amber and Anne was extremely helpful!
    we have been to several store looking to purchase and they was patient with us.
    Thanks ☺
    Melvin Nomina

  11. My husband and I were in the Lowes store in Casa Grande Az today. We are buying a new home and we needed all appliances. Richard Dodge was our sales person ID 2311286. There was a wait line and we waited. He didn’t seen to get frazzeled by people waiting and was very thorough in helping us. Our bill was over $3,000.00. He called for assistance for other customers and some assistance finally arrived. He should not have had to call, there should have been someone else in the department. When we got to the cash register, I inquired about a military discount, I was ignored. We were never ask if we would like to sign up for a Lowes credit card. It should not be that difficult to spend money.

  12. I have been in your store in York SC twice this week (nov.3-7). Both times I was approached by your salesperson Debra in the paint and home cleaning supplies. Your store was in the middle of a major change the first time and Debra took the time and effort to help me find the product I needed. The second time she assisted me in the paint department with the product that was the most satisfactory. It is a great experience to recieve help like this!

  13. I simply wanted to take time out and say “thank you”. I appreciated the customer service I received in your Little Rock, Lowe’s Store. The service and assistant that I received by your employees, (Terrell F. and Cameron W.) has been consistent each time I have visited the Lowe’s location in Little Rock. Mr Terrell, very helpful and professional.

  14. I am very, very disappointed with the LOWES customer service at the #1098 store location. I had cancelled a work order due to the store’s representative in the home doors department advising me that my requested type of door could not be completed due to the door’s measurement problems. I had written a sizable personal check, in advance, to cover the cost for the installation of the door. I was sent to the store’s customer service department. I was advised by the customer service representative that my check could not be returned and that my check had to clear my bank before I could be reimbursed, and, that my reimbursement would be in the form of a “line of store credit”. I vehemently objected. I subsequently filed a formal complaint with the LOWES’ customer complaint department. The department’s response has been convoluted and unacceptable. The management’s response of the LOWES’s store has been unacceptable. I, then, immediately contacted my bank and authorized a stop payment on my check. I have recently received a letter from a collection agency informing that my check is presently under their authority, that LOWES has been reimbursed for the amount of the check. That the agency is “now the owner of the check”, and, that I am presently responsible to collection agency for the amount of the check. The process has been unnerving and emotionally disturbing. I am, also, concerned that this incident will affect my credit rating. The resolution to my concerns is pending. I advise all readers of my complaint that if you write a check to LOWES to purchase an item, and, the work order is cancelled, according to LOWE’s protocol, your check must first clear your bank before you are reimbursed and that, as I was advised, you will be compensated with a line of credit rather than being reimbursed in the cash amount of the check. I hope that a LOWES representative reads my complaint and will assist me in bringing resolution/closure to my problem. Highly disappointed!

  15. Your clerk at store # 714 Heather Simpsoin Is one reason I will continue trading at your store. I have medical problems and she went out of her way to take care of me

    Stan Hayes
    Mesa Arizona

  16. I tried several times to take your survey but it kept giving me an error message. Our cashier’s name was Matthew who was very friendly. As a hearing challenged person myself I liked that Lowes is willing to put someone deaf in a position dealing with the public as most companies hide those with disabilities in the back. He took great care of us, and I would have loved to do the survey and give him and this store high marks. The store was the Sevierville TN store. Everyone there went out of their way to help us and make sure we found just what we needed. Normally we have not been impressed with Lowes but this one changed our minds. We will be back to shop more!!!

  17. I was looking for a paint color for my deck and could not decide on the color. James a Lowes employee was so helpful assisting me with a very nice selection. Without James I would have not be able to decide on a color.

  18. Missed the survey date but wanted to let you how dissatisfied we are with the purchase/ delivery experience. We were told we’d receive a call after 730 pm with a delivery time for the next day delivery and I’d we didn’t get the call that evening that I should call the store at 6 am and someone would let me know then. Nobody called that evening, I began calling at 6 am and nobody picked up until closer to 730-8, at which point I was told between 9-11, which now meant I’d be late to work or my husband had to leave work because we hadn’t been told a day ahead what the schedule time frame would be in time to re adjust our workschedulesAlso we received the wrong ton of pellets. So your associates didn’t make the delivery call as they should have, didn’t answer the phone which caused my being late to work and my husband having to leave work and delivered the wrong product .
    Sincerely Richard Keane 180610265812643139 milford CT

  19. We came to Lowe’s to purchase appliances for our new home on 10/15/2020. Our associate Victor Nunez greeted us and we told him what appliances we needed and he had knowledge of the different brands and models. He was friendly and efficient and his help was valuable. I can honestly say it was one of the most pleasant shopping experiences we have had at Lowe’s. We really felt comfortable with his knowledge of the products we chose and the 5 year warranty for our appliances. Thank you Victor! We will look for you on our next trip to Lowe’s. Victor should get an A+ for customer service.

  20. I ask three people where a product was and two of the people sent me in wrong directions. The third person went with me to help me find the item! This young man’s name is Anthony and he was very helpful!
    The item was very inexpensive but he took the time to help me find it.
    My ID# 119503 273852 861345

  21. I bought some vinyl sheet flooring at the Kingston, New York Lowe’s store on the sixth of September, 2020. The employee that attended to our order is named Victoria who works in the carpet and floor covering section. She was extremely helpful and very knowledgeable and extremely well versed about Lowe’s products. She was very helpful, even helping us to put the twelve foot roll of flooring onto one of the four wheeled carts. We thought that she went up and beyond the normal call of duty and that she deserves the highest praise possible for us to give about her. she is a great asset to your store.

  22. I would like to point out two very special Lowe’s employees that I had the opportunity to work with regarding recent major purchases within the last ten days:
    1.) Karen, in Flooring in the Trevose/Bensalem Store worked with me to choose and put together the floor tile, trim and wall tiles and other supplies needed to complete a foyer/powder room renovation.
    What made her so uniquely special was, when a pallet of everything ordered was put together, the store inventory was short five trim pieces. She went on to pick up four of the five pieces at the Langhorne and King of Prussia store herself, absorbing the gas gas expense and personal time. She then insured that the remaining single piece got delivered by another employee from a different store, completing the order!
    2.) I also needed a toilet and received special attention on that purchase from “Dave,” who came over from electrical to help me. Patiently pointing out the pros and cons of the different brands and models available. Very informative and helpful!
    Along with my Lowe’s commercial credit card, (under Kassacar, Inc.,) I will always come back to Lowe’s for my home improvement needs.

  23. Today I went to LOWE’S on Bashford Manor ln and it was the worst time I ever had. Lauren was my customer service person and she was rude. She was on her phone, dancing, through my receipt on the counter instead of putting it in my hand. She got smart with another customer and was arguing with her. While she was helping me she was rude and nasty with her answers. My husband and I have spent lots of money here at this LOWE’S within the past few months. Martha and the manager Mike was great and did everything go help me. They also had a young lady working customer service and her bra strap was showing and she had on leggings that was too tight and no name tag. I went to the Lowe’s on Preston and they were gre at. It is upsetting that I had to drive 15 mins away to get what I need and this loses is 3 mins away from my house. On top of that someone to!d m y husband to come in two weeks for a deep freezer but they failed to tell him he had to pay for it first. So today when he came back home he was mad as heck. LOWE’S on Bashford Manor needs to get it together.

  24. I was in Lowe’s yesterday the cashiers name was Patrick. We had a large order and it was clear he was having a hard time checking us out. However, “Jenna” stepped right in and quickly took us to her register. She showed no disrespect for Patrick but placed the focus on getting us checked out in a timely manner.
    The Lowe’s store was located at 189 Hannaford Drive in South Burlington, Vermont 05403

  25. I received very competant knowledgable help from the associates at your Bloomsburg location. I will go to that store again!

  26. I shop at the Lowe’s store in Tyler, TX, So. Broadway location. I had a problem with an AC filter, and Mgr. Tiffany, solved my problem right away. I will continue to shop at this location.

  27. I just bought a chest freezer @ Lowe’s (Gilford, NH) and want to thank Sales Specialist Ann Marie Gosselin for her sparkling & Courteous assistance to ensure I got the item the very next day. She reflects great credit on Lowe’s customer satisfaction reputation.

  28. Re: Lowes, 25 Rohrestown Road, Lancaster, PA.
    Subject: Phyllis at commercial/contractor’s checkout.

    Why was Phyllis moved? She was terrific–knew her stuff, was fast, and extraordinarily nice. What was the reason? I don’t get it but I’m betting either some customer complained and/or she stuck up for herself with management. What nonsense. You work 8 – 10 hour days standing on your feet and dealing with all kinds of different customers. There are real jerks out there. I’ve worked that environment. It isn’t easy. You know, occasionally you just got to stand your ground and it’s right to do so.

    Please reinstall Phyllis at her old position and if you’re decent, give her a raise. You made a mistake. Hope you’re big enough to admit it?

    Robert Steiner

  29. Visited store #711 (Polaris Parkway, Ohio) and needed assistance at check out. Employee Madhaui was amazingly helpful. Thank you.

  30. a couple days ago I brought my list to lowe’s to get things done. one employee was very helpful. Joel was in aisle 17 and showed me what i needed. then i shopped a bit more and went to flooring. again, Joel was there and spent time discussing pro/cons of carpet tape. i appreciated his extra efforts. great Lowe’s representative.

  31. I recently purchased a washing machine from the store in Plymouth meeting PA. Unfortunatley, I had to return the first one and purchase a different one that had an agitator. The purchase and the repurchase was very smooth. The problems arose when I could not get my refund from the purchase of the original unit. first I was told to wait 10-15 days. Then I was told that I just had to wait with no timetable. That was the frustrating part. Then I connected with Stan Antiskay. His employee # 795157. I needed that number because he gave me faith in lowes again. He told me that he was on the case and that he would follow up. To my surprise what could not be done after several visits to the store and 3 – 4 phone calls, Stan relentlessly pressured someone and got my refund right away. I am a retired business owner and customer service is always on my mind when I am transacting business and Stan Atiskay should be commended for his above and beyond actions. Perhaps store manager of some kind for customer satisfaction.

  32. We were in the Fern Park store on August 14, 2020. I was shopping for a refrigerator. A Lowes employee named Chris Whorner assisted us. He was extremely helpful in pointing out that not any refrigerator could be used in a garage. This info was extremely helpful to me. I then asked him for directions to the lumber section. When he told me where it was I informed him that I was not able to see the numbers because I am legally blind. He then walked me to the lumber area and took me to the exact bin that contained the specific lumber needed. I then mentioned gabled vents at which time he led me to that area of the store. This was an amazing experience.

  33. Store 110–Lowes in St Clairsville Oh
    You have a sales associate by the name of Alexus–She was extremely helpful–I hope this helps her to be rewarded in some way–These days there are far too few people willing to help–especially in the younger generation–She helped me find what I was looking for, went online with her phone to see if you had the item in stock,- found it in the store–very polite and friendly and then helped me to a counter where I paid for it–So nice to see someone so willing to help–thanks Alexus–need more of you!

  34. Huge KUDDO’S to “SORAYA” in the Lowes store on Sunset in Bellingham, Wa for making my 6th or 7th visit there a much better experience then the 6 or 7th time before that when I went all at different times and still I could not get any help and if I did I was told what aisle it was on only to get there and it’s not even the correct aisle and to be left to figure the rest out for myself, I was in the paint aisle and I believe she was finishing up with a customer but before that she saw me and at least acknowledged me with her friendly smile that told me that she would be right with me and she was. She stayed with me until I got the decieded on the right colors of paint for my project and with so many choices and me being so undecieded I welcomed her knowledge and her ideas. Soraya not once tried to change my mind but was willing to listen and help me bring my ideas to life. I also liked the fact that if she didn’t have an answer she would go ask her manager rather then make one up. She stayed with me until my final decision was made with my color choices.
    She was very helpful,friendly,and knowledable.

  35. I want to thank you vilma for the excellent advice. How to choose the ri but toilet thanyou. She said to give 10.. But I want to give her 20 she is excellent. Lilian.

  36. A mix-up regarding materials pick-up for a bathroom remodel found us scrambling to buy shower wall tile that was readily available two weeks ago and out-of-stock at nearly every LOWE’s within 60 miles of us. An online “chat” rep said it “might be available at…” a call to that store resulted in an employee saying there were fewer boxes of the required tile on the shelf than the online inventory showed. We searched for it online–no luck. Another call to the ONE store that “might have…but can’t find it” and “Grant” answered and said he would literally search “high and low” for more boxes; he did and called back in 10 minutes that he’d collected all the boxes we needed and was holding them in a cart at the tile desk. When we arrived, knowing we’d panicked with contractor onsite ready to work, he grinned and said, “Happy to help! Then he picked out the grout we’d forgotten about, pushed the cart to checkout and offered to help load it into our vehicle. This was the best experience we’d ever had at any home store, and Grant’s efforts to help two advanced senior citizens was the highlight of our day. He went above and beyond what any other employee was willing to do and we’re grateful.

  37. This visit to Lowe’s was VERY satisfactory; we received excellent help in obtaining our wanted item, an outdoor bench.

  38. Sean (manager) and Tom in the appliance dept helped me buy a microwave oven this morning. I was so impressed with their knowledge and attention to detail. I’m waiting to hear from the installer to schedule an appointment. Both Sean and Tom were friendly with a high level of customer service. Happy customer!!

  39. I just wanted to thank MARK for all of the time and information he gave me on 1/25/20 it was the first time I had been in the in Brimfield and no one could tell me where to look for coolers that you freeze then put in your cooler to keep it cold longer anyhow I couldn’t find any help I walked to where they sell kitchen cabinets and mark was on the phone told me he’d be right with me completed his call introduced himself took me right to the product I then asked him about a flat top grill we were interrupted by someone else that needed help she said she couldn’t find any help in the store he excused himself helped the lady get her product came back to me looked up all the grills they had at the store explained the supply and demand they were going thru told me how to order one and another person came up to him needing assistance he told and walked the young man in the right direction and walked me to the paper towels and show me where to checkout I just wanted to thank him on line and hope the company realizes they have one patient employee there he needs more money for just being an information man THIS WAS ON A SATURDAY ALSO

  40. My old refri shot craps and I was unabled to find a used one for my shop. After looking on line I called Lowe’s in Warrensburg MO. to check on some prices. Shelia (in appliances) answered the phone and answered all my questions. I explained what I kept in my refri and didnot want to spend alot of money. Shelia informed me that she had a refrigerator with a few dents and strackes and the sale price had been marked down considerably. She saw that this refrig had been there for awhile so she went and checked with her boss and came back and with a new marked down price, So I Brought It. I feel this young lady went above and beyond to help me. Would someone pat her on the back foe me. THANK YOU PS: the beer is cold and the bait is frozen again.

  41. My Wife and I were shopping in your Wichita Falls, TX, store, for kitchen and bathroom fixtures to accommodate a remodel. We were approached by a Sales Associate (Pamela) in the Plumbing department and she offered to help us. Pamela and my Wife discussed what our wants and “don’t wants” are and she then showed us exactly what we wanted among the many options that were available. She worked the order so I could come back later in the day with a truck to pick it all up. We got home and discovered the drawer pulls were the wrong size. A call to Pamela took care of it. She pulled the replacements so I could exchange them when I came to pick up the order. When I came back to pick up the order, she processed the drawer pull exchange, brought the rest of the order out and helped me load it. Bottom Line – Pamela is very knowledgeable, friendly, extremely helpful, and demonstrates an attitude that keeps us coming back to Lowes.

  42. We just shopped your Lowes on Tudor in Anchorage Alaska. We we’re looking for a microwave that fits over a oven and we were very happy with the service of that store. A employee named Jarrow was extremely helpful he found what we were looking for and even found the color we wanted .Thank you so much for the great service.

  43. I visited your store in Dallas store # 513 on July 19th 2020. I needed a sprinkler head Their was no one to help me I asked 3 different associates they said they would call the right person no one came. After about 20 minutes I walked until I found help. He was not enthused about helping me at all. Needless to say I was very disappointed with my experience. Sales # 0513LE1 trans94193699 071920. Store Manager Tony Guerrero

  44. I recently went Lows store , Woodbridge VA
    and bought a char grill, the assosiate Andy was so helpful and friendly, that’s amazing and wonderful, he did very good job. I’m very thankful to him.

  45. Nick at the Midland Michigan store is AMAZING! I saw him in the parking lot and told him I needed help unloading a return but he had something to do…as soon as he completed his “mission” he sought me out at the customer service desk and said “Let’s do it”. He got my package and then processed my return as if I was “valued”. He deserves a “10” on Customer Service and even though Lowe’s is my “go-to” store for everything, this was phenomenal.

  46. Michael Bates and Nelson did a great job getting a refrigerator delivered at an earlier date than expected

  47. Purchased a refrigerator with delivery. Day before, Lowe’s called to confirm. Morning of delivery (Saturday) Lowe’s calls again to confirm. Appliance never delivered. No answer at Lowe’s store when called several times. Go to store the following Monday couldn’t get a manager to talk to me. Salesperson in appliances says refrigerator is missing. Customer service rep now says store won’t deliver clearance item. I asked for my money back and bought elsewhere. Then I bought a grill. Had one in stock and salesperson marked it sold and put my name on it. Supposed to pick it up on following Saturday. I arrive at store and wait for 1 hour and 15 minutes while they search for grill. Missing!!! Give me floor sample. Go to use and it is defective. Now I have to return.

  48. Please make your ROAD SIGN a lot BIGGER at 1801 Telegraph Rd, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302 Store #0713 Location. I drove passed it several times looking for it and I had to google it. I think it would make people shop more there. I plan to leave Home Depot if you make sign bigger.

  49. I wasn’t able to buy the items I needed today so I don’t have a receipt to enter.I wanted to bring to your attention that a Lowes associate helped me try to find the solar batteries I was looking for and had found in stock online last night. He looked all over and eventually called another store for me.He was with me at least 10 minutes.I just wanted to have him acknowledged for being so helpful and friendly this morning.His name is Jon and he works in the Exeter,Pa. store at 4535 Perkiomen Ave.
    Thank you,

  50. I purchased items on 6/2/20. The register and we’re nine of@ the Harrisburg store ran out of paper. The head cashier gave me a copy of the receipt; however, there was no survey code ID on that paper. How do I do a survey without the ID code?

  51. I recently bought a kitchen stove but they delivered the wrong one. Blair corrected the problem quickly! She is an asset to the Lowe’s Company!!

  52. I don’t usually write, or take surveys because they involve too much time. This has proven to be true with your survey, I had to go to five different pages and still was not on the right page. My main reason anyways was not to take the survey but to tell you about my recent experience at Lowe’s.
    I have been shopping Lowe’s for the last five years spending well over $12,000. I don’t use Home Depot because Lowe’s honors my military duty fighting in a foreign war for this country on everything I buy there not just on certain items like Home Depot.
    Last week I was at store #2742 buying over $600.00 in lumber. So that was quite a bit of heavy lumber. There were three store employees about ten feet from me. I went over to them and asked if someone would help me. One man walked away very quickly but the young man named Fil said he would help. His help was unbelievable in every way. I was picking up nine 4X6X12 P.T. posts which are heavy. On each one he made sure I put my end down first so my fingers would not get crushed by them. He did the same thing for the 15 2x6x16’s plus the other lumber. He told me after I checked out he would help me load them on my trailer. He was beyond helpful, and pleasant in every way. This young man should be recognized for the outstanding job he did. He is a true asset to the Lowe’s community! I hope he is available the next visit I make there.

  53. Jarian Watson did an excellent job today helping me load items in back of my car. Very polite and a hard worker. Makes me want to come back to Lowes
    He was great!!

    Bill Darby

  54. Date of service: 4/22/2020, Lowes of Crossville TN; 357422054881134614; The lady at the customer service desk who helped me with my online order pick up was most helpful. she made sure the order was correct despite some items who overflowed from another order. The computer system was not cooperative with her, yet she maintained a cheerful demeanor. All the people at the customer service station were friendly and worked with dispatch. Well run operation.

  55. George Maher
    Id#767495 074090 93277 5:40 pm 04/09/2020
    Fridgeidare range
    The service was very good I don’t remember his name and he was a hell of lot more helpful and friendly than this damned survey site!!!!!

  56. I’m trying to do the survey! I got to Facebook but didn’t see where to go so I went back to “Lowe’s Survey and it sends me to places I’ve never been. It doesn’t seem to make sense! I think it’s a ruse and basically sux! I can’t stop in the middle of this and buy something at Wendy’s . So I guess I’ll just you guys to stick it! I tried and you people make it near impossible! Stick it!!!!!!!

  57. This is to say how wonderful the staff is at the Highland, NY store. ESPECIALLY I WISH TO COMMEND MANAGER, JESSICA.. I don’t know her surname. My daughter has recently gone through a terrible divorce. As her mom, I am often with her when she makes purchases like a rider mower or such other items not usual to her. Jessica knows us now by our smiles and faces joyous when we see her. She helps and directs us to the features of the item. Her knowledge is extensive. Her manner is always kind and helpful. The corporate offices should know this, especially in a pandemic, that your personnel are the most valuable products in your store. I ask that you recognize this employee as she deserves, or that you at least surely share this comment with her.

  58. I had gone to 3 Lowe’s in Long Beach, Ca look for a part for my shop vac. but no one was able to help me. I stopped at one more Lowe’s on my way home 7300 East Carson Street Long Beach Ca 90808. I walked in with some equipment from my shop vac and found where they had them. I stood there for a few min until I saw ” Michael Baker ” helping someone else. After He was done I asked him for some help. He really took the time to help me find the part that I was look for: he even found one of the parts I asked about all the way on top of a shelf and got it for me. I’m really thankful for his help. Michael was polite and professional.

  59. I visited the Lowes on 4701 Okeechobee Blvd, West Palm Beach, Fl on February 29, 2020 while wintering with my sister- in- law in Florida. My husband and I often go to Lowes for items needed in our CT home and always have been given wonderful service. We were in the garden department in Florida looking for mulch and top soil and were so pleased to have been given the same level of service as we have had in CT. A young lady, whose name is G.G., waited on us and answered all our questions. She knew exactly where all of the product was that we were looking for. When G.G. rang us out she immediately called for assistance in placing our purchases in our trunk. The young man who responded was also very helpful but sadly I don’t know his name. Both team members are a credit to your organization. It’s nice to know a customer can expect the same level of service no matter what state they shop in and that your team members always have a smile on their faces.

  60. Hello! I would like to think Tim in commercial sales for always helping me. The whole team is great…… Everytime I come in store, everyone is so nice and always ask me if I need anything. Tim is always on his game as well as everyone else. please give personal thanks, they make my life easier….

  61. I would like to commend employees for their exempliary service during my visit to the garden center. Andrew is the most mannerable young man that treats your customer lie royalty and represents you to the highest level. Clarise, Charles, and Terry were all helpful, especially since I’m mobility challenged! Employees like these will keep customers coming back to store #1625!
    Thanks Andrew and team for your great service.

  62. Writing to let you know that I highly appreciate the service from one of your staff, Chris Ely from the Oneida NY location. I recently purchased flooring at the Clay NY location and the service there was frustrating to say the least. Started off with ready to place an order as flooring was not available in store. We were referred to Customer Service to order as the gentleman in the flooring dept could not write it up for us and no one was available. Customer Service could not help us either and referred us back to flooring! Should of walked out and never come back but loved the flooring picked out at that location and was eventually able to come back and order and pick up. We were one box short and called to order over the phone. Called Lowe’s in Clay and was prompted and referred to flooring department. No answer. Called back three more times, no answer. Called back for Customer Service. Advised we need to order one more box of flooring and cannot get anyone in flooring to answer the phone. Customer Service is busy, please hold. OK no problem. The person gets back on the phone, asks if I’m still there and says please hold and forwards my call to flooring dept after I told them no one is there! And again, no one picked up the phone. Called back later in the day and finally got someone in flooring to answer the phone. I advised purchased flooring and need to order one more box, can I do it over the phone. I was advised only if I have a Lowe’s charge card otherwise I will need to come into the store to order if using any other payment. OK I am done with the Clay location. I was visiting family in Oneida and stopped into the store in Oneida for some shopping and assistance. Chris was very cooperative with me and I was very impressed by his service. I advised need to order one more box of flooring, can we order here and ship to Cicero location instead. Unfortunately that could not be done either since you order in Oneida, you pick up in Oneida. I advised Chris of my frustration with the Clay store and that I was advised by the Clay location we needed to order in person since I did not have a Lowe’s card to purchase. Chris went above and beyond and called the Clay location, eventually got someone in flooring to place the order for us and he advised us we were able to pay by charge other than Lowe’s card. Now that’s customer service at it’s best. Chris could of turned us away back to Clay NY but instead not only helped with the purchase, but went above and beyond and “Do it right, for less” . I will continue recommending others to make purchases at the Oneida location no matter where they live. Ronald and Amanda

  63. Recently I needed some assistance with a project I am working on. One of your employees, C.B., was most helpful. On returning to your store another day to continue getting materials for my project, I sought out C.B. because he had been so helpful the previous time. Again, he went out of his way to be of assistance. I needed to have some wood cut, but the cutting machine wasn’t working, so C.B. took the time to cut what I needed by hand. I was very grateful. He was so kind, polite and efficient. He certainly is a great employee and his customer service skills are excellent!

  64. Theresa D. at the PO desk at the 2790 Staten Island Store, makes shopping and checking out always a pleasure. She is knowledgeable, efficient and courteous.

  65. we went to lowes in LANCASTER,CA. we had to buy a lot of bricks and bags of Rocks. went meet one of your workerd JOSE and came up to us, we didn’t have to go looking for anyone this time to Help us. He came to us!!! =) what a very nice Youngman he was even after 20 bags of rock and 18 bricks he even help us put it in our car. you need more People Like him and Andrea that work in The garden area that both are 100% maybe we will start going back there again. Thank you so Much JOSE & Andrea

  66. Ms.Glenda at store number 0433 7441 Two Notch Rd in Columbia SC

    I am please to say Ms.Glenda was very helpful. And very patient with everyone she help.
    If she couldn’t help she made sure she got you to the right person that could answer your question. Over the phone her personality was pleasant when it came to help them over the phone.

  67. Pam, was pathetic. We walked in went to appliances she saw us and said, ” I can answer a quick question for you that’s it, she had papers in hand, she was very rude, we were offended, we decided to leave store, we wanted a refrigerator light but will order online elsewhere. I told Pam the she was too busy too take care of clients, wayyy tooo busy, those papers were way more important. Her attitude is so unprofessional. She does not need to be in any mgt. Position, much less exposed to people. She is bad for Lowes Zion, so many trying g to bring it up, Pam is a bitter, woman who hates everything…

  68. Lancaster, PA store –
    Troy and Bill of the bath department were amazing. They helped out with every last detail to make our new bath/shower a beautiful space to enjoy. Kudos to a wonderful group!

  69. Must compliment Jonathan at Lowe’s on Callaghan Rd in San Antonio TX
    After being directed by another associate to the wrong area for what I wanted, Jonathan was nearby and I told him what I wanted. He checked the inventory and the item was in the store, but it didn’t indicate where it was so he started looking for me and finally found it. He was a very nice young man, especially to a lady who is approaching her 79th birthday!

  70. On January 16,2020 my husband and I p urchased a discounted Microwave oven. We had the pleasure of having Nate wait on us. He was VERY courteous and HELPFUL. He loaded the microwave up and took to checkout and stayed to carry out to our car. Wonderful experience. Thank you Nate. Store #0008 terminal 11 10:42am. Lowes, 201 Conley Columbia,,MMO

  71. I have tried several times to complete your survey and it the survey will only go up to 38% complete and will not let me click responses so I am unable to complete the survey. I visited your Anderson, SC store on January 22, 2020 and wanted to complement your flooring service Rep, Nikki. She is an amazing representative of Lowe’s and worked closely and patiently with me while I picked out my new carpeting. The ID number of my receipt is 739413 305000 229788. I would have liked to enter your sweepstake but as I stated above I was not able to complete it due to the site not allowing me to. It was more important for me to let you know how much I appreciate your store and the wonderful staff that you have. I have been remodeling a home that I bought in October and whenever I need assistance Lowes has the best customer service that I have interacted with and I appreciate all of the helpful hints that they have to offer when I am trying to repair things around my home. Thank you

  72. On January 13, 2020 I purchased a utility trailer at Lowes in West Burlington. IA. The following day I receive a call from Valerie at the West Burlington store and she explains that Iowa DOT prevents the selling of the utility trailer that I bought because of the brake setup. She explained that Iowa requires brakes on both wheels. The trailer I purchased only had brakes on one wheel. She credited me money I spent on the original trailer and sold me a trailer that met the DOT requirements for Iowa. She was very knowledgeable and professional in handling my problem. I appreciate her taking the time to explain and correct my problem.

  73. Dec.28,2019 was the delivery date of my washer and dryer. While the process of buying the set was unnecessarily complicated (by Lowe’s staff) and a big inconvenience to me as a customer; I do want to compliment Jacob Seidel in Appliances at the store on Maple and Ridge Road, Wichita ,KS. I also want to acknowledge the courtesy of Dakota and Mike who delivered the washer/dryer. Interestingly, I asked and was given name cards by the above employees. The directions on the card lead to a page where I can NOT go forwardin the survey without my receipt. There is no receipt for delivery. Perhaps you could at least hand out easy to use instructions for customers to provide feedback.

  74. After months of dealing with the same person regarding a refund for excess materials, I finally had the pleasure of speaking with Marla. She had the issue resolved in 15 minutes. I wanted you to know how friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and professional she was. Marla is truly an asset to your Hornell, NY local (store #2444, Store Manager Norm Olds) I subsequently spoke with Jamie and Jeanie who also exhibited these traits. These three ladies turned an extremely frustrating situation into a pleasurable experience. I truly appreciate their efforts! Thank you!

  75. I visited the store at wood village OR today. It was such a pleasant experience.I needed some blinds. Your person in this area was David. He took great care to measure and get them as we needed.I was very impressed!!! Thank you David for your great customer service

  76. Can never figure out, as to how to get into and reply on your lowes customer survey. It is not user friendly and can not credit employees, as it is set up to do. Make it much more clearer, like most other surveys.

  77. I purchased a range microwave and refrigerator from Lowes in Utica NY. My sales associate was Vincent Renne. He is the most knowledgeable patient thorough associate I have ever dealt with. He was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Lowes is lucky to have him. Thankyou!!!

  78. the questions asked have nothing to do with my visit to Lowe’s today. they are geared to bombard me with sales calls etc. Customer service today at the store was great. Renee and Kathy were very helpful.

  79. Went to Lowe’s today had excellent help from a beautiful young lady name Aisha she was an excellent help as soon as we walked in the door we appreciate her work ethic very much We will be very happy if Lowes can show her your appreciation by giving her a bonus for excellent customer service

  80. Went to my favorite Lowe’s which is in Roseville Ca. After finding a planter pot , your helpful clerk discussed my choice so I could make the right selection to fit my plants need. She turned over her station to her fellow clerk and we both perused more choices. Happy with my selection I found her choices fit my needs perfectly.
    So You should be happy with Jennifer M. in your outdoor Nursery area. I point out to
    all my members in the Foothill Rose Society that your selections are the healthiest, brightest, robust and disease free. And with Jennifer M. A0000000041010, selecting
    items with her can be fun. ( Really now, do you guys need 10 zeros in a number?)
    Stephen Neuburger

  81. I was in the Lowes store on Bellflower in Long Beach trying to find the department for a kitchen faucet, when I saw 4 guys together near me in an isle. I did actually recognize them as managers. They ALL showed me to the isle, & MIKE helped me find one that would work for me. He was knowledgeable & fun & was great to shop with! He answered all my questions. I bought the faucet & was happy to spend a reasonable amount of money. I couldn’t have found what I needed w/o his help. Sometimes it’s frustrating in big box stores. Mike made it simple. Great customer service!

  82. I had the good fortune to have Willie in appliances, and Andrea store manager help me. Couldn’t b nicer, couldn’t b more helpful
    I had mentioned to another company on the phone how terrific all the people at Lowe’s are. she was stationed in Missouri, and responded to me she hears that about Lowes
    I am now totally a Lowes customer “now”
    Thank u for caring about the customer
    The Lowes store is
    2796 route 212
    Medford,Long Island New York


  84. I did this survey to express my gratitude to the lowe’s store in beech grove, Indiana. I had the nicest people wait on me. One lady’s name was Linda Gaskill and she was so helpful and accommodating.

  85. I ordered a washer that was supposed to be delivered in Rapid City SD. There was a storm that came through on Friday night/Saturday. I got up the morning of delivery (Sunday) early enough to get my driveway cleared of all snow before the morning delivery. EXPECTING that if the delivery was canceled i would be notified. I waited until noon to call the delivery department at Rapid City location. I tried 3x’s with no answer so I moved my afternoon appointments EXPECTING that if they were not going to show up i would have gotten a call. It is now 2:15 and I called AGAIN (a little pissed off right now) to finally get to a customer service person that informed me all deliveries were canceled for today. I asked for a manager and the gentlemen transferred me. The phone just rang and rang until it got disconnected. I never did get to talk to a manager.

    Why was I not informed of this prior? They never had intentions on calling me today? Very poor customer service. I always go to Lowes instead of the competitor in Rapid City because you are good to military (we are military) however this customer service experience was very frustrating.

  86. I bought a new Roper washer and dryer and Dee was working in the appliance department at the Lowes in Hope Mills, N.C.on 11/19/2019. She was very helpful and got my order and delivery date set up to my satisfaction. Then today on 11/25/2019 Columbus and Fernando delivered my new washer and dryer after first calling to let me know they were on their way. I had company and had to move their truck so my family could back out of apartment parking space . They delivered to the 2nd floor and both were so nice and professional during delivery and set up.

  87. Store 2704
    Associates name: Ryan D. Did a very good job helping us find a light fixture and the particular bulbs for it. He is very knowledgeable about the products in the electrical dept. Very good associate, will seek him out when I return for more products.

  88. My husband and I had a kitchen plumbing problem early on a Saturday morning. Going to our local Lowe’s, we wondered if anyone would even be in the plumbing area to help us. After waiting a few moments another store employee asked if he could page someone to help us. Zane Morris was quick to answer the call. After explaining our dilemma he told us to not worry, that he would “get us through it.” After getting the materials we needed he explained the process of assembling and installing new sink drain tubing. He was knowledgeable while being sensitive to our inexperience. Zane is a real asset to your company and should be complemented for his expertise and friendly attitude. Oh by the way –
    the drain was repaired and works just fine.

  89. i just completed your survey , nowhere on this survey did you ask for a name of the employee who helped me. his mane is bernie and he was very helpful as well as the cashier, i dont know her name but she was very helpful as she always is when i buy for your store ,so please give these people credit for my pleasant experience. thank you.
    my id number on the receite 026885262893273442
    hope to hear back on this thank you

  90. I shop on a regular basis at the New Braunfels, TX Lowes store and the associate Jane Young helped me many times. She is outstanding, always helpful, friendly and checking to see, if I found what I need. From the second time she helped me she knew already, that I have a military ID now just asks for the phone number right away. Excellent service, 10 stars!

  91. Great customer service at the appliance department at the 100 willow lane, McDonough Ga. store. I rate it at a 10.

  92. I visited my local Lowes on 11/18/2019, 10:54:22 and was helped by your sales representative,Carolyn (20452CD1). She was managing the computer checkout section. I believe two registers were open but the lines were medium in length. To her credit she proved to be not only a team person but also aware of customer service and customer impressions. From time to time she would beckon customers to come over to her area where she would check them out with her register. It seems a simple thing but it speaks to an employee who really”gets it.” I was one of the customers she checked out but what was different in my case she stopped me as I was heading to que up in a register line. She said ,” come on over here, sir, I’ll check you out.” I did and she did! I guess you can teach customer service but some people come to the job pre-programmed. Kudos for Ms. Carolyn

  93. I went to Lowe’s in Commack, NY on November 16th. I was there to look at ovens. I was assisted by Gabe in appliances. I did not know how many cubic feet that my present oven was . He said that if I get the model number, he would be able to let me know. I knew that I didn’t want anything smaller. We also looked at the ovens. Gabe also needed to let me know which ovens come in white, and also self cleaning. He could not have been more pleasant and knowledgeable. I returned to Lowe’s yesterday…November 18th. He recognized me and greeted me with a big smile. After he looked up how many cubic feet my current oven was, we then again went through the ovens that met my specifications and price range. Shortly thereafter, I purchased an oven.
    I was very blessed to have him help me on both of my visits. I hope that upper management is aware of what a stellar employee that Gabe is. He is a great asset to your company.
    Sincerely, Felice Frederick

  94. I want to commend the Oswego New York 13126. The staff is so helpful and always takes me right to the area I need. All the employees are polite friendly and greet you anytime your in the store. I enjoy shopping there anytime I go there’s always a friendly employee.

  95. Months ago I ordered some Vinyl coated Deer fencing 6ft high x 50 ft long and I was told it would take 7 to 10 business days well that Never Happened ! Then when I went in numerous times I was told it`s en route here and it should be here any day now, well two months later that never happened ask to speak with Manager of your Milford Mass store oh he`s not in or he was just here they even took a photocopy of my Recpt with my name and number on it and was TOLD that he would call me on the matter and guess what that never happened as well . Then today I went into store again still nothing No Manager anywhere to be found and no news on my fencing so I cashed out and went to buy the only Vinyl fencing that you did have it`s the same Price and it`s two feet shorter from a 6 ft to a four ft it`s the same price ??? It`s bad enough that you NEVER CALLED ME OR EVEN Helped me on the pricing that`s NOT How you treat a customer who has been going to that store since it first opened VERY UNPROFESSIONAL I`m making a copy of this and I`m posting it on my FB Page to let others Know what you really think of helping your customers ! What a Ripoff Honestly ! You Need to Fire that Jerkoff you have for your outdoor Garden Center it`s obvious he doesn`t know WTF He`s Doing !

  96. I needed help with how many boxes of flooring I would need to cover my 12×12 or 12×14 bedroom floor. First I called the Bessemer, Al location and was on hold almost 10 min. (9 min and 35 seconds), second I called the Homewood location and held for (9 min and 41 seconds) after the call kept returning to the customer service they disconnected my call. I then called the Inverness location and was on hold for (3 min and 43 seconds). I refuse to spend my money and beg for a reasonable amount of customer service. What the problem? No one wants to work many more!
    I still don’t know how much flooring I need!

  97. We were in Lowe’s in Raymore, Mo and had great customer service from two ladies. Jessie helped my husband fill out the paper work on getting the military discount and was friendly and very helpful. Angel L. helped us also and was very kind and helpful. Everyone in this particular Lowes was friendly and very helpful unlike some other Lowes we have been in. Will definitely return for our shopping needs.

  98. I wanted to take a minute or so to praise the workers at the Chester VA (Weir Rd) store. As a shopper of twenty years at this store, they make shopping enjoyable because they are knowledgeable and honestly want to provide excellent customer service; it not a forced effort on their part. To name a few Donnie, Shelly and Marvin are very knowledgeable in their positions as well as the entire staff from refunds, check out, and all other store associates. We are moving out of state soon and I wanted to recognize the workers at this store for the great job they perform daily. Kudos to you all! I will miss this store.

  99. I am usually pleased with my Lowe’s experience, however yesterday was the exception. I had a container of paint I wanted “re-stirred” and went to the paint counter. Two employees were looking at the computer, so I waited. The younger looking (and slightly heavier) of the two, made eye-contact with me 4 separate times without acknowledging me. I’m assuming that whatever was on the computer was not overly critical, because when the older looking (of the two of them) looked up and noticed me , he immediately asked if he could help me. I had probably been waiting at least 5 minutes…for no other reason than poor customer service instruction. Customers, for the most part, are understanding of needing to finish a task, as long as someone acknowledges their presence and requests their patience. Perhaps this store needs a refresher course!

  100. I would like to comment on the consistent good service, attitude and terrific personality of Robin in the outdoor garden section of the store at Porters Neck, Wilmington, NC. She really sets the standard for your store and reputation. Thank you, Dave

  101. I would just like to give exceptional credit to Stephen in lumber and George in hardware in the Estero, FL store. They went above and beyond to accommodate me in my project. They are both experts in their field! Thank you!

  102. This is not a survey. This is a quest for private family information which is not necessary to find out how you are doing. My suggestion is to hire more people, if you wish to do better and stop hiding your desire for personal info behind a “survey. Good day

  103. to john toyne Zionsville store.. hats off to TOM PAVOS your sales rep I just purchased 3 storm doors and 2 garage doors from him and without his assistance I would have been nuts…he help me for 3 days and what a pest I was but he never changed and helped me all the way HATS OFF another reason I go to lowes at Zionsville always there to help THANK YOU LUTHER GILLIAM

  104. Bought a John Deere mower for the fall discount Miki was very helpful in the knowledge of the mower and all its ability to manage our 2 acres of grass
    We enjoy her knowledge and her ability to give us a good item for sale

  105. I had a very good experience with getting new blinds for my home; had to be cut to size and some special order. the process took only 30 min. and I was very pleased.

  106. I visited Lowes on Friday, always a busy day, and I wanted 30 bags of Pine Bark Mini Nuggets. I had used 16 bags at home the day before, so I really wanted to stack up on Friday. I went into the Garden Center and asked if it was possible to open the side door by the stacks of soil, etc but was told no, not possible, no one had the key, and there was no one available to drive the forklift. I had had
    this experience before, and it always makes me irritated on a beautiful day not to have enough clerks on duty. But what I was not counting on was Stacy, an older woman ( and like me, a grandmother) offered to help load the bags on a wagon. On the way over to the minii nuggets, she asked another employee, Jerry, if he would help, and he agreed. The three of us loaded the bags up, and while I went to pay, they brought the mini nuggets up front and loaded them all into my truck. I tried to give them a tip, and they refused, so I am just writing to say that they should get a big pat on the back for being willing and able to do that job for me and not expect a big tip. I go to Lowes a lot, and I know how unusual that willingness is so I wanted to write to tell you what a nice gesture those 2 employees made for me. Stacy & Jerry should get the $500 for employees of the month! Tell them Penny told you so.

  107. I was in the Hammond Louisiana store this afternoon and purchased a Larson storm door with a special order and was charged an up charge of $30.00 because it was special order because the store did not have it in stock. I feel this is unfair to me because it is not my fault that this store did not have what I needed in stock. I hope you will do the right thing and refund me this up charge. Thank you!

  108. I have tried many times to enter your survey–but when I hit “finish”–I am sent back to the beginning. This is too time consuming; I did make a comment in the survey about the two gentlemen who were so helpful. Since my survey seems to be blocked from completion somehow , I will add my comments here. I went in to the Latham store for a new sump pump hose. The standard replacement hose (in a bag) was not the right diameter. The two men who were so helpful were Kevin and Patrick, who took the time to search other departments for the type hose I needed. I left a satisfied customer with four feet of swimming pool hose that was perfect for our sump pump–thanks to Kevin and Patrick !!!!!

  109. Trudy Tools is the first person who is so helpful since I am coming to Lowe’s I never got that treatment for none of Lowe’s staff she is a wonderful person to keep for any business

  110. I did a return at lowes store in Lacey Wa. Teller Donna help me with this she was quick and polite, Thank her for me!

  111. I was at your store in La Quinta, CA this morning at 11:00 am looking to buy plants and soil. I asked for assistance and the checker said he would call someone. I waited awhile and went back and asked again. He said “I’ve called and someone should be there shortly”. No one showed up so I asked a clerk (female) who was watering the plants for assistance and she stated she was “busy” and couldn’t help me. (This is not the first time this has happened to me at this Lowes and it seems that customer service is not their priority.) These products can be purchased at any store so I told her I will take my business to your competitor down the street to the local nursery where the people care and want the business. She did not seem to care – actually no one seemed to care. This is really sad. Customer service is all you really have to sell as we can get products elsewhere.

  112. regarding lower Kahalui Maui on 10/03/19 shopped for washer and dryer for my home also for stacked washer and dryer for rental unit and sales personal were great.
    but wish to mention Blaze in delivery unit was absolutely outstanding very small are for washer and dryer in my home and have previously been told can only be installed a certain way that always made doors very inconvenient and he said “well let us see” and managed with pushing and lifting everything fixed in a more convenient way to use. i.e no more bruises on my arms I really appreciate the extra service and kindness.

  113. I do not want to change my home page!!!! Purchased a dishwasher form lows in Clovis NM. They loaded it not our sales man got it from the rear the other man checked our sales receipt to the dishwasher. It was the wrong dishwasher. Did not know it was the wrong one until I opened the box. Was told if I wanted to keep this one it would cost 200 dollars more. Waiting for them to come get this one wife mad. Your survey stinks I do not want to change my home page

  114. I was very pleased with the Customer Service I received this AM when I went to the Lowes in Phillipsburg NJ to look for a product, a meeting was being held in the front of the store and a sales person left the meeting area asked if he could help me I had the product # and he took me to the location I was in and out in only few minutes. Thank you sales person.

  115. I was shopping at lowe’s store 1123 in Russell, Ky. on 10/20/2019.
    the staff was very rude and un-helpful. I asked for help had one person just walk away. one told me the wrong location for what I was looking for. and the third told me where to find what I was looking for. but when I asked if I could set my items on the counter so I could walk on CRUTCHES to the back of the store again I was told no. oh and nobody even offered to help when they saw me struggling to get my items up to the register. (multiple employees watched me.)

  116. Just giving credit where credit is due…very helpful associates. .friendly, knowledgeable. ..

    1. Estuardo Rosales
    2. Katie s.

  117. I had carpet installed at my house and Pedro at the wvc ut location he did a great job showed up on time and ready to go it took him about 6 hours and I couldn’t be happier very good at what he does and would highly recommend him thank you Pedro and Lowe’s

  118. My neighborhood Lowe’s is at the Mill Creek, WA location. I go there frequently to pick up items needed for my DYI projects. It’s not always easy to get help from associates but whenever I’ve shopped in the tool section, I’ve found that Zach excels in customer service skills. He consistently demonstrates impressive product knowledge and provides clear and thorough explanations in layman terms so that even I, a novice female, easily understand. He attends to customers in a way that is very helpful, courteous and caring, balanced by professionalism.
    He takes the time to ask just the right questions and he effectively listens to find out the customers’ exact needs, even when the customer himself, or herself has difficulty expressing their needs.
    Most recently, yesterday my progress on my project was interrupted because my compound, miter saw stopped working. I had just reached the tool section where the electric saws were on display when Zach took the initiative, approached me and said it appeared that I might need help and he could answer whatever questions I might have. He is instructive and does a wonderful job of meeting the customer’s needs. A very special thanks to Zach, who, in my view, gives Lowe’s a good name.

  119. Special thanks and blessing to Rustie and Kerri at the Manchester, New Jersey Lowe’s. Rustie stop what he was doing when he look at my face and realize I was having trouble finding what I need. He read the manual I had and walked me to the area. Stay with me and help me find all the parts I need.

  120. Went to Lowes twice recently. Received little or no help in the flooring area. We have several projects we are working on in need of carpet and linoleum. Finally went to service desk after 15-20 minutes and they told us the flooring rotating rack was broken. while we were waiting there were 2 employees helping one person, but never bothered to check with us even though we were in plain sight and trying to see what was on the carousel. We did take some samples and went to Home Depot and were helped immediately, even though the employee was doing inventory. We almost always use Lowes due to the good service (usually). We have decided to use another vendor. Total flooring will be about $3000. Paul E. Jordan

  121. ON September 30, 2019 I stopped at the Alachua Florida store to purchase
    8-2x8x10 to replace the flooring in my trailer. I was in the pressure treated lumber section and was struggling to get the boards out of the store rack. I am 73 years of age and have knee replacement surgery in my future. Eric at store 2984 in Alachua saw me and without being asked, walked up to me and said may I help you load your boards. He helped me sort the boards and load them on the cart. I headed to checkout and after I paid for my purchase, I headed to my truck to load them for the trip home. I pulled my truck to the loading area and guess what, Eric was waiting on me and helped me load the heavy boards on the truck. I asked him, If he could take tips and he told me not and he was glad to help and was just doing his job. What a great experience I had at your store. Eric made my day and I will be continuing to shop at the lowes store in Alachua. Congratulation on having such great, caring and service focused employee’s.

    Mike Yawn

  122. Despite being a long time Lowes customer, I will have to discontinue such after the rude treatment received from store project and manager personnel.

  123. Today l bought lumber and a new nail gun and Kyle was very pleasant and more than willing to take his time to help me. He was very personable and knowledgeable and took his time in helping me. The cashier,Robin, was also very nice and friendly.

  124. The explanations Pete gave me was very helpful and I appreciated his time and information so I felt more comfortable and sure I could use it properly before purchasing the edger.

  125. We live in a third world country in Maui hawaii. Thank you Amazon for stocking items not available on Maui. Very frustrating , limited inventory, thanks again AMAZON. Amazon prices are always much better than lowes.

  126. Regarding Johnny, manager in the lighting department,Tiger point Lowe’s in gulf breeze Florida. He was extremely helpful in getting me the vanity light I needed. It was the last one on display-he had to take the time to dismantle it and even made sure I purchased the correct light bulbs. I was very impressed. Great customer service.

  127. I went looking for w refrigerator and got one .Thank you Ben for all you did to help me get my refrigerator I three days I was ecstatic he work so hard to get it to me and the men that delivered it were awesome as well thank you all for great customer service Cindy

  128. Andrew and Greg at the Buford, Ga. store were of great service to me in locating and explaining plumbing parts I was trying to find.

  129. We visited the Lowes store in Yuma on Tues. Sept. 10. One of the world’s best employees helped us. Gage (his name) in the Tools Departments helped us. He went out of us way to provide some of the BEST service possible.
    I would go back to this store to look him up and thank him again!

  130. learps2004@gmail.com
    I purchased an exterior light, number 1029622. The tag on the fixture was for $69.98. I was told to go take a picture so the cashier could verify while other workers stood around. Not good customer service. I try to purchase everything from Lowe’s. I am a small contractor, and director of plant operations for trilogy health care.
    Sales# S0474MC4 265961
    Trans# 86152101 09-10-19
    Doesn’t this also qualify for price match?? I visit the orange box only 10% of the time. Should I switch and visit Lowe’s only 10% of the time.

  131. Just had washer delivered from traverse city, Michigan store by mark and mike
    Giving them a “10”
    They were courteous knowledgeable and pleasant and right on time😁😁

  132. Got a tile saw as a gift, tried to return it because it was wrong saw. Was told that it was considered a outdoor power and would not refund after 30 days, (was 40 days when I returned). Checked online on return policies and it does not mention anything resembling the saw being on list, just outdoor power tools. Lost a customer.

  133. Excellent service today at the Lowe’s in Coralville, Ia from Christine and Sarah

    Thank you so much for all your help.

  134. I visited your store on Sat. 7th and I have never had anybody work to help me like Jon did. He went beyond his call of duty to help me. I told him I had to fix my plumbing problem by myself(woman) and he put my plumbing pieces together so all I had to do was hook them up in my sink. I really felt bad taken up so much of his time but he assured me that was his job to take care of the customer. I will always ask for Jon when I have plumbing needs again He was amazing and so knowledgeable about what he was doing. Sorry it was so long but when your 74 years old and somebody care enough to go above and beyond to help you I really think it deserves to be recognized.

  135. My experience was awesome employees friendly , and helpful locating items I needed. Checking out at register cashier Charity was very professional and patient with me during payment.

  136. Store 0474 Lowes Employee Jim Francois!!!!!! Most helpful of all the employees in flooring department. I had to go to store more that once and worked with someone different each time. Jim was the best! Very polite, very knowledge and his customer service skills were superior to all the rest. May not have done business with Lowe’s had it not been for Jim!!

    Bruce Reynolds

  137. On June 16, 2019 we went to the new Lowes store in Yonkers, New York to look for appliances. I was called July 1, 2019 to tell me the delivery would be tomorrow but they did not have the range hoods. The stoves were delivered on July 2 but one stove was damaged so much I rejected it. I was told a replacement stove would be delivered the following week. It was NOT. On July 6 I was told the vendor pushed back the time until July 12, 2019 for the range hoods and the stove would be delivered July 17, 2019. It was NOT. I was told on July 16 to say that the range hoods and stove did not come in and will not be delivered on July 17. Now they are to be delivered on July 19. They did NOT come in on that date. On July 18, 2019 I sent an email asking for an answer. I was called July 24, 2019 to tell me the range hoods would in coming in and delivered July 25 and the stove would be in July 31. The range hoods were delivered to us July 25. The second stove did NOT come on July 31, 2019 as promised. I sent an email August 14 asking what was going on I was told the stove was reordered. It is now September 3 and we still do NOT have the second stove.

  138. I am not able to complete your survey because my purchase was on 8/2/19 and did not receive my appliances till 8/24 and 8/30. I was totally discussed with my service or lack of. I am a senior citizen and do not need all these problems. First I did not receive my appliances together, second upon my discovery when stove was delivered Friday afternoon before the holiday, I was told we had to get a license plumber to install. I was not told these when I purchased this stove. Had several problems trying to get it delivered, with several excuses as to why they could not deliver it. The excuses were it was special order, you deliver to people who buy from floor first, to the truck is stocked the morning of delivery and no one knows but them when delivery will be. They also told me they do not deliver local in afternoon they only deliver to out of town in afternoon. I feel you are all about sales, BUT NOT SERVICE AFTER THE SALE. Spoke to several managers and finally talked to Sylvia Flores who actually apologized for all the misunderstandings, she offered me a $150 to find a plumber to install my stove, of course it was still the holiday so I had to wait for installation.

  139. I shop often at the Lowe’s store #3216 in Kill Devil Hills, NC. On 26 August I was assisted by Irene in the outdoor section. She was more than helpful; she was outstanding, going above and beyond what I would expect as very good service.

  140. Love Love my Lowes.Short distance to drive and always have what we need.Looking forward to getting those floors done.

  141. I received the very best, a 10 catagory customer assistance and service from the different Lowe’s employees I dealt with today. My ID #12970 2809 240.
    Thank you lowe’s for your assistance and pleasantness. You are appreciated.

  142. 8/24/19
    Once again left the Beckley WV store without a purchase. Arrived to buy wood, no large carts in store to put our purchases on. Several employees seen throughout store talking in groups, no offers of help. Left store lots of carts in parking lot. Who is in charge of employees who obviously need to have direction to promote good customer service!!?? This is the worst Lowe’s ever! Applied for military discount and although we were emailed and told I was now able to use it, they can never get it to work. Rate you a zero!!

  143. I bought a Black & Decker cordless hedge trimmer at Lowe’s this morning.
    Got it all put together except for 1 tiny little screw to put handle on. Could not budge it. Call Lowe’s to see if they service Black & Decker. Told my problem
    to Ken in Hardware when he answered the phone. He said Lowe’s no longer services Black & Decker equipment, and he didn’t work in the garden dept.
    He said if I could bring it in, he would see if he could help me remove the screw. Packed it up and came in to see Ken in Hardware. He cheerfully got the screw removed for me, and put the handle on.
    I want to commend him for going out of his way to help me. My husband and I are in our 80’s and we needed the help. We really appreciate the way Ken in hardware stepped up to help us. Store #0760 in Springdale, Ohio.

  144. We made a large purchase at the Saratoga Springs store (0560) on 8/10/19. A few days later when reviewing my receipt on the MyLowes account page on the Lowe’s website I discovered that I had been charged twice for two items. The amount was only $11 but when you’re remodeling, every dollar helps. So I emailed Lowe’s customer service and received a reply within 48 hours stating that management from the Saratoga Springs store would contact me within 24 hours. Manager Jeff did so and informed me to come back into the store at my convenience to receive my refund. About a week later we stopped in the store when we were in town ( we live about 20 miles from this store). Jeff was apologetic for the overcharge and personally processed the refund. I would like to say that everyone involved was extremely helpful, courteous, and professional. Thank you.

  145. I purchased items at lowes in Medford, Oreg

    great help in plumbing ..

    employee name Dave..

    great help!!!

  146. Ordered 2 24″ drawer base cabinets (sku#428787). on 8/8. Was told they were in on 8/13. Picked them up on 8/17. When I got them home, I found they were both damaged, to the point of being unusable. Called the Littleton, NH store and was told 2 more would be ordered, and to bring them back when the new ones come in.
    It’s a 150 mi. round trip to Lowes from where I live, so this is a GIANT inconvenience.
    A word of advice: on special orders, open EVERY box right there in the store and check the contents before loading your truck.

  147. On 8/12/2019 Dallas help us with a Weber gas grill, he was very professional could not ask for better help. I D # 12093 0410 224

  148. On 8/12/2019 Dallas help us with a Weber gas grill, he was just awesome could not ask for better help. I D # 12093 0410 224

  149. I went to Lowes on Sat 7/10 to purchase a power washer I ask to speak to a mgr. for some questions and help and she was very professional and quickly resolve are problems. I will continue to shop at Lowe because of this mgr. and will refer all my friends to shop at the Gainesville store. Thank you again.

  150. Store # 0716. Employee Sherelle. August 9, 2019. Sherelle was eager to help and went the extra mile to hook up a water hose to help me sort through many nozzle choices. By doing so I was able to leave the store having actually seen how the nozzle flowed, which provided confidence in the purchase. It can only be said that by her obvious wish and her friendly spirit that she is an exemplary employee and deserves whatever reward this note can result in. We need more people out there like Sherelle. Thank you, and thank you, Sherelle. Jon Soskis

  151. just wasted my time and four different employees time trying to buy clearance patio umbrellas. got the ad at 8:39 this morning. started the computer search for any tilt umbrella in any color. gave up and called sales. she found two at the Louisville, Co store, 45 minutes from us. I placed the order. at 1:18 Rachel calls from that store to tell me they do not have any umbrellas of any shape or style. she calls around to find that the Northglenn store has some left. I talk to a man in garden until his phone quits. then back to the general sales number. her computer says two in Louisville. I do the explanation. she says Northglenn is my best chance. call them again to find they do have a black one left but it is not a tilt style.

    bottom line, why put out an add with so many options at great prices and then not have any product at all = frustration

  152. BIG DISAPPOINTMENT. I remodel my house added 500sq ft. I purchased thousands of dollars worth of items from Lowes for the project. LightING, drywall, electrical fixtures, appliances like I said thousands of dollars. So when my freezer stopped making ice called Lowes and my warranty representatives. After over 6 attempts my freezer still malfunctions and it won’t makes ice. It’s been over 100-degrees her so a freezer & ice is a must.
    Lowes will not replace my ice-maker or freezer. They keep sending people out to fix the problem to no success. I called Corporate and nothing. Now they tell me my ice maker does not qualify to make the refrigerator/freezer a lemon. I spent thousand of dollars at Lowes and this is the service/response I get. In addition my wife gets a attitude from the manager at Vacaville Lowes because she request a replacement. We didn’t ask for our money back just a new working refrigerator/freezer/ice maker. I spent THOUSANDS not one but THOUSANDS and this is how you respond. SHAME ON YOU LOWES; SHAME ON YOU VACAVILLE, CALIFORNIA LOWES.

  153. High praise for Store #0061″Becky”…..We purchased a Dyson Vacuum, only carton on display, item in secure locked room…your Becky in the Millworks Department worked quickly to complete this sale. My wife & I commend you for this special person. Raymond & Jeannette Galante

  154. ID #099632274190
    Charlie Toci helped me a lot! He made some suggestions that helped me save a time and effort and were only a little more expensive than what I was planning. I’ll be looking for him the next time I’m there! !

  155. Lowe’s is the first place I think of when we’re doing any improvements to our home or yard. They always have what I’m looking for, and sometimes things I wouldn’t have thought of. The people are always nice and helpful. It’s definitely my go to place.

  156. I am at your Erie Pennsylvania Peach Street location. I am here often and as usual you get somebody well actually you always have to go find somebody to answer your question or maybe give you some information. There were three guys back in the mill shop one I’m guessing was management so I asked him if I could ask him a question. And of course it was as though I was ruining his whole day to answer a question which in reality he didn’t answer he just had this attitude like why are you bothering me. What in the hell is wrong with people anymore most companies would make 10 times a money if they had freaking sales people that really gave a s***. Just thought I’d like you to know I’d really didn’t even look at his name I was so disgusted but I’m sure if someone treated his wife like that he wouldn’t be happy oh well it’s another typical shity trip to Lowe’s.

  157. Lowe’s Marketplace Hamilton NJ. My wife and I walked around the appliance Dept. for 15 minutes or more looking at washers&dryers not an associate in site. We were going to purchase but no help no sale!!

  158. Excellent help selecting a refrigerator at Overland Park store. The two men who delivered and installed it were great! Dez Gordon and Taner Norman were very efficient removing the doors and reassembling them…and cleaning up after their work. I’m impressed. Hope my frig works like they did!

  159. Today I had a terrible experience at Lowe’s in Indiana PA. After purchasing my paint and a few other products, I later remembered I needed wallpaper paste and a package of sandpaper. After not being able to find these products, I walked up to a register where a guy was doing nothing but copying a couple numbers. I said, “Excuse me”, but he turned and walked away. I only wanted to be guided in the right direction.

    The next thing really pissed me off. I loaded 6 5.5” x 8’ boards onto a cart, moved the rest of products onto the cart and checked out. The lazy clerk acted like he didn’t want to be bothered 😕. After I paid, I had to ask for 2 or 3 bags, then proceeded to pack all but the paint and 8’ boards. Did I mention I’m a 112 lb. 75 yr. old female, not that I look or act 75, but regardless, if someone is hired to do a job, then they should do it.

    Another thing, there are a lot of complaints about your customer pickup.

    I would like to give kudos to a lady in the ceramics/carpeting area. On more than one occasion, she has gone out of her way to help me. She’s tall, with blonde 👱‍♀️ hair and has a super personality. She saw me looking at ceramic wall paste and helped me find the wallpaper paste today (and the sandpaper).

  160. I live very close to your store at 7901 Callaghan in San Antonio over the years I have had problems with getting help I needed. Your cashiers have always been great but floor help is questionable My last visit however I received outstanding service from Joe in hardware he went over and beyond to help me find what I was looking for. This type of customer service will help to keep me coming back. I sometimes go to Home Depot even through it is further away because their service seems to be overall better than your store However your are so close and combiner with the service I got from Joe I believe I will continue to give your store my business at least for a while.

  161. This website was very difficult to reach. I have spent over an hour trying to access the survey. I am just mad!!!

    I am a veteran and a senior citizen who is now developing lifting problems. Our local Lowe’s, Gautier, MS has always been very helpful in lifting heavy objects, helping me find what I need, and answering my questions as I now must do my own home repairs. Employee John and cashier Rose always help me with a smile on their face. Items needed always seem to be available and employees always help me find what is needed. These stores require a lot of walking and sometimes that is difficult for us shoppers.

    I give my Lowe’s a 10 for BEST in customer relations.

    Dixie Skipper

  162. I have shopped at Lowes for many years and been pleased with the service and with the merchandise I have purchased there.

  163. I went in to my local L0we’s today It was at 12:22 pm. 6/30/2019. Your employees need to know that when some one is just standing there looking up and down that they may need help so ask. My ticket number was 47922550 at store 1114. I went in to buy some wood, nails, and spark plugs. I found my wood but had no luck with the nails or spark plugs. And could not get any help finding the rest. So I went home after paying for my wood. With out customer service they have no jobs. So this store needs to work on service. If they see some one standing around or looking lost then ask them if they can help.

  164. Mark and I went to Lowe’s today to follow up on a part that was ordered and yet not received. Teresa derrickson was a great help. She figured out where the part was, even tried to reach the company. She was very pleasant and efficient. She is an asset to your store.

  165. I have had a bad week with Lowe’s First I went to my local lowes to see refrigerators. They would not take my order to deliver to the north side of atlanta. they told me to go on line. I ordered the frigidaire 25cuft side by side
    gave them the address I wanted it delivered to and a contact number the frige was supposed to be delivered Thursday between 3;15 and 8;15 pm
    about 9 pm my tenant called to say they would have to take off another day to receive the unit. when it arrived it was NOT BLACK as ordered it was stainless. my tenant accepted delivery of the stainless (but she has no skin in the game) except not having to take off the third day after going without a frige for 4 days.
    Today I go to my local lowes to buy another gallon of deck stripper, a brush, bucket etc. the cashier said they could not sell me the stripper because of a computer notice. (on her register) the head cashier also said they could not sell it. (there were 9 more gallons on the shelves) I left angry and headed to home depot called the wife she called the manager and magically the product could be sold to me. by the time all this got worked out I was almost home, but went back to pick up. all my other items had to be re shopped. now here is where i’m at. as a long time lowes customer (check my purchase history) I think someone owes me some kind of explanation as to why im getting such poor service. I can go to some other big box place where they bearly know me and get better treatment thAN THIS. I’M JUST SAYIN

  166. I have been a Lowes customer for many years. I bought and had installed granite counters in my kitchen which I love along will all my appliances.
    On 7-12-19 I went to Store 2623 and worked with John Guillette about installing tile in my small entryway. The area is about 3×5. I purchased all the items needed and arranged to have it measured and installed by Lowes Independent tile installers. Mr. Guilette was extremely helpful and all went smooth until it was turned over to the installers. I commute to my job and from June 19th to July 3 I am involved with my companies Summer Symposium and can’t be off. I get home each day by 3pm. When the installer called I informed them of this and was told they will come between 8 and 12 to lay the tile then return later that same day to grout it. I asked if they can come after 3 to lay it and return the next day after 3 to grout it. Doesn’t it need 24 hours to dry before the grout? I was referred to the Manager by the name of Tammy. I asked her the same question as I can’t be off to be home until after 3pm. I won’t say she was rude but she was extremely condesending. She informed me of their hours and that because my job is a small job that only requires one day they will not split it and come back the next day to grout it! I went to the Lowes store and the manager called and also spoke to Tammy and asked if they couldn’t work with me on this and she said she would ask if any of her installers might consider doing it on the weekend. She did call me back and said she asked and they all said “no”. I went back to Lowes and got a refund so I can find someone else to do this tile work. I was told they only have one contractor that does their tile work and have no control over what they will and won’t do. I work for the Marines at the Marine Corp University. My hours are 9 to 5. This academic year our class of Marines have requested access to their classrooms by 6am. Do I like getting up at 3:30am to be at the University by 5:30? No I don’t. I am not required to honor their request but I have. I could have said the same thing your contractor said to me: I am sorry, but my hours are 9 to 5. I will have everything ready at 9am for you. But my job is to support the Marines. I am at the University by 5:30 am to have their classrooms set up and all computers up and running by 6am. Lowes is a Nationwide Company and it is totally shocking that you would only have one contractor for tile work in this area. What is more shocking is that you are doing business with a contractor that refuses to work with your customers. This area is a commuting area as we are close to Washington DC. So many people here commute by train, or commuter vans and don’t have the flexibility to go into work later or come home early. As soon as this entryway is completed I will be starting on tiling 4 bathrooms. I have already selected my tiles from Lowes, but with your choice of tile installers I will definitely be forced to go elsewhere, which I don’t like because I have always dealt with Lowes. Your sales associates are always helpful and friendly and your products are the best. Your choice of tile installers is the worst possible company. I hope someone will look into giving your customers more than one choice of companies and also take a good look at this current tile contractor. They are a bad reflection on a really good company.

    Thank you,
    Mary Brooks

  167. On Thursday at the Willow Grove Lowe’s I purchased 6 patio cushions. When I went to the cashier to purchase them I asked the clerk for a plastic bag to put them it. She said she didn’t have any (the only size she showed me would only hold a light bulb). The clerk didn’t even make a attempt to try and find one or two bags that would help me. I had to carry them out to my car In my hands. I was very disappointed with my interaction with the staff person.

  168. I love shopping at Lowes store it is always clean and some one is always there to help you to find what ever you need in the store.

  169. ID# 19757 2611 157. Received excellent service at your Papillion Nebraska location. JJ has extremely helpful on selecting a wheelbarrow and shrubbery on a previous call. Good job.

  170. On June 4, 2019, I stopped in your Jacksonville store to search for a new weed eater. I was assisted by one of your Associates by the name of Denise Stafford. I would like to express my satisfaction on Denise’s professionalism, patience, her excellent attitude and ability to figure out and demonstrate how to assemble the product. You don’t know how refreshing it is to have someone like her assist you. I greatly appreciate her.


    Laurene Williams

  171. Michael Reel was a superb salesman, Very helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable (traits we seldom find at your store). You need more like him . We go in hoping to find sales personnel more knowledgeable than ourselves, seldom find this.

  172. I gone to lowes to buy a hot water heater and asked to see the top of the tank he said they are standard that was not the case when I got home I was looking to get all the items I need to do my project the guy sat in his chair on his phone and just pointed out the area even before I gone to the store I called to wait on the phone for 30 minutes to get a guy on the other end that was rude and acted like I was taking up his time wow crazy how I was walking around the store to find no one and when I did they just point and go no help it’s sad it’s like that every time I go to any store with your brand name on it . The webster storer in Rochester ny

  173. Your representatives at the Lowe’s store at 7950 E McDowell in Scottsdale are amazing!!
    I’m speaking about Kathy Wilson and Abby Huynh
    Kathy helped us design and find kitchen appliances for us on 5/3/19.
    She spent over an hour showing, explaining, and recommending appliances for our remodel in Scottsdale. She explained policies, warranties, and future sales,
    She was absolutely fabulous, one of best sales people I have ever had wait on me in over 50 years!!
    We tried to place the order with her but she was on vacation and then inventory duty.
    So we place the order with Abby on May 14.
    She too was most helpful !!
    Our order number was #92551,
    Then when I called today about the sale Kathy was right on it and issued us a credit.
    A very valuable employee!!
    they sure made our buying decision very simple, easy and not like your competitor.

  174. I wanted to give outstanding comments of 2 of your employees that I was happy to have had the pleasure of having them assist me today at Lowes. # 1 : Phil, he works in the lighting and electrical dept. He was so friendly, kind and professional. He went above and beyond my expectations. He was so helpful with my needs and he even assisted me in other departments as well. I just wanted to give him a big shoutout!! He deserves a raise or something!! #2 : Felipe, he works in the dept. where water heaters are sold. He really is so knowledgeable about the difference types, costs, installation, value etc… I questioned things that I had not consider about the product. He seems very experienced. He was also friendly and professional. He also went above and beyond, He also deserves a pay raise or promotion or something!! I can’t remember the last time I have had this type of customer service, except for Nordstorm of course! Anyway, these guys were great and I believe someone should know that! Thanks for making my day!

  175. The young man named Jacob was very pleasant and helpful. Great customer service. Thank you very much.

  176. I called at store #0596 to find out if they had any sod, I purchased some last weekend. I was put on hold then disconnected! I called back and finally talked to someone and was told yes they have a pallet of sod. I went there and paid for it then waited patiently behind three vehicles ahead of me to finally get in and all the sod was dead! Had to go park my truck and wait in line again to get a refund ! Wasted an hour of my time and fuel for nothing ! Bad business!!

  177. I tried to do survey but page is missing.Store #1628 receipt ID #0274 1628 121 .I want to comment on store manager Paul who is new at this location.I work for Lowe’s lumber supplier in this area and shop for my company at this store daily.Paul is outstanding!He is a positive do what it takes employee.This is exactly what was needed at this store!Paul should be commended for his work and attitude.Thank You kindly Roger Pearce.

  178. Tried the survey, could not get past the first 2 questions of the time. My ID is 11111 1888 120 we visited your Beckley, WV store and we were waited on by Jason in flooring, he was a very nice and did not keep us waiting, we were very, very pleased with his service. Thank You.

  179. One of your employee, his name is Maurice Walker in Lowe’s in Redlands, CA is very helpful to me. He is very knowledgeable in the Tool department area.
    You should be proud to have such employee in your store.

  180. Just leaving store at 2501 shelia lane Richmond va paint dept employee named Mary is probably the best employee this store ever had polite professional and hard working nice lady hope she stays

  181. Ordered a rug but right packaging with the wrong rug. Weeks later I finally get the right rug. Customer service helped me initially and were great! Today when I picked up the rug Jessica helped me and knew of the problem and was very professional as well as helpful.

  182. i love lowes, its clean, the employees know there stuff. i can find anything i need, and sometimes things i did not expect. lowes is the bomb!

  183. I purchased patio furniture at the Lowe’s store I’m northwest Wichita and was very pleased with the service I recieved from Chris.

  184. the young man that helped was very nice. helped load our purchase onto a cart. gave information on how our selection works, and had someone load it into our car. thanks.

  185. Do not wish to give personal info for survey…service was excellent but information requested is annoying and I do not wish to be flooded with specials, emails and your sharing my info. Cease and desist this mining




  187. Our trip to the Lowe’s door department was especially great! We bought doors for our recently remodel job and was very satisfied with the help of argie!! We got all our doors and when we got home 2 were damaged and so we took them back ! had no problem returning and receiving help loading properly and were very satisfied with the guys they helped us load them. Thank you

  188. Jim Sahadi of Lowe’s Home Center in Pittsboro, N.C. was most helpful in assisting us in locating dehumidifiers not available in this store. He went beyond what we would have expected by identifying another store, and arranging to have the products set aside until we could drive the forty miles to pick them up. He was courteous, efficient, and a pleasure to do business with.

  189. Rob at the Bowie, Maryland location, store #0452 was very helpful in helping me find the item I was looking for. The item was not available in the store. He checked online and ordered for me. A week later I picked up the item at the store. It was an excellent experience. Because of this experience I have become a frequent customer at Lowes.

  190. Very rude n nasty workers in garden name Donna. Will never shop on your west columbia store if those la dies are there did not know what they were taking about if they were my employees they would be out if job treating my customers that nadty

  191. We placed an order for pick up. A week later we picked order up and during assembly noticed a chair was missing and 2 table tiles were broken. Called the store and they said they would have those items ready for pickup. I was a bit skeptical. Arrived and all was ready for pickup. Excellent service by the Customer Service man in Tilton, NH

  192. I visited Lowe’s at 4100 Dodge St., Dubuque, IA 52003. on 6/21/18 at 9:28 am and was looking for a certain Light Bulb that was available at the store according to the their internet site. I had the row and pin number. I spent sometime looking for it until I finely asked for assistance. The polite and very helpful employee went above and beyond to find the product even though she didn’t work in that area. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated her willingness to assist me and the great job she did. I think her name was Krissy or Kristy. Thank you. Bonnie

  193. We have shopped at our Lowe’s store for years, (Pat) in appliances has been at the Shelbyville, Ky. store for a longtime and has always gone above and beyond to help us out. I have seen that you are encouraging people to rate the store and employees up to a (7) in performance. We would give Pat in appliances and the Shelbyville Ky. store a (10) for service and helpfullness. Pat is a credit and a great asset to your company.
    Bill & Carol

  194. My wife AND i went to Lowes in Jonesboro,Ar.It is very hot,busy and Lisa Baker once again worked very hard and was so helpful.The store is 0414,Terminal 15.MY id is 159070414153..I wrote a survey yesterday June 1 and complimented Lisa Baker and Rhonda Smith,but forgot to put my ID#.Today June 2,was another good experience.
    Those ladies were truly workers to be proud of. Thank you for having such good workers that seem to be very happy to help.We spent $102.74 We shop a lot at Lowes,but never filled out a survey before yesterday.

  195. I was helped by Tom Sepe in the Rhode Island store on Route 2, he was very helpful and knowledgeable about my storm door. He also saved me money in store,on my purchase and also gave me a $30.00 rebate coupon for install. Thank you Tom. I have another Lowe’s much closer to my house, but the customer service in most departments is lacking. I have my new storm door being installed next Monday, can’t wait. Thanks again for being so wonderful. We do business at this particular store, which is out of the way, but with caring employees like Tom, it is worth it.

  196. I have filled out a survey but did not comment on the quality of the service of the product as it was delivered . I paid $ 1426.61 for a refrigerator and it was installed without the water filter.I could not get water or ice . After three visits to Lowe’s I was handed a filter and told I would have to pay for it . I objected because the filter was part of the refrigerator . At last I was given the filter and told I would have to install it myself. That was not a problem because it is easy to install. It took three visits to get the proper thing done. Also there are two dents in freezer door that wasn’t there when I purchased it . I can live with that since they are only about the size of a silver dollar

  197. Salesman Steve Bolton, was very helpful , Especially since he was the lone salesperson
    In the Appliance Department! Four other customers were waiting to be helped and were told he would be with them in a matter of minutes!
    He aided me in selecting a Refrigerator/Freezer with a smile and knowledge of the refrigerator. He saw to delivery the next day, as I was without a refrigerator,!!!
    More salespeople are definitely required in Appliance Department in Rio Grande, NJ store.

  198. Stewart Sweek, was most helpful in helping me find a new dryer. He went over the features and made sure I was getting what I needed at the price I wanted to spend. He was very helpful and explained so thoroughly that I was very comfortable when I went to pay for my purchase

  199. Patsy was extremely helpful today with my return in helping to find my receipt and extremely busy as she was at the desk herself trying to answer phones while assisting me and another customer with a pick up order. She was very professional and polite to both myself and the other customer.

  200. I was there today and there was a women at customer service desk by herself helping several customers one with a return and another one picking up an order, plus answering the phones, as well as helping a man who came up and just asked her where something was in the store, she directed him to the product. During all of this there was 3 other employees standing up by the registers doing nothing and looking towards customer service and never made any attempt to help. The associate at customer service kept her cool and got us all waited on, your store needs more employees like her. Her name tag said Patsy.

  201. ID#12437 1628 164 After waiting for 1Hr. and 20 Min.in the bath department for help with handicap large Kohler units on top of warehouse shelves Debbie Scott came by to help… She was outstanding!!!! Rosemary and Linda assisted her. This was in the Pine Bluff,Ark.Store..they were working very hard to assist many people at once. I had to go my self to lumber department to get flat palet jact to load items push my cart to check out..Did have help loading..help in back were angry at Debbie for asking for fork lift to assist customers in bath dept. Debbie,Rosemary,Linda should be commended for their dedication for your customer service. I will never visit that store again!!!! many unhappy people in that area that day. staff too busy huddled up visiting Not assisting customers… top management not available…
    Brenda blankinship June 25,2017

  202. I called Lowes before going to the store to see if they had an online item at the store & I was told there was 3 or 4 left of this item. When I got to the store Midge had to check online to see the item which was a 1.5 hibiscus tree & found out that they had already been sold before I got there. Vicki was the cashier that helped me between waiting on customers & I bought three braided hibiscus & one 25qt. miracle grow to plant the hibiscus outside. Stephanie ( head cashier at Lowes 0422) helped me get the plants into a planter holder to put them in my car. The plants wouldn’t stand up in the holder & Stephanie loosely tied them with twine & Vicki had given me a piece of plastic to keep my car clean. I called the assistant manager & told him all of this & how much these three women helped me.

    1. Jackson tn, on several occasions I have dealt with Kellen Freeman, he always is concerned and helpful even if it’s not his area. He goes out of his way to help. One sales associate that truly cares. He is much appreciated.

  203. we bought 8 fence panels from the store in Durant Ok, they were the worst I have ever bought we had to put screws in ever panel where they had no nails staples or anything, the boards were warped bad . We are 2 older people so loading them up and carrying them back was not possible.we shop at that store at that least once a week,but we may have to go to Home Depot from now on. Just wanted to let yall know the experience we had. Thank you

    1. My husband and I purchase carpet from your Lowe’s at 7716 Fountain Mesa Rd, Fountain Colorado, The date we purchase was April 22, 2019 they installed about the first week of May 2019 two week before my grandson graduation. After they installed the carpet every thing look ok , because the two rooms, hall and living room where the carpet was installed every rooms was empty ,no furniture nothing all they had to do is remove old carpet , then installed new carpet ,the contractor had three men to installed my carpet , so I felt confident that the job would be done right. So when they left I started to vacuum ,the line I vacuum over look like a defect but when I reach down and rub the spot that’s when I realize that one of the worker cut my carpet it was about a 4-5 inch cut, so we call the contractor came out check it out and yes it was cut . So he told they would have replace and set up a time for it to be done, but time was not on my side because my grandson was graduating from high school and I needed to put the house back together because we have guess coming , so I ask for discount and they give 5 or 10% I said find my couch will be over the cut . As we were putting the living room back together I look out my living room window look down and my window sill had a big crack in it, I told my husband that was not before they came because I just clean my windows and window sills three days before they came . Went down to see the Manager of that department ,but she wasn’t in so they sent over a manager from another department after I discuss everything with him he said how do you know they did that from the picture you are showing me look like your home settling and that what cause the damage , he was very rude ,no customer service skill to be a manager. So I told him I am going to have someone come out see if my house is settling and if it isn’t I will be back . The company that we call came out and did a free estimate ,told us your house did not settle the crack came from something that they use to put your carpet down the impact was so strong it crack the window sill with a big split . finally I talk Lowe manager Patricia she took care of that .on 12-21-20 I call Lowe about the same carpet because the carpet bulging up in the bedroom hall and a little in living room ,I am told by the manager that they can’t help me because my warranty have expire . After all I’ve been through with this carpet ,Lowe couldn’t send someone out to stretch my carpet . I have had carpet put in my house at least three I have never experience anything like this and I am 67 yrs old . I know there are bad customer out there , but there are good customer who don’t mine paying the price as long as job is done right, You could tell that the worker didn’t do there job right , remember there was three men lay that my carpet . I should have not had the problem that I had . Lowe you have become a business that only take care of elite . Yes my house is old and only 1800 square feet but I love it, and neighborhood old but we still love it . I would like for you to treat me and my money with the same respect as you do the man or woman who live in a bigger house and nice neighborhood.
      Please stop hiring cheap labor, Get workers
      who can do the job right and pay them. Give us what we need and won’t for our MONEY.

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