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Hungry Jack’s Customer Survey (

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Hungry Jack's is currently inviting customers to complete a customer satisfaction survey. An invitation to the survey is currently being printed on select receipts.

About the Survey:

The survey is located at

This is a customer satisfaction survey, meaning it's goal is to gain knowledge and insight into how customers view their experience during their recent visit to Hungry Jack's.

Rewards or "prizes" are often given for completing customer surveys such as this (check your receipt for details). This is what I like to call a "Survey Reward".

"Survey Rewards" are given to you as an incentive to give your valuable feedback as a customer.

If your receipt states that there is a reward (such as a free coupon, or sweepstakes entry) getting your free Survey Reward is simple.

Getting started with

Here's what you need to do to complete the Hungry Jack's Survey (located at and redeem the offer printed on your receipt:

  1. To get started, visit
  2. Read over the quick and easy instructions
  3. Make sure you have your receipt in hand
  4. Click "Start Survey" to begin

Enter Survey

Hungry Jack’s is now looking for customer feedback, and they want to reward you for it. Take the My Hungry Jack’s Experience Survey and tell them what you think about your last visit there. You will receive a discount on your next order just for telling them what you think. It’s definitely worth time few minutes it takes to do the survey IMO.

How to get rewarded for your opinions about Hungry Jack’s:

  1. A recent Hungry Jack’s receipt is required for this survey
  2. Visit to get going
  3. Enter the survey code printed on the front of your receipt
  4. Select the time of your visit (as printed on your receipt)
  5. Click “Start” to begin the survey
  6. Follow the directions and answer each question with your honest opinions
  7. Upon completion, you will receive either a validation code, or a coupon – redeemable for the offer printed on your receipt on your next visit to Hungry Jack’s

Ready to Speak Your Mind?

15 thoughts on “Hungry Jack’s Customer Survey (”

  1. Lesley Muller

    Ordered waited waited waited drinks came to bench staff making up an order waited waited coffee came out waited waited waited x 10 bags came to counter. Given to a customer who ordered well after us and others WE WERE BUMPED!!!!!!! waited waited waited x 100 another lady got her order waited waited x10 our bags came out. Asked for order to be checked so all there as I didnt want to have to return. Checked by girl and confirmed. A few minutes drive home to find icecreams missing. Chips very cold burgers sloppy and not very warm. NOT IMPRESSED. MACAS NEXT TIME AND ALWAYS FROM NOW ON.

  2. I visited your Bunker Hill store on 9:27 PM on 09/03/2019 and was not only subjected to to the most ordinary and tasteless Burger I have ever eaten,also the same opinion was given by the customer before me, My order number was 846, Then I made the biggest mistake I visited the toilet, It was the worst experience I have ever encountered, it was filthy, smelt putrid, It smelt worse than anything I have ever experienced I would say it had not been cleaned in weeks or somebody died in there, We hurriedly left before I was sick as all I could think of was what is their hygiene in the kitchen like.
    Two lost customers forever. Don Ross

  3. 6.21pm 22/01/2019 19012234670460 pUrchased 2aussie burgers &fries. Wyoming store live 5min away the burgers were stone cold put in microwave wave each for 30 sec. these burgers were pre cooked taken out of fridge and given to me The wrappings were cold and salad was dead buns extra cold. The experience was lousy. Want to be compensated

  4. richard krasowski

    This is absolutely crap Hungry Jacks! All I wanted was to complete your stupid survey & claim burger & drinks but on 2 attempts, I get lumbered with survey after survey on everything , but HJ & so fuck your HJ survey & you know where to stick your free burger & drink!

  5. Deane Branson

    Hungry Jacks Belmont Vic Australia.
    Order meal which comes with pikelets. No pikelets, out of stock was not told. Store added extra hash brown. Hash browns old – obviously standing for a long time. Cappachinos ordered were less than half a cup, mostly froth, and cafe latte rather than what was ordered. Upon entering the store, no staff until another customer yelled out “shop” and eventually someone called Ali came to the counter. Some customers had already left.
    Awful experience.

  6. 2 April 2018 at 12.34pm Order 170, HJ Parkmore, order Ultimate Angus bacon and cheese meal deal for $15.25. First, the chips were too salty and the other there was no BACON in the burger, what do I expect from child labor.

  7. Barbara Dryden

    Went to HJ’s in Falcon. I ordered a 2 for 1 Extra Long Chicken Burger take away. I asked to have them in portions. When I got home (about 7 minutes away) I discovered that they were not in portions, the rolls were not fresh, the small amount of lettuce was wilted and there was hardly any mayo. The chicken patty was rock hard and very over cooked. I tried to squeeze the chicken but couldn’t as the chicken was too hard. After two bites I gave up And got something else to eat. I don’t know how long the burgers were in the warmer- at least a couple of hours. Then into the microwave they went – rolls, chicken patties, lettuce and mayo.
    I think HJ’s need to up grade their training for their staff.
    Next time I want a chicken roll I will be going to Subway. For about an extra dollar I could get a fresh chicken and salad roll that is made right in front of me.

  8. whopper junior meal, whopper was warm not hot, open wrapper sauce and mayo overload its dripped out everywhere, the new chips overcooked and dry, bring back the old chips much better, i have had many whooper junior meals and maybe 1 out of 5 was ok, the new chips i have yet to have a good experience with them

  9. James G Montague

    1-706-013-551-0290 HJ Lakeview. 01-06-2017
    Cheeseburger was only warm, had to send fries back because they were cold.
    HJ burgers are better than Mac’s if fresh. Unfortunately, it’s hard to get fresh from HJ.

  10. Why are the burgers always cold. I have tried 6 times at different stores and got the same results. Being cold makes them disgusting.

  11. Michael Cleary

    We have tried to connect without any success to enter the £200 vouchers game.

    I note that others have complained too

    I suggest that you employ me to sort your problems out. !!!!

    Michael C
    TN34 3HD

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