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Your opinions help create better customer experience in the future, for you and others.

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Your honest answers to survey questions is important for improving customer experience.

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Your timely feedback is important to have your recent customer experience fresh in your mind.

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Your feedback (good or bad) is very important for future improvements with customer service.

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McDonald’s is currently looking for your valuable feedback. In return for your opinion and feedback, they are willing to reward you.

If you take the survey, McDonald’s will give you a a free coupon for a BOGO quarter pounder or egg mcmuffin. So essentially all you have to do is tell McDonald’s what you think, and you get a free sandwich. Not a bad deal. Survey Details

Survey NameMcDVoice
RewardFree BOGO quarter pounder or egg mcmuffin
Receipt Valid7 days
Coupon Valid30 days
Entry Limit5 per person, per month
Coupon Limit1 coupon per person, per visit

How To Enter The McDVoice Survey

To enter the survey and get your free BOGO sandwich coupon, you just need to have a recent McDonald’s receipt and be ready to give your honest feedback.

  • Step 1: Have your McDonald’s receipt handy, and be ready to give your honest opinions about your last visit there
  • Step 2: Visit to start the survey, enter the 26 digit survey code from your receipt, and click “Start”
  • Step 3: Answer the quick survey with your honest opinions based on your experience from your most recent visit there
  • Step 4: When finished, write down your validation code on your receipt, this is how you activate your free BOGO sandwich coupon

Tips & Tricks – Survey

It says that the limit is 5 per person, per month. But from my research and experience, they don’t keep track of how many times each person completes the survey and uses the coupon.

So my advice is to do this as many times as you’d like, my bet is they will never notice!

When finished with the survey, be sure to write down the validation code provides on your receipt. This is what enables your free BOGO coupon.

Ready to Speak Your Mind?

71 Responses

  1. I tried to purchase food with the mobile app this morning at 6700 kee ln in Harrisburg NC. It was a disaster!! Put in the order would not let me do curbside order so then I went through the drive thru. Only to be told they never got my order. This now is after waiting at the speaker for 15 only to never have anyone answer. So I had to drive to the window. Again no order! Then went inside to place order. Manager was useless!! Replaced the order finally then watched six people come behind me and leave with their food while I waited 20 more minutes for my food. Then got home with my food and they didn’t give me my dipping sauce for my donut sticks! So I decided to go do your survey. Guess what your survey won’t allow me to put my code in so I could take the the survey!!!! Gotta say HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!!!!!!

  2. I visited the mcdonalds on American legion in mountain home, Idaho, 83647.
    I wanted to order the 2 for $4 sausage egg and cheese mcmuffin but I prefer the folded egg. they told me the manager of that particular mcdonalds didn’t allow subsitutions. I have visited the other mcdonalds in our town on airbase rd and they did not have a problem with a substitution . I left the store and will not return.

  3. I didn’t realize I had only 7 days from the receipt date to complete the survey. I was disappointed concerning the service I received at the Prineville Oregon restaurant. This isn’t the first time. The girl who took the order didn’t get it right, so I then paid a lot more money. She didn’t tell me a drink was available with one order, she added one item when I not to include it, she gave ice order instead of hot tea. Maybe she was new, I don’t know. If I go back I will have them repeat the order. I probably will go elsewhere if I want food.

  4. I visit the McDonald’s location on S. R. 26 Lafayette Indiana fairly often and usually have a good experience. However, lately there is a young blond girl that has been working at the window that gives customers their food that has been incredibly rude and has truly soured me on this location. She will not look at me, will not respond when I say thank you, and turns her back to the customer. I have tried very hard to be respectful and kind to this girl but she treats customers as though she hates THEM and hates her job and would rather be anywhere than talking to you at this window. I called the store to let her manger know and have receivers no response. This girl has done this more than once as I have gone through the drive through and I am truly disgusted by this behavior. I would much rather spend my time and money at a restaurant where I and others are treated with COURTESY.

  5. Just wanted to say I was at the Pinnacle location 37243 (?) can hardly read the number receipt is to light. Date was 7/14 time was 12:45. I was in the drive thru had to wait on the car in front of me for awhile. The girl finally had them move to the next window to wait on there order. I pull up to get my order she didn’t even look at me she just handed my order out the window and keep on doing why she was doing. Not until I said Thank you did she even acknowledged I was even there. In my opinion this is rude and not a way that your employees should treat your customers. I think that this store should have better training on how to treat customers or other places in that location will take your business. Stores that do appreciate you spending money at their place of business.

  6. Ate at the McDonald’s at 2900 west 5th street LumbertonNC. Would love for someone to call me about what happened! Have friends in Fayetteville that own several McDonalds and have never experienced this. 910-309-7748. Thanks!

  7. Store#701, 4009 N Armenia, Tampa, Florida. We go there at least twice a week and my grandchildren love to see Katherine, she is the friendlier, most capable worker ever. However, today, at this store they made us wait 15 minutes on the #2 drive thru. That’s too much. What’s going on? Disappointed!

  8. Deja at 9210 midlothian tnpk is awesome and sweet as can be!! Didn’t have my receipt anymore to complete the survey but she deserves appreciation as does the store as a whole! Always amazing


  10. MCDonald’s service and food are delivered with a smile, checking the order, and prompt delivery of the food ordered. Always good customer service from the staff at order window and the pick up window. Thanks.

  11. The McDonalds on Dowlen Rd in Beaumont THE WORST location I have ever been to! The service is TERRIBLE-especially in the drive thru.

  12. I normally go to one and only McDonald’s and it is located on Skibo road in Fayetteville Nc and the number of this McDonald’s is f3934. This has been my happy place for me and my grandchildren and just up to a few days ago I found that the manager Eric has been moved or he was not there in this location anymore. As you know I can go to any McDonald’s and get the same food good or bad but a manager like Eric was what made our McDonald the best and the service was great. We miss him and wish he was back with us but in the mean time I will just have to go somewhere else where they might have another Eric.

  13. I ordered #3meal as i handed employee receipt with validation code and was told this store doesn’t honor a free burger any longer,i told the employee that information needs to be advertised so whatever is rung up doesn’t have to be deleted and customers know information be for entering resturaunt,thank you for your concern

  14. 5:46. 3 cars waiting. Asked to pull forward. Order included HB, med frappe and sundae. Can they not handle this on drive thru?

  15. Good morning , I went to get breakfast like a I do mostly everyday for my family and asked for specific egg McMuffin with regular bacon and instead got raw doughy muffin like it just thawed out , really disgusting and the smell of what was Canadian bacon on the already older sandwich and regular bacon placed on it which is the norm at this store . I wanted to give them a chance to maybe show me different but you should know this is an everyday occasion . I’m so fed up here .

  16. A J is always so friendly and always comes and check on you after she has given your order and always tells you good by when you leave. enjoy her smile that she has.

  17. I love McDonald’s soooo much! There was this 17 year old girl there named michaela she was working window it was about 10:45 at night and they were swamped. I came up to the window really upset it was taking soo long but she absolutely cheered me up! She asked me how I was doing? She asked me if there was anything else I would like for it taking so long she made sure we had our sauces and all of our food before we left. She was so sweet. My daughter thought she was beautiful!! Michaela is the type of people that make me want to come back to McDonald’s!

  18. Rocio was very attentive to my order and delivered my it to my table. She returned several times and asked if everything was okay. Rocio delivered extra pepper to my table. She recognized me from my previous visit and was extra friendly and attentive to my special order.
    Thank you Rocio.

  19. Receipts give at McDonalds at Leavenworth, KS: Printer is so warn the last series of five numbers are so warn they are illegible.
    takes a lot of guessing to complete survey. Creates ill will to ask for survey when impossible to complete due to company.
    Staff have been advised many times of this issue.

  20. It’s truly amazing how long it takes to get food at McDonald’s any more. You used to be able to pop in to get breakfast be for you start your day, not any longer. You can count on spending 30 minutes at the drive through every time. What happened?

  21. I’m come to this McDonald’s everyday to have my coffee and some times my breakfast sandwich in the afternoon I’m coming to have my salad almost every one are nice but some times lupe is kind of rude even that she knows me as a customer 😏

  22. I just filled out a survey # 01952-13551-02218-15365-00010-9. I forgot to tell you that my McChicken sanwich tasted strange.

  23. Every time I try an enter my coupon for a free mc muffin, it tells me I can only use this 5 times in one month. This is ridiculous! I have breakfast there every morning. I can sure switch to another company. Your promotion is not thought out very much. They keep giving me these coupons but, for what and why? Joplin mo.

  24. Sitting here waiting on our food. Shows it’s ready. Went to counter, and they keep waiting on other people . Telling us our food is not ready yet. The workers here are mostly sitting together eating and naturally their food they ordered after ours came first. The worker in back has corn rolls and no hat on for cooking food. So far we have sat here 20 minutes and still no food. She just brought us the wrong order and I have two small children with me. At the liberty MO McDonald’s by the price chopper.

  25. Why is it every time I find a drink I like and can have, it is discontinued. Namely, the COLD BREW. It was a McCafe drink being diabetic that I could have. McD said they ran out of cold brew and will not reorder. Why???? What is so difficult about getting another supply of a great drink. I go thru everyday and will not be doing it now.

  26. I live like 2 minutes away from MD so of course with 5 grandkids I frequently go there every day. I always fill out my survey but lately they are telling me I can not order a sandwich from the 1, 2 or 3 dollar menu and then get my Free sanwich of my choice. The survey says buy any sanwich and receive a free one. It doesn’t say buy one from the combo menu and get one free, or am I wrong????? HELP !!!!

  27. I want you to know that we had a young guy who’s name was Brian he was a very polite and he had a smile and everything was perfect! Thanks You Brain! This McDonald is the cleanest and there food is the best! Thank You McDonald

  28. Wanted to take your survey to get a free sandwich but found the procedure too complicated, too intimidating. Disappointed.

  29. Hi, I am a diabetic and only on occas. do I use the coupon for free ice cream; however due to the fact that all my coffee gang friends are seniors w/o access to the mcd.voice site; they give my their receipts to access for them. I accumulate about 3/day, but found out that I can only do 5 requests/mo…Yet, there is a lady who works at the Naval Air Base and she fills out as many as 10+/day. I asked if anyone else helps and she says no…so, I’m wondering why she can fill out at least that many weekly, daily or monthly..she says she never receives a notice that she cannot fill out more than 5/mo like I do…Can you see my delimna…just sayin/wonderin!

  30. Worse experience ever today. Really wanna feel out survey or talk to owner but they didn’t give me a receipt. …

  31. I’m here to talk about Deb..she’s the sweetest lady..always smiling..I’ve been coming here for 12 years ,And there was not one time she wasn’t smiling…She just makes my drive thru exciting to just get my Ice coffee in the summer .,and hot in the winter. and she always gets it exactly like I like IT…So clapping hands for Deb my favorite drive thru lady……

  32. i really enjoy all my meals at Mcdonalds.. all of the employes ard so very kind to me and every one else.. Its my “Favorite Fast Foods’ Places to eat. I am forever greatful to to Janika on Raeford road for her extreme kindness to me.

  33. I filled out a survey regarding my visit. (Survey code # 13405-02230-22717-08034-00035-5)

    I forgot to mention my server’s name in the survey, it was Sandy.

    JoAnne Leone

  34. The McDe at Rutherford Blvd. has the biggest gnat problem I have ever seen!!!! It has been going on now for over a month. They are now in my sandwich and fly onto my food! Until now this location was my pick. I have said many times something to them. They respond with,Yea we know. GROSS,GROSS and SICK!! PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM . I work at MTSU
    and I will start spreading the word. BIG TIME!! Please do something fast this has gone on too long! Thank you.

  35. I eat here often and like the food. Today the burritos were over cooked and hard as a rock. The place was very busy so I did not say anything to any one. I had to throw them in the trash.

  36. For some reason music playing at this mcdonalds is almost always in Spanish. I understand that the employees are mostly Spanish speaking but they don’t pay the bills or spend their money in there. Please play normal English speaking music.

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