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Burger King is currently inviting customers to complete a customer satisfaction survey. An invitation to the survey is currently being printed on select receipts.

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The survey is located at www.mybkexperience.com

This is a customer satisfaction survey, meaning it's goal is to gain knowledge and insight into how customers view their experience during their recent visit to Burger King.

Rewards or "prizes" are often given for completing customer surveys such as this (check your receipt for details). This is what I like to call a "Survey Reward".

"Survey Rewards" are given to you as an incentive to give your valuable feedback as a customer.

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70 Responses

  1. This is thé 2nd BK I visited in 2 weeks. This location did better; but, not NY much. All employees had masks on; but, they were either below their nose or on their neck. I told the cashier the mask won’t protect Jer or me in that locati[n. Her response was ‘i can’t breathe’. I informed her that I couldn’t either. Our food is being talked over, breathed on and more. I’m very disappointed. I intend to contact Govornor Bill Lee’s office and perhaps President Trump as well.

  2. ON 3/22/20 I went to BK 2479 to get my free whopper sandwich and the dirty disheveled rude window guy with no gloves, hair all over shoulders, no hair net, unshaven, yelling at someone else in the cafe, entered my order wrong. When I got home the chicken was a processed inedible slab that 2 bites made me sick. Could not drive to return and I tried to enter the survey and the survey kicked me out. As I drove around the cafe, the guy was standing outside with another disheveled guy, smoking something .
    POOR service, Horrible food, Rude employees. Never going back.

  3. My husband and I recently went to Burger King after completing a survey for a free whopper. We decided to split the whopper and purchase 2 small fries and 2 small drinks to round out our meal. We were shocked that the billl was $8.20 for these 4 items and the “free” whopper. The “free” whopper is extremely misleading and false advertising. It would ‘ve been cheaper to buy 2 complete meals. Nothing was free. I am extremely disappointed and will go back to McDonalds (where a drink is only $1). No wonder the BK we went to (Fairmont, WV) is always empty and the nearby McDonalds is always busy.
    PS the sink in the ladies room is broken, no running water – gross.

  4. we stop at BK# 2060 in Sandusky quite often. Enjoy the 10 piece nuggets and very affordable. But everytime we go in there it is a mess. The restrooms are fairly clean. But there is never any ketchup in dispenser.
    2. Today we had to have a table cleaned and we were the only ones in there. all tables were dirty and the floor, oh my.
    3. The cherry coke has leaked for weeks into every drink that you get but today was finally fixed.
    4. The kitchen!!! the floor is absolutely terrible. their was full orders of French fries all over the floor. one time we were there , raw hamburger patties all over the floor., Now that is big issue with the grease. the serving area is a mess where food is put up.
    5. windows, can barely see out any windows especially at drive thru.
    6. I have worked many years as waitress and managed them from the age of 14 to jpresent 67. When I started had a boss that said, you can lean , you can clean. today the one we asked to clean a table off for us, that is what she did one lousy table. then leaned back by the register and watching one pick up ff and jput new bag in trash can. She could not even wipe the counter off , and I did not put my purse up there.
    these conditions are terrible and no reason for it. Check with management or something . and everytime we have been in there which is about 1x or more a week, other people had to turn an order in cause they asked for no lettuce etc. they take the burger back and the cook actually took the lettuce off and sent it back out. He should not be touching it and it should never have been allowed to be back there with other food.
    If it were my store, there would be more training and an over haul if needed. Now the employees are very courteous I do need to say that.

  5. I just went to your http://www.mybkexperience.com site I tried to put in my info from my ticket and each time it rejected it. After the third time it said it will take my experience and use it. I wasn’t able to put in my rotten experience in, I just went there last night, so what type of scam is this, you want my experience but wouldnt take it, I gather you don’t want my experience so you don’t have to give me a free hamburger? Well, here it is anyway. I bought two of your new taco’s, and they were lousy. Hardly any lettice and sauce on them, They must have been sittihng for awhile, I was not able to bite into them they were so tough, I couldn’t even hardly tear them no lest eat them. I had to end up throwing them out. I used to eat a lot of Jack in the Box’s taco’s, they were good even when cold, your’s are so tough you wouldn’t dare even try to eat a cold one, Don’t know how they were hot, plus they had about 3 pieces of lettice in them and small piece of cheese, very unappatising look.

  6. For some reason my app requested for me to log in and I couldn’t remember my password so the cashier passed me on to another cashier. Long story short, purchased my order without coupon and the burger was not made the way I told the cashier and she was not friendly at all

  7. We tried the whopper LCM large fried and large drink.It cost 20.44 the fried were cold and the whopper didn’t taste good for either one of us .Todal waste of 20 dollars

  8. I guess just like the store I will never here back from any one at Burger King about this. You say to take a survey and give no way to do it . I don’t eat a Burger King and I thought I would try it. Well I’ll just go back to not eating there again

  9. I just came from store 7305 in Austinburg Ohio. What a mess! There wasn’t a clean table in the store. The floors were dirty also. The area for the beverages had soda spilled all around it. As we entered the store we noticed all the outside trash cans were full and overflowing. I’ve never been to a Burger King that was such a mess. I can only imagine what the restrooms were like. That is one Burger King I won’t go to again. I will also be sharing my experience with friends and family.

  10. Michelle at store 1559 on mount rose avenue does awesome job everyday I go there.Shes always on top of everthing.She makes sure ever customer is waited on and her employees are taken care of .She helps everyone .She runsthe front by herself everyday she works.Customers always talk to her.She always uses please and thank u to everyone including her employees and customers she never gets frustrated she just does her job.I never see any other manager do what she does the other ones just complain and show poor customer service.Michelle is great and she derserves more than a thank u.She is awesome.Anyway she gives her all when she there.THats the best service u can ask for/

  11. Visited 06445 this morning July 27th at 8:00AM Check # 182 … 2 sausage croissanwich and an order of hash browns.
    Customer area of store was NOT clean: dirty floor, table we sat at was dirty also. Cashier was obviously new and confused but overall pleasant. Line lead was attentive to her when she asked for guidance (ex. how to ring up a BOGO). Main complaint were the croissanwichs. Sausage patties were room temperature and tasted old. Croissant was room temperature.
    I’m in retail also and wanted you to know.
    Food I’ll give you a pass on — can’t bat 1.000 all the time but the dining area of the restaurant MUST be cleaned prior to close the night before. In my opinion, it wasn’t ~ or the morning cleaning crew had not gotten to it by 8AM.
    Thank you.
    Mr. Lee

  12. We Went to the Jackson, OH. We Ordered and went through the drive thru. We did not get everything we ordered. What we did get was almost burnt. Won’t be going back again. Don’t appreciate my money being stolen. I paid for items I did not recieve.

  13. I am not able to read the print on my receipt as the print ing is very smired and very tiny. I bought 4 of the new tacos. The shells were very hard and went into the trash. tride to heat up but no good. W orst BK food!!!

  14. I got lunch at the Lewiston Idaho store on 21st street, the guy at the drive thru was really nice and helpful, it was about 2:00 pm on the 27th 0f june. we got a receipt and tried to take the survey for a free whooper but there is no store number or at least I could not find it and also no survey code number to enter, was disappointed cause we really like the food.

  15. I traveled to the aquarium with my grandchildren today it was wonderful. We went to Burger King afterwards placed our orders waited 25 minutes before a manager came to our table and expedited our order. The fries, sandwiches were cold and the bun on mine was burnt(black). The fish and chicken were hard an dried out. I asked for another sandwich, fries that took 15 more minutes all they did was replace the bun and give me not fries. They gave terrible service worst BK I’ve ever visited.
    I tried to do survey there is no number listed. Store #06445

  16. I got a chicken parm sandwich it was over done, no sauce & no cheese. what a waste of money it was absolutely one of the worst sandwiches I’ve had in a long time.

  17. I would like to know why when I’ve been trying to do the survey for about 6 months now it always says that you have done your quota for this time period. It seems that you make the offer to get the bogo offer, but it is never available. What’s up. thank you for your time in this matter.

  18. I went to your store #17292 yesterday 6=3-19 !!! I really like your chicken parm sandwich and get them as often as I can , Yesterday we were going out and decided to go there instead of cook so I stopped to bring the food home a chicken parm and a chicken club salad !!! I opened it and gave her the club salad what there was of it !!!! looked like what someone coulden’t finish hard a hard tine to cover the bottom of the plate !!!!!! and the sandwich was a little over done !!!!! I tried to take your survey but it would not let me !!!! I do not think I will be back !!!!!! It really was a waste of money

  19. I love Burger King, one of my most favorite places and have been eating BK for years! Today I had one of the worst sandwiches ever! I ordered a BK fish sandwich which was so over done I had a hard time trying to chew it, ended up throwing half of it away, thank goodness I had fries and a milkshake to help fill me up. Had I lived closer I would have immediately taken it back and asked for another one. I tried to take the survey but the ink was so bad on the receipt that I couldn’t read the numbers they asked for. Will definitely tell them the next time I am in BK, very disappointing.

  20. I tried to complete your survey due to extremely poor service I received on my last visit. I received a message after entering survey code that the survey cycle had ended! Poor customer service given by the individuals in charge of improving customer service!?!
    You have a long way to go.

  21. I went through the drive thru nobody behind me but I &2customers we’re told to drive around front to p/u so we did when I got my food was leaving and your employee flipped me off!went &Got manager richard.burger king #2239

  22. we visited your store today store no 15194 at 4738 colonial blvd ft myer fl. my slip has no survey code on it to take survey. the date is 4-9-2019 at 11;19 am I would like you to know this place is a shithole the booths were all dirty floor was unmoped food all over. we waited in line for 15 minutes to get our food, 2 whoppers, fries, nuggets,2 drinks nothing was even warm how can food be not hot after waiting 15 minutes. this would be a great place to open up a restaurant. this place needs help big time. thank you john Metcalf

  23. We live in time people don’t care been cleand “” this Burger King. Need to be close ‘ is so derty the windows so Derty can’t look outside ‘the floors look so stike never mapped ‘ get the house out cleand ‘ the front door ‘ I never go there again ‘ my family . Or friends. Tell the take shower before go work descasting

  24. is it that you only want us to bee customers every 14 days ? that how often we can do customer survey? all other restaurants we can do the survey with every visit. just wondering.

  25. Tuesday, December 11, 2018

    I want to report this morning incident at your store located at 972 El Camino Real, South SF.
    I have been your customer for the last over 10 years and I always buy breakfast sandwiches.
    This girl by the name of Maria who claims that she is the store manager has very bad attitude.
    First, she tried to charge me double price and I pointed out the coupon says $4. She corrected but when I pick up larger coffee cup, she says she will charge for that. I needed that for water.
    She didn’t treat a customer as customer.
    This girl, Maria, gave me another bad experience before.
    Please change the store manager.
    I will wait for your response.

    1. I tryid the survey and there is NO bar code at the bottom of the recite i think they tear it off before they give you the recite Also I cannot get this survey to go to were it is suppose to,also we go the the only Burger King were in largo on Missouri Ave. Now would you tell the people that check the people out at Burger King to leave the survey code on the bottom the of recite so people can fill out the survey and the get a FREE burger.Judy in Florida

  26. I visited b.k. 2537 on nov. 27, and tried to take the survey on dec. 3. the response read they had already filled their requirement for that period. that was pretty fast filling. how many surveys are filled each mo. for every b.k.

  27. on Dec. 02 at BK#11950 in Oneonta, AL, it took 25 min. to get my order, there was no diet coke, and no unsweet tea , no water to Flush urinal in mens r/room,, there is no survey code on my receipt! Guess you can understand why!! Will not be back!!!

  28. Why is the restaurant still printing the survey on the receipt, when in fact it is no longer open. You should update your system to remove that survey notice on the receipt. That is a misleading information that could be a subject for a lawsuit.

  29. Your NEW Philly Cheese Sandwich – where’s the Philly part? I got blotch of grilled onions, in the center of the sandwich – I mean – really? Not even a half teaspoon! I was a Foodservice Manager for over 30 years, mostly in the Army where I earned an Army Commendation Medal for excellence in food management – that Philly Cheese Sandwich was a disgrace! Albeit the “BITE” that had the onion was good… I’d have the person that made the sandwich, watch the advertisement playing on the serving line, to see what the customer is ordering. Making a profit is all well and good… to chase away customers from bad service is really bad. Oh yes, for part of my 30 years as a Food Service/Restaurant Manager, a few years was with AAFES/Burger King, on Army Bases, Fort McClellan, AL.

  30. Was not able to take survey because the survey # was not on the reciept. After my unfortunate service in the drive thru I had to go inside and retreive my reciept. No survey number! I asked for my sandwich to be cut in half and her response was I will take care of that I will give you a knife.
    I can’t cut a whoper in my car with a plastic knife. Just Rude!
    Store # 10338
    Emplyee Tammy
    order# 420

  31. piss poor service, I shouldn’t have to load your shit to my computer to take a survey, 25minutes to get order that was wrong and only half there, no straws, floor dirty i’ll never go and spend 20.00 in this place again

  32. I went yesterday to the 4921 BK. I got the chicken tenders for the first time and they were dried up and not fresh! I went thru the drive thru so I was not about to go back. also don’t you have sauce to give with it? the girl didn’t ask and I had to ask for my food that was just sitting there because she was talking really if your advertising something new at least make sure its good?

  33. No Survey number on receipt. BUT I just have to tell about what happen at this location. I ordered ULT Platter, which I have been buying for years. There are two BK ‘s in our area and I won’t be back to this one. The Manager, Valerie, there are only one piece of egg in the pack,one sausage and one biscuit and the pancakes. I told her to look at the picture . She told me that it is a folded piece of egg, only one piece. She telling her staff how stupid I was , and she had some nerve, to do this in front of me. I told her I was going to report her. She laughed. The stories at 1092 W. Henderson Ave. Porterville, Ca.93257, 559-781-7315, store 3383 . I am telling everyone not to go to this store, and what to expect. There is another store to go to. What else are they cheating the people. They do not care there. DOES BK?

  34. What if I can’t read the survey code because it didn’t print correctly? I would still like to make comments.

  35. The code wasn’t on the receipt…Not pleased…The food was terrible…Beyond description…People were nice,place was dirty,especially the bathrooms!!! Been there b4 and never was it like this,should tear it down and build a new one like down in Glenshaw!!! Very disappointed!!!

  36. As always since I was a little boy, I enjoyed BK the flame broil burger and the service, keep up the great work.

  37. I have tryed to put my Information for the survey two different way but it’s not allowing my to go any further I would love to do this survey but unfortunately I am not able to

  38. Would not let me take survey gave me the following:Thank you for your interest in the Burger King guest satisfaction survey. Unfortunately, we have completed our data collection for this period. We value your feedback and hope to include your opinion in the next survey cycle; one survey may be completed per household in a 14 day period. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you the next time you visit Burger King.

  39. I have visited your restaurant (7193)..several times (drive thur)…and usually the cashiers are friendly, courteous, and greet you with a smile. But the last 2 or 3 times it was not the case. The cashier (Laprisha) was rude, didn’t smile or greet me, just acting like I was getting on her nerves. She is never pleasant, if I knew she was the one working the window, I would definitely come in…but I am usually on the go….just hope she isn’t treating all your customers that way.

  40. No code for survey…I was overcharged 10 cents on my bacon cheeseburger (10 cents more than the menu board said) plus they said they didn’t sell tacos when they were on the menu board. The person in charge was fairly rude when I asked for my 10 cents. Terrible attitude by the MANAGER – not the cashier!

    1. I am having the same experience with our Burger King in Whitmore Lake,Michigan…Our orders were not what we wanted and it was cold andburnt…Rude people…across the street was McDonalds…they were lined up..I should have gone there!

  41. We bought 2 chicken sandwiches at Burger King #9327 July 26 and they were over cooked. We had bought chicken sandwiches 3 times before. The first one was good but after that, they were over cooked. We asked if they would not over cook the last one, we were told the machine was set and they couldn’t change it. We couldn’t eat all the sandwich we bought on the 26 of July because they were almost burnt , no white meat in middle , it was dry and stringy. We will not go back and will tell all our friends not to go. Burger King needs to satisfy their customers or loose them and more.

  42. On my way to the hairdressers and stopped by BK#1504 and picked their special to share. Could I have been more embarressed. Order 53. Both the cheese and bacon burger were so dried out. Why would you want survey’s which could correct issues if this happens often. No I don’t every time something happens get bent out of shape and rant , but I have had enough of this particular one because it’s not always the same issue.

    1. will never go to one again…always the same…bad..bad food, bad help and dirty place…why are they even still open???

  43. Hello everyone, just heads up on Woonsocket ri burger King.store #4654 They are employing a thief.a women named passion,seen me n my Diabled son on bus. N watched mE forget my wallet with everything that he’s need for doctors,transpertaion.rtc..500$ cash n gift card’s. .I’m deeply sickened by this action cause, 10 min.after I left bus I relized.it was on bus,she sat in uniform of bk.knowing ur doing something awfully wrong. Outside that. Laughing. While I’m on phone with cops..yes ,I’m blessed but this awful person still employment with bk..I will go too posting police reports n I’m no longer intrested in ever eating there ,again..these people know me n my son. She’s no stranger too law.also,the manager there, also performed professionaly. Well I’ll post until justice is served. Amen outside that I told 4 passengers on bus too keep money ,pleading too give me his medical stuff..he’s suffers from sezuires.5xs a day..I’m sick.knowing this evil lives n no humanity for a kid,they’ve served food for year’s. .respectfully that’s a worker that will steal from customers.

  44. Hello everyone, just heads up on Woonsocket ri burger King. They are employing a thief.a women named passion seen me n my Diabled son on bus. N watched NE forget my wallet with everything he’s need fir doctors,transpertaion.rtc..500$ cash n gift card’s. .I’m deeply sickened by this action cause, 10 min.after I left bus I relized.it was on bus,she sat in uniform of bk.knowing ur doing something awfully wrong. Outside that. Laughing. While I’m on phone with cops..yes ,I’m blessed but this awful person still employment with bk..I will go too posting police reports n I’m no longer intrEstee in ever eating there again..these people know me n my son. She’s no stranger too law.also,the manager there, also performed professionaly. Well I’ll post until justice is served. Amen

  45. I Don’t even have my receipt I went to the burger king on 1490 Sw 8th St in Boynton Beach fl33426 the young lady at the window was very rude when I got my food the food look like they just threw it in the bag not to mention they forgot some of my food when I went back to get my food she had a attitude I treated her with nothing but kindness and still got treated like a dog it’s not right I spent 22dallors at Burger King to receive this kind of service I want be back there

  46. Did not give me a receipt…but worst breakfast I have had in a long time….4/23/2018 ,9:12am… Burger King#12297.. order#383..got the information from the FC Expo printers receipt,on my tray….4 customer’s in dining area,2 people came through the drive thru,I waited 10 minutes before the cashier said No more biscuits, paid $ 13.11 for 2 Biscuits and gravy combo’s an 2sasage biscuits….the hash browns we’re Old an cold….,1 biscuit an gravy barely had any gravy over the biscuits,..one was watered down could not give me two sausage biscuits had to put the sausage on croissants for the other two biscuits very disappointing,.. ask for my money back and she said it would be a minute before she could get me my money back took another order never said a word to me and I told her just to put the sausage on croissants so we could go because we had to leave we had appointment at 10 and I got there at 9 very very disappointing terrible terrible the whole experience was terrible… So that’s why I’m writing this comment it’s the store right off of 70 Wilkerson Knightstown exit do not go there

  47. Survey did not work. Could not get past 1st page. This is false advertisement. Please fix your website or discontinue offering the free whopper.

    1. I got all the way thru from first page thru the validation code page, so the survey works, maybe you clicked on the wrong link.

  48. After several attempts to do the survey, It keeps saying I was done . Have tried several times with different receipts ,and they all end up the same! VERY DISSATISFIED that I couldn’t receive my free sandwiches!!!

  49. I have never completed the survey, but it is saying I used all my attempts. My receipt is so light it is hard to read.

    1. A couple comments:
      1) There is a sign on the trash can to not throw your receipt away, so that shouldn’t have been an excuse.
      2) I had no problem accessing the Burger King survey, the person, may have tried to click on the wrong link on the survey home page…… I work in retail, so I know that if something doesn’t work right the first time, they will NOT try to figure out what happened, that is it they are DONE.
      3) Yes, there Was a code around the middle of the survey.
      4)People NEED MORE patience.

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