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Your opinions help create better customer experience in the future, for you and others.

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Your honest answers to survey questions is important for improving customer experience.

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Your timely feedback is important to have your recent customer experience fresh in your mind.

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Your feedback (good or bad) is very important for future improvements with customer service.

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Newk’s Eatery Customer Survey (

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Newk's Eatery is currently inviting customers to complete a customer satisfaction survey. An invitation to the survey is currently being printed on select receipts.

About the Survey:

The survey is located at

This is a customer satisfaction survey, meaning it's goal is to gain knowledge and insight into how customers view their experience during their recent visit to Newk's Eatery.

Rewards or "prizes" are often given for completing customer surveys such as this (check your receipt for details). This is what I like to call a "Survey Reward".

"Survey Rewards" are given to you as an incentive to give your valuable feedback as a customer.

If your receipt states that there is a reward (such as a free coupon, or sweepstakes entry) getting your free Survey Reward is simple.

Getting started with

Here's what you need to do to complete the Newk's Eatery Survey (located at and redeem the offer printed on your receipt:

  1. To get started, visit
  2. Read over the quick and easy instructions
  3. Make sure you have your receipt in hand
  4. Click "Start Survey" to begin

Enter Survey

Newk’s says “Great food is our passion”. I believe that, and I also believe this – they want your feedback, and they are willing to reward you for it with a savings coupon on your next purchase! All you need to do is complete their Guest Satisfaction Survey and enjoy your discount during your next visit to Newk’s.

Here’s how to give your opinions to Newk’s and get your discount:

  1. Make sure you have a Newk’s receipt or survey invitation handy
  2. Visit to access the survey
  3. Enter your 16 digit survey code printed at the bottom of your receipt/invitation
  4. Complete the survey, being as honest as possible (they don’t want lies)
  5. After the survey you will be rewarded with instructions on how to redeem the offer printed on your survey invitation
  6. Visit Newk’s again in the future, and enjoy the savings!

Ready to Speak Your Mind?

18 thoughts on “Newk’s Eatery Customer Survey (”

  1. Went to the Gainesville location 1/27 and 2/10 was given a little card with my receipt both times and cashier told me to go online and do a survey for a $5.00 off next visit. First question is to enter the 16 digit # on my receipt into the survey, there is NO 16 digit on my receipt from 1/27 or 2/10/2020 is the cashier not giving customers the correct receipt?

  2. Kathryn Lindgren

    I was at Newks today on 01-17-2020 at 1:28 PM. I ordered a Newks club sandwich and fresh fruit to go.
    I got home and opened the container for the sandwich and it was missing the lettuce, tomato, and the honey mustard.
    I will say your sandwiches are very good. Please have your people check and make sure everything is on the sandwich that is supposed to be.
    Thank you for listening,
    Kathryn Lindgren

  3. I didn’t get a survey opportunity today so I’m commenting here. I have loved Newk’s and finally convinced my husband to love it too! However, the store in opelika al needs a little attention. We came in at 3 pm and there was not a single clean booth. Every one had crumbs, sticky or some food residue on them. Husband ordered soup and was given plastic spoon. Asked for real one and was told they were out but could roll some. Five minutes and still no silverware.
    Empty cracker wrappers, drink lids and pickles on the floor. Food is great – we are still in store —- and two girls at register on phones sitting in booth directly behind order counter.

  4. My receipt doesn’t work. Can’t finish my number. So u save lots of money that way. Just act like ur giving us something

  5. I tried to do your survey. Your instructions said to enter the 16-digit code, but my receipt has a 13-digit code and was not accepted. I am very disappointed that you make an offer but make it impossible to take advantage of the offer.

  6. Dottie San Juan

    Filled survey questions except for year born. Year stopped at 1940. You have guests that are born after 1940.

  7. David Nystrom

    This was our first visit to Newk’s in Montgomery, Alabama. After a friendly greeting we placed our order. Our order was served very fast and the food was delicious. The staff was very nice and we enjoyed a wonderful meal. We will certainly go again and again. Price was very reasonable.

  8. Food is always fresh and good! Eating in or take out the service is always good as well.
    We love you Newks!!

  9. We have been enjoying the opportunity of eating at Newks for the last two and a half years since moving here from a very small town that didn’t have very many places to eat. We have never been disappointed in any of the selections that Newks offers. We try to eat there at least once every week. Great selection and excellent service.

  10. We were tire and hungry the other day. But did not know where to go eat and unwind for a few minutes. We saw several different eating places, and decided to choose something different for a change. We ordered a soup and a sandwich. We both loved the soup, I believe it was lobster and corn chowder, with a Italian sandwich. The service was great also. I think we found a new place to visit.

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