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TGI Fridays Customer Survey (

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TGI Fridays is currently inviting customers to complete a customer satisfaction survey. An invitation to the survey is currently being printed on select receipts.

About the Survey:

The survey is located at

This is a customer satisfaction survey, meaning it's goal is to gain knowledge and insight into how customers view their experience during their recent visit to TGI Fridays.

Rewards or "prizes" are often given for completing customer surveys such as this (check your receipt for details). This is what I like to call a "Survey Reward".

"Survey Rewards" are given to you as an incentive to give your valuable feedback as a customer.

If your receipt states that there is a reward (such as a free coupon, or sweepstakes entry) getting your free Survey Reward is simple.

Getting started with

Here's what you need to do to complete the TGI Fridays Survey (located at and redeem the offer printed on your receipt:

  1. To get started, visit
  2. Read over the quick and easy instructions
  3. Make sure you have your receipt in hand
  4. Click "Start Survey" to begin

Enter Survey

I love TGI Fridays, my favorite thing there is their crispy chicken strips, they are delicious. When I heard they were offering discount coupons just for completing a short survey about your visit there, I jumped at the chance.

Here’s what to do to get your discount coupon for Fridays: Have your recent receipt handy, visit, enter the survey code printed on your receipt, enter the time of your visit which is printed on your receipt, and click “Start”.

Just complete the survey by reflecting on your last visit to TGI Fridays, and upon completion you will be rewarded with a coupon for savings on your next visit.

Ready to Speak Your Mind?

23 thoughts on “TGI Fridays Customer Survey (”

  1. Ate at FRidays 1101. took by brother and sister in law for some good food. Had the worst time I ever had at a FRidays. waited forever to get waited on. Then waited for ever for our food and drinks. Other people who came in got their food before ours. Asked to have our salads first. REFUSED to do it. our salads came out with our food. waitress took forever for everthing. Kept dissapearing. when we looked for her could not find her. waited 20 minutes for a refill for a drink. my brother asked for endless apps. he got his chicken wings but did not have sauce on it, dry, then wanted mozzerella sticks. got those finally. asked for more chicken wings. it didn’t come until we had to get ready to leave. they were more worried about the table who came in after us. they didn’t wait for their food!!!! worst experience ever. tried to do your survey. it wouldn’t work. 1101 restaurant. aug 21. 2019 at 6:08 because it took TWO hours to get our food.

  2. Went to TGI FRIDAYS for the first time anywhere. Stopped in at the Largo, MD one. Said it was going to be a 20 to 25 minute wait. Not bad I thought. When they came and got us 25 minutes later half the restaurant was empty. Sever came over quickly took our drink order. Came with drinks then took our food order. We waited another half our for food. Everyone’s food except one persons. They said it would be a few minutes more. We all got done with our food and was still waiting for one in our party to get his food . We asked about it many times. We paid our bill and was going to leave. We was still waiting for our food for our friend. The Manager came out an our after we ordered and said he was going to get our food. 3 minutes later he brought it out. The 2 hours we were in the restaurant the music was put on some sort of speaker system that increased the sound and was so load I thought it was a Bar.. if this is how you run a restaurant I will definitely not be back.

  3. My party dined at FRIDAYS #2633 @ 5:27PM on Friday, April 26, 2019; as we always do when we are staying near the Orlando INTL Airport (*** at least a dozen times over the past 10 years ***) … I attempted to respond to a survey within 24 hours (@ 12:40PM, Sunday, April 28, 2019) … YOUR readout stated that the survey is NO LONGER AVAILABLE …. Why Not !!! Having been a longtime REWARDS member for years, I expect proper information regarding this ( as well as the other patrons who were at #2633 at the same time …. Thank you !

  4. We had an early dinner today at Fridays in Hauppauge, NY
    Of course we ordered ribs – two orders as I have Fridays Bonus points. The meals were delicious.We had a server #530 Vishvas. He was taking orders and delivered to other tables. He was probably one of two . He was unbelievable at his job. Of course we tipped him generously. I’m afraid the management will burn this terrific employee out. Taking advantage of him. He was in charge. Touche’ to Vishvas. You know, I worked in retail many years and valuable employees should be respected and not taken advantage of. Fridays management, your food was delicious for sure. Take good care of your workers too.

  5. Recently had dinner at Friday’s in Metairie, LA. I had always enjoyed the rib dinner with fries and coleslaw, but this time was very disappointed. The menu has changed since my last visit there, and evidently so has the cook and method of preparing the food. My husband was not pleased with his dinner, as well. I will not make a return visit.

  6. Lawrence Dukes

    I dined in your restaurant on May 20, 2018. Store #2473 I was charged for the drink French Smash but my guest only got the Hurricane, she switche from the French Smash to the Hurricane. I called a few days later and spoke with a manager by the name of Laquavis. He assured me that because I mentioned it in the survey that I would be reimbursed. I have not yet been reimbursed. I have called twice since then and left messages for him to give me a call. I have not heard anything.

  7. Ordered on phone! Got home and my order was wrong! Too far to return! Food was cold! Location is normally very good service! Had to pay cash computer s were down! Very unhappy!

  8. Enjoyed a well cooked steak along with excellent service. Server was very nice with a pleasing smile when talking to us. Orders were served without excessive waiting and bill presented without long waiting.

  9. I love tgifridays, i have been going there for many years now, since they first opened up here in Dickson city,Pa. Whenever i travel i always choose t.g.i.fridays, I’ve been in one in Georgia,New York, Scranton/Dickson city and Allentown, Pa. I love their Jack Daniels burgers, their mashed potatoes and brownie obsession and whisky cake. good environment and fun times.

  10. My husband and myself love coming to the Fridays in Oakwood Plaza, Hollywood Florida. We are always greeted with a big hello and smiles. We sit in the bar area mostly. The servers are great, always greeted by a manager and get great food. We bring friends and family for good food and happy atmosphere

  11. My former co-workers get together for our birthdays. We have been doing this for the past 20 years. Holly was our server at the Towson, MD TGIF and she was simply WONDERFUL! Our ages range from 53-80 years old and everyone one of us could not give her enough praise. I asked her to send the manager/supervisor over so that I could tell him/her personally what a fantastic, excellent customer service she delivered. We hope to get her again or we will at least request Holly again. She was such a delightful , respectable young lady.

  12. The food was great expected time of service.
    did not like the lady taking her down and putting it up again. she had long hair and was standing over the area where she picked up orders.

    Staff was talking all the time in the area between bar and pick up area very loud and it seemed way too many people back there. Thank you

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