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Mariano's Fresh Market is currently inviting customers to complete a customer satisfaction survey. An invitation to the survey is currently being printed on select receipts.

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This is a customer satisfaction survey, meaning it's goal is to gain knowledge and insight into how customers view their experience during their recent visit to Mariano's Fresh Market.

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"Survey Rewards" are given to you as an incentive to give your valuable feedback as a customer.

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42 Responses

  1. I wanted to say how great my experience was when we came to Mariano’s grilling area hot foods! Maria was extremely helpful, makes the best grill chicken. Thank you Maria for the great job! You are awesome!!

  2. I was in the Evergreen Park store on Thursday 10/11/18 to pick up Greenridge Low Sodium Turkey Breast. I was standing at the counter in front of the turkey and saw three people at the other end talking, after waiting approximately 3-5 minutes I walked down and said “excuse me
    can I get some help”. One of the ladies asked if she could help me and I told her what I wanted. She looked in the counter then asked the other lady and young man that was still at the other end, where was the turkey. I am standing there looking at the turkey and she says to the other lady “you know which one I’m talking about the one that’s dry and looks brown, you know the one that’s dry. So finally the young man came down and looked, he came around the front and was looking so finally she said oh, that’s okay I found it and cut it. The entire time she waited on me reference was made to the color and how dry this turkey was. If I had not had this meat before this would have surely been a real turn off for me and I’m sure management would not like anyone speaking against there product. I did not see a name tag on her but, she is Afro-American with her hair in a natural ponytail. I was in the store at around 2:00pm.

  3. my husband and I get Mariano almost every night for for dinner ,at the Hoffman Estates store ,and always go to see Joey in the meat department ,to grill our meat for us .He is always helpful and always makes it just the way we like it.He is a good addition for your business. Employees like him are hard to find .He takes pride in his job.


  5. I’m a pretty tough grader when it comes to customer service.
    Mostly because it’s so damn mediocre at so many places.
    That’s n-o-t the case at Mariano’s floral at Lawrence and Ravenswood.

    Johnny runs the floral department almost like it’s his own shop. And it makes every difference in the world. His service is informed, genuine, passionate, and even a bit humorous.

    This in a GROCERY STORE for God’s sake people!!

    My wife and I stopped by there the other day to grab some simple flowers for my Mom..and left with a bouquet that would out-shine anything put together by any snooty overpriced florist in Lincoln Park. All for a fair price and customized to our liking.

    I don’t know w-h-a-t this guy is doing here but Marianos’ (Krogers now) should clone him and put a few in every store.

    (Should also mention the young woman (Asra? Ezra?) who was handling all the other customers with equal aplomb)

  6. Annie at your Des Plaines store deserves mention. She was smiling and helpful and we had a happy checkout discussing the Super Bowl etc. on Super Bowl Sunday February 4th.

  7. I want to say how sad it was for me to learn Trisha was leaving seafood in Vernon Hills. She was been so helpful to me in teaching me about with of all type and how to best cook them. Her knowledge is vast and her willingness to help people is even more remarkable.
    The entire seafood section started to look better as soon as she arrived and she turned it into a magnet for shopping at Marianos. She is smart, professional, and friendly. I am sad for my loss but happy Marianos recognizes her talents and is moving her up the ladder.

  8. Johnny and his floral team at Mariano’s (Lawrence and Ravenswood) did my wedding bouquets and centerpieces and they were phenomenal. I wanted simple elegance with white roses and hydrangeas and they turned out beautifully. I received so many compliments on my bouquet and a few guests were happy to take home the centerpieces. Delivery was much more affordable than any other florist, and the team also helped set up for the ceremony. I would highly recommend them!

  9. Every time I go to Mariano’s at Lawrence and Ravenswood the service is outstanding. Nelson and Sitou were great in helping me make my decisions last week when I was running around pressed for time!

  10. Claudia at the bakery was super helpful when I was looking for fresh bagels late in the day. She set me up with a delicious 6 pack!

  11. visited the Marianos in Vernon Hills. I spent much of my time in the fish dept. I would like to personally thank Trisha and Charlie for all of their help and time spent with me explaining the personal spice and prep program and tips for some of my future dinner parties. It was such a wonderful experience for a chore that is not my favorite. On my way out, I was given a helper since I am in one of the motorized carts you provide. Jill not only emptied my cart for me before I paid, but then escorted me out to put my groceries in my car and take back the cart for me. I am very impressed with this level of service from my neighborhood grocery.

  12. I went to Marianos in Lincolnwood,IL for a salad from the salad bar. Everything was fine as usual but fresh cherry tomatoes were mixed with old wrinkled cherry tomatoes had to pick them out individually. It is my favorite salad bar restaurant or food store.

  13. I had a great experience at New City Mariano’s yesterday. Beatriz spent a lot of time
    with me helping me find the sale items from your flyer. She could not have been
    nicer or more helpful. I will look for her the next time I am in the store.

    It is always a pleasure to shop at Mariano’s where customer service is handled in such
    a friendly way.

  14. I went to the Marianos in Des Plaines on Golf rd. And Brienne helped me with a question about what you do with your pineapple core’s. She was a great help and Kind.

  15. I had the best experience with Kiara and Yalissa at Mariano’s Westchester store. They were very helpful in assisting me in everything I wanted . Thanks for hiring such great employees

  16. Peggy knows her cheese. And, if that is not enough, she is 100% customer focused. Peggy educated my mind and my taste buds. Consequently, I tasted and purchased two cheeses I knew nothing about until I met Peggy.

    Thank you Peggy.

  17. Awful hot bar at the Evergreen Park location…sign says open until 9pm, but they stop bringing out fresh food around 6:45 (on May 12. 2017).
    I guess they think people coming home from work from Downtown Chicago do not want a full selection and variety of food from the hot bar.

  18. My Brit son-in-law and I had a great experience courtesy of Napoleon at the meat counter in your N. Broadway location in Lakeview. He was friendly, engaging, knowledgeable and efficient. Great job!

  19. I stopped by the Elston store the other day and purchased some food at one of the kiosks
    in the food court. I had the privilege of meeting Erin the cashier, her warm, friendly and happy demeanor put a smile on my face and lifted my spirit the rest of the day.
    Because of my experience with your # 1 employee at the store, I will be doing all my shopping at this location. Thanks for hiring such great employee’s.

    Thanks ,

  20. I had the best customer service from Charles in the meat department at the South Loop location, Chicago. April 26th around 8am I was seeking some breaded, thin chicken. Charles told me to come back and he would have some ready. I did come back and he had my request ready for me on my way to check out. I just wanted to commend his service. Many times before when the department has been out, no one has offered to make them. I was surprised he did and am very appreciative of his service.

    Great job Charles!!

  21. I would like to give feedback on my experience at the Des Plaines,Il store.
    Jennifer* working Customer Service gave the *WORST SERVICE EVER!*
    There was an error in the Ad for the
    4/28/17 Free Friday Download when I logged into my rewards card account and showed her the 2 items were clipped she did not apologize rather she continued to argue about the Free item did not qualify that It is only 1 or the other which is incorrect in the end both items came off the bill. My complaint is Jennifer decided to jot my rewards card # on a piece of paper which seemed to me was a bit odd and when I questioned her why and what was she trying to do with my card # she said,
    “It was not my buisness.” That is very unprofessional especially coming from someone who is taking on a
    CUSTOMER SERVICE POSITION that is no way a customer should be treated. When I asked her for the paper she wrote my # on she quickly claimed she put it into the shredder, that kind of behavior seems shady and shows me how other customers / myself are looked at ‘untrustworthy’, if she wanted to investigate anything with the rewards card #
    MARIANOS is not the job for her. I will not be shopping this location due to the service I received today she is there to do a job and make the last impression on the customer the best instead she made it the worst. I HOPE THIS FEEDBACK WILL SHOW BOB MARIANO THE KIND OF SERVICE CUSTOMERS ARE RECEIVING & I DID NOT DESERVE IT.

  22. Kudos to CAROL and STEVE, a great checkout team at Marianos in Vernon Hills. They were wonderful!

  23. When I was in Marinos Arlington heights Jessica made a vanilla blast for me. She was very friendly and did a great job . I tried to give her a tip, but she politely said oh no thank you it,s not necessary. She made my day.

  24. I’m writing to express my endless gratitude for your floral stylist, Mirca (Chicago Illinois, Broadway street). A few weeks ago, my now husband and I got a last minute call from our florist saying the flowers we ordered for a brunch, weren’t going to make it and they sent their sincerest apologies. To paint the picture for you, we were getting married four days later!

    After some woosah time with myself, my mother and mother-in-law, we decided to go and visit a few florists along Broadway street, to see if anyone was willing to take on the job with such short notice. Upon walking in and talking with Mirca, I knew she was the one to bring my ideas to life. She not only executed beyond my expectations, she exceeded them, created a model for my approval, upsold us on a few additional vases AND she was able to get them delivered through the third-party delivery service, early and ready for our brunch at the Atwood.

    I work in field leadership for another big box retailer, and we’re always looking for people as driven as Mirca. She is great at what she does and is an obvious self-starter. Mariano’s is so lucky to have her! Thank you so much, Mirca. You made our day as beautiful as the arrangements your created!

  25. I would like to thank Ronzell at the New City Marianos. He has terrific customer service and makes delicious Brussels sprouts!

  26. I want to recognize Jeremy A, from the Mariano’s Buffalo Grove store. He was extremely courteous, patient and thoughtful. I was a bit unprepared at the checkout, but he was gracious and accommodating. Thanks, Jeremy, I was having a very rushed day.

  27. Cruz Smith is our favorite. We eat in the Ravenswood Marianos about 4 X a week. The food isn’t stellar but it’s pretty darn good and there’s a lot of variety. It’s convenient and nicely priced. Cruz makes the experience though. She’s sweet. Gets whatever we want; she even asks if she can get us anything! And she’s so neat. When she’s not there the napkins run out… the water runs out… the garbage builds up. It really shows. KEEP her!

    I also buy my groceries there about 4 – 6 times a week. I shop daily. I love the store. Other employees are very nice. The quality is high. The service is pretty fast…

  28. Hello
    I shop at the Hardwood Heights store 2-3 times a week. Deli is so nice and helpful and there busy but always pleasant. Some cashiers are not to friendly but the front end guy Michael F is the best handles things always with a smile and ask if there is anything else that he can do for you that makes you want to come back because of his personality. Love the store and love coming in there to see Michael F multi. tasking with a smile.

  29. Visited the Marianos in Westchester this morning. Chuck who greets everyone with a
    smile and hands out orange juice or muffin samples is always so very pleasant. May make a comment about the weather & says “have a great day”.
    Enjoy the friendly, efficient staff – especially Chuck.

  30. I shopped at Mariano’s in Shorewood, I wanted some chopped peppers. Sam in produce asked me if I needed help finding something. I told him what I was looking for and he said he’d go in the back and ask them to chop some for me.He was so helpful and courteous. If there were more people in the world like him it would be such a blessing. Thanks Sam for being you.

  31. Attended your Wine and Cheese Demo at your Store in Norridge Ill. Last night. I enjoyed it. I went with my Husband and a Friend of ours. The Cheeses were delicious. Sue the Woman Demoed the cheeses not only let us try the cheese also gave us a sample of how to use them in a salad or a piece of toast cracker she was very informative and lat us know where the cheese was made etc. Sue’s Homemade Feta Cheese is the BOMB!!! Adam was also very friendly and was very knowledgeable about the 3 wines he was sampling. They were very good and they did a Great job Paring the cheese and the wines together. The price of the wines were very reasonable. Sue and Adam did a Super job.
    Sue & Adam complement one other very nicely.
    Thank You, Cant wait until your next event. Marie & Mario A.

  32. I want to commend the outstanding service we have received from the pharmacist, Liz Gacek, at the Naperville store- on numerous occasions. She has always gone above and beyond (even when she worked for Dominicks before Marianos) to be helpful, but last evening (1/17/17) she spent over an hour helping my husband and I figure out the correct insurance codes that were needed. She is always friendly and makes the customer feel like she would rather do nothing else than assist them, which is amazing, because nothing could be more tedious than dealing with insurance companies. She is a gem, and I hope Marianos appreciates her. We were thrilled to see her back when the store first opened.

  33. We like coming here All employees are courteous ,friendly and helpful We get our drugs here John,and his crew are awesome Meat dept and fish dept are awesome Bakery dept awesome deli is awesome We are very pleased with service and overall Thank You Mary Caydler

  34. I wanted to say how great our experience was when we came to Mariano’s bakery! Heather was extremely helpful, gave us great ideas, was very patient with our endless questions. The cake for my daughter’s wedding was beyond beautiful!! Her funny personality helped reduce our stress…she’s awesome!!!

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