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www.talktowendys.com – Wendy’s Customer Survey (START NOW)

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Wendy's is currently inviting customers to complete a customer satisfaction survey. An invitation to the survey is currently being printed on select receipts.

About the Survey: www.talktowendys.com

The survey is located at www.talktowendys.com

This is a customer satisfaction survey, meaning it's goal is to gain knowledge and insight into how customers view their experience during their recent visit to Wendy's.

Rewards or "prizes" are often given for completing customer surveys such as this (check your receipt for details). This is what I like to call a "Survey Reward".

"Survey Rewards" are given to you as an incentive to give your valuable feedback as a customer.

If your receipt states that there is a reward (such as a free coupon, or sweepstakes entry) getting your free Survey Reward is simple.

Getting started with www.talktowendys.com

Here's what you need to do to complete the Wendy's Survey (located at www.talktowendys.com) and redeem the offer printed on your receipt:

  1. To get started, visit www.talktowendys.com
  2. Read over the quick and easy instructions
  3. Make sure you have your receipt in hand
  4. Click "Start Survey" to begin

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Wendy’s is seeking customer feedback! As of this writing (this could change) they are even offering a free coupon for a BOGO sandwich in exchange for your opinion!

How to take the TalkToWendys.com survey:

  1. Make a purchase at Wendy’s
  2. Have your receipt handy
  3. Visit www.talktowendys.com to get started
  4. Enter the “Restaurant Number” from your receipt
  5. Enter the “Date of Visit”
  6. Enter “Time of Visit”
  7. Click the “Start” button to start the survey
  8. Answer the questions with your honest opinions
  9. Upon completion, you will be instructed how to get your free prize.
  10. Follow the instructions to get your prize and enjoy!

Ready to Speak Your Mind?

66 thoughts on “www.talktowendys.com – Wendy’s Customer Survey (START NOW)”

  1. I go to the wendy’s on Violet Rd. in Crittenden, Ky. If you order a fish sandwich you always have to wait 15 minutes for the fish. I go to the one in Florence, Ky and never have to wait for the fish sandwich.
    Needless to say, I don’t wait 15 minutes in Crittenden. I go to McDonalds even though I don’t like theirs as much as I like the fish at Wendy’s.

  2. My husband purchased 2 of the Berry Burst Salads, store#00000708 @ 5:13pm. After a 50 min drive home, we both open our salads to “BARELY ANY BERRIES”. It was as if they took one small strawberry and diced it as many times that they could….. I am not naive to think my salad would look like the picture on the website, but it should look a hole lot better this. I called and complained & of course they want you to come right back in….SERIOUSLY…..? Drive back 50 minutes for salads? We purchase these several times a week& this is my third full salad that was disappointing. This is NOT rocket science, but people need to take pride in there work, no matter what you are doing. I spoke with the manager Yvonne & she said she would replace these, but this is my third complaint….she made me feel like we were lying about this & she said in the future we should check them before we leave the restaurant……..SERIOUSLY? That is her job! My husband works 12 hour days, goes through drive thru & should then have to pull over, pull off the chicken to check to see if we received a fair amount of fruit, along with the right mix of lettuce? Sometimes we are lucky if we receive a decent mix of the salad. My complaint with my salad last week was 75% iceberg lettuce, that was starting to brown, with 25% deep greens, mixed on top. Maybe we should drive the extra 5 min & go to Panera Bread, where the salads are a bit more, but they are consistent.

  3. Bill Ellington

    7/17/2019, 12:04 Wendy’s #2043, Gonzales, LA
    Ticket #20034
    Host: Landry

    Landry is a professional manager in the making. His mission focus, delivery and follow-up is exceptional. I believe Mr. Dave would be very proud of how this fine young man represents Wendy’s.

    Thank you,

    Bill Ellington, 608 Tanglewood Dr., Alexandria, LA 71303

  4. Hello it’s June 21 2019
    We could not do the survey because they didn’t give us a receipt. We waited in the drive thru line for 30 mins. We order a combo plain cheese burger with just ketchup. and a jr cheese burger. However, they didn’t prepare the meal as ordered.. The worst part was the meal was cold. It was the worst Wendy’s experience we have ever had. Evem the fries were cold and greasy. Sorry for the complaint but we had to throw away the food because it was that cold.

  5. Karen Hoegger

    Went to Pontiac Illinois Wendys. It was the worst. First no Ice for warm drinks, the fries were soaked with grease, and the burger bun was greasy . The lettuce, tomato, and onion were not fresh…..Worst ever

  6. Comment on Wendy’s restaurant in Collierville Tn at 714 poplar Avenue.
    Went there today the place was disgusting and extremely dirty. Ceiling had at least 50 flies just stuck to the ceiling, trash cans had food and ketchup everywhere the floor was slick with grease. Most of all the workers were loud and not dressed as they should be in CLEAN uniforms. Even the outside of this restaurant needs work! The first thing you see is a faded 25 year old Wendy’s sign this was my first clue that the inside was probably just as bad as the sign outside. Bottom line is this restaurant needs a lot of work in management and employee training, You could offer me 20 free meals at this Wendy’s and I would refuse it really is that bad.

    Thank you.

  7. jeanette holt

    We visited Wendys in Savannah Tn today and it was terrible .all the tables were dirty ,cold french fries and no catsup in the machine. We also had to wait for a Frosty and when they came out they were like drinking milk.I have to say they did bring us new fries that were hot. I have been eating at Wendys for a lot years and this was the worse that i had ever seen. questioning if i will eat there again.
    Thank You
    5:00 Pm

  8. This is a new Wendy’s Restaurant in Oberlin,Ohio 44074. Shelly the manager is always polite and professional and always helping her staff. a very hard worker. Shelly and one of her employees stand out every time I visit for lunch and her name is Jazzmin . Jazzmin is a very hardworking,polite and the way she interacts with people is something to behold. if you want great food and service to match this is the place to go. Don

  9. We love Wendys but have had a negative experience on customer service twice in a row. Location: Wendy’s #00001507. Date: 5/11/19. Ordered two salads and a lemonade for a dine-in. After 20 minutes and two inquiries we were served salads that were different that what we ordered. This experience reminded us that a similar thing had happened the previous time we visited this specific restaurant. The food was very good, the service was not good. We will continue to go to Wendy’s but will not be back to restaurant # 00001507 at 490 NE Burnside Rd in Gresham. OR.

  10. Amber Peterson

    I ordered 4 items, 3 were wrong 2 wraps didn’t have cheese and I ordered a chicken sandwich and got home it was a plain cheeseburger. The only item correct was a salad. I received no receipt to take the “survey”

  11. On a couple of occasions I was pleased to contribute to your “I Love Adoption”
    Wonderful Adoption program, and was given a 2019 key tag for a Jr. Frosty for each transaction. I have been told twice that no Jr. frosty is included with my purchase of either a Wendy’s burger or salad.
    Why give the key tag if it only applies to certain purchases?
    Very disappointing experience! Some of my friends with me, agreed that the key tag is very misleading (free Jr. frosty). A person does not get a free Jr. frosty with each purchase. I was refused twice because my purchase did not qualify for the Jr. frosty.
    Recommend that any person who shows a current key tag, may have a Jr. frosty with any purchase.
    Location: Wendy’s Restaurant ….London Rd. Sarnia On. N7S 1P4 #00006360

  12. Wendy’s in Loveland Colorado 1519 W. Eisenhower Restaurant # 00003789 Is the Best the Hamburgers and fries are always hot and delicious Jessica and the staff are always friendly and very respectful and professional the Restaurant is always very clean this Wendy’s Restaurant gets 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  13. Hough Kohlmann

    Edmond, OK Location on S. Broadway. Local businessman. 34 years in business with critique meant to be constructive. Store just NOT easy to do business with.
    Numerous Times we have been unable to order as they have run out of fish! and other items! Sack missing straws, napkins, etc. Kids ball team order could not be made as no one answers phone.
    Answers to questions vary … depends on which person you ask!
    Price on drive-thru menu board WRONG.
    I am describing a store that is not managed and this is on-going for many MONTHS!

  14. cheririchter57@yahoo.com

    My husband visited your State Street Wendy’s, Saginaw, Mi in March 27, 2019, approximately 1:30 pm. He was berated by the cashier when ordering his sandwich for not telling her had a coupon, though the full page was clearly in his hand, next she berated him for not letting her know quickly enough how he wanted his sandwich made. The cashier was very unpleasant. Most of the staff were not wearing name tags. At least 6 staff members behind the counter were not wearing hats, these are health department issues. My husband is 63 years old and has health issues that make ordering sometimes difficult. He also ran a Wendy’s for 25 plus years so he does know the process. The the store manager was the best representative in the store, her appearance, uniform and attitude with customers was outstanding. Sad to say the rest of her staff doesn’t follow her example. Cheri Richter

  15. I visited the wendys on 1101 riley street and I must say I was very impressed with the service and quality of the food excellent place to eat 100%.

  16. I had lunch on 11/21/2018 at Wendy’s at 1101 riley st in Folsom california and it was awesome the food was delicious and the service was amazing

  17. I visited the wendys on 348 n sunrise in Roseville California I purchased a dave single and it was fresh and hot the taste was amazing the best burger I have ever had and the resteruant was really nice and clean 100% on a scale of 10 they get a perfect 10 two thumbs up

  18. My husband and I went to Wendys Sunday On Towsen Ave in Ft. Smith Ark..the workers in the kitchen were NOT wearing gloves… it will be our last trip there,,, and I will be turning them in to the health dept.

  19. i was in wendys on 9/ 17 /18 placed my order and i needed help with my tray . because i chould not carry it . so the manger carrered it to my table for me . that was nice of her . when i got ready to leave . the guy cleaning tables cleared the the table for me and ask if there was .anything he chould help me with . how was my food .please come again . that was so nice of them

  20. wendys in Roseville on north sunrise was amazing the food was awesome and the customer service was outstanding I loved everything 100%

  21. Kathryn Brown

    I visited the Wendy’s on Apple Avenue in Muskegon, MI and was very satisfied with the service I received…the burger was good and the fries were hot. The cashier was very courteous, I had to ask her name so I could tell it to you..Michelle Marble…very courteous.

  22. Lisa WILLIAMS


  23. marjorie watson

    the wendys on summertree plaza, Zephyrhills, Florida is ALWAYS out of something. They rarely have enough for change, and their staff are not customer friendly. the younger people are rude, and the management have terrible attitudes if something goes wrong. they are often out of coke products, cups and no one seems to care. no one takes ownership of any issue and its ridiculous.

  24. I never enjoyed over me as much as I enjoyed everything here the staff the store was clean everyone was super nice if I can get in the score from one to hundred to get

  25. Malcolm George

    Shannon rd location in Durham is my favorite. Ieat there at least twice a week. My order is always on point and the staff are always nice and professional ._.Love my spicy chicken with a side of cheese sauce!

  26. Wendy’s in Wilson NC is the sorriest store in Wilson, every time I do go there they don’t have nothing…You need to bring back the daytime girls that was working there about a year old. You let them go I guess and brought this sorry crew in. I used to love Wendy’s. What is really going on there.

  27. Natashia McKeel

    Elijah in Wilson NC location is great! We had problems with our order due to the cashier not understanding and keying order in correctly. But Elijah went above and beyond to help us and correct it.

  28. I went to Wendy’s on Kirby and quince the service was horrible I sat in line for 45 minutes and french fries but my flash look like they were old and stepped on they also did not give me a receipt they also did not read my order back

  29. I ‘ve a Wendy’s customer for over 40yrs and these days at store #6116 of Crystal lake by jewel have I been very disappointed but have stop going there with my son each week y u Ask? The food sits and gets cold while they finish the order.ask for no ice in the pop and I get ice in sorry to say but this particular Wendy’s Fucking Sucks And is on my don’t eat there List.

    1. Wind Gap Pa
      The counter girl with the lower arm tatoo was very rude. She gave us the wrong flavored frosty and when we told her she grabbed it out of our hand and threw it across the aisle into the gabage can. After we ater we went up for a dessert and she refused to wait on us. The woman manager wasnt overly friendly either

  30. I went to the Bad Axe. Michigan Wendy’s .on March 2,2018

    I did not get a receipt and my hamburger was very coldThe girl who took my money was on her cell phone.
    I did not feel good and went right home.

  31. I went to the Wendys on W Broad street and Central ave in Columbus Ohio. This was the worst experience i have ever had. I waited at the speaker for about 7 minutes, then once i got to the window they told me i would have to pull up and wait. I sat there about 15 min before i went inside. Once i there i checked my food and not 1 item was correct. and the fries were ice cold. I was inside about another 15 min trying to get it all corrected. There were only 3 customers inside the store by the way. And when i left the two cars that were a head of me were still out there waiting on their food. There is not one reason i can think of for this type of service. I will not be back to this location, and possibly any Wendys location.

  32. I was at fostoria Wendy’s and they had great workers very polite and very fast service I got my food and got out in no time with manners and a smile on my face I will definitely be back thank u very much

  33. I think Wendy’s has the best tasting fast food burgers !!! But I want the old bacon mushroom cheddar melt to come back !! They keep coming out with a mushroom burger for limited time only every year but they never compare

  34. I wanted to take your survey, but not if it required modification of my computer.
    Hat’s off to Dede at the Haverford PA restaurant, Store #396. Dede, who appears to be a supervisor, came by my table to ask if everything was all right. It was. Then she continued on, cleaning the empty tables. There were two elderly couples just finishing their lunches, so Dede cleared all their trash and took it to the container for them. She speaks to everyone in a friendly, professional way. I’m sure she inspires the other associates at this restaurant.

  35. Regarding a purchase at Wendy’s Restaurant in Columbia, MD (Rte. 108) – usually the food is nice and hot. I ordered 2 Single burgers with medium fries and a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger – unfortunately, I never received the Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger sandwich that I purchased. Reference #3297 (on Dec. 8, 2017 9:00 PM – #30298)

  36. We recently went around our town of Cadillac Michigan collecting donations for a benefit auction and dinner fund raiser for a family member that has been diagnosed with a rare form of stomach cancer that has spread through out his body. When we went to Wendy’s and ask for a donation Mark, the Manager of Wendy’s in Cadillac not only donated 300 frostys, he also delivered them himself along with straws, spoons, and napkins. We would like to thank the corporate office for allowing this very generous donation and a very special thank you to Mark not only for your generosity but also for taking the time to deliver the frostys. Everything you have done to help was so appreciated. THANK YOU!

  37. On October 11th around 5 p.m. I got to work and my manager Christina Garcia kick me out of the store in a very awful way in front of everybody including clients for an unknown reason after asking a few questions about the line because I had just gotten there. she screamed at me in front of everybody and she was also acting very aggressively towards other employees that day, and now every time that I work with her I feel very uncomfortable and scared that’s going to happen again. Store number 103

  38. Wendy’s at 2600 MLK Blvd in Dalton, GA. Used to be my favorite breakfast place, but that has changed over the past several months.
    The filthy interior of the restaurant, slow service, lack of product and unfriendly staff have caused me to bypass this restaurant in the morning and head 1 mile up the road to the Golden Arches of their competitor.
    Complaints to the restaurant staff, corporate, and via the online survey has fallen on deaf ears. During my most recent (and last) visit, this Wendy’s was out of decaf coffee and the same crumbs (plus more) were in the booths that I had observed 3 days earlier.
    The empty tables were obviously dirty and sticky, so I had to ask a staff member to clean a table for me so I could sit down and eat. No apologies, not a word was spoken by the staff member, and she did not clean the booth seat nor any of the surrounding tables that were filthy.
    The staff members are driving the customers away because they won’t keep this restaurant clean and serve their customers in a friendly, timely manner. No one wants to eat in a filthy location.


  40. I just went to the Wendy’s in Noblesville,Indiana off of st rd 32 or Conner street and it was horrible it did not look like the oil has been filtered or changed in a very long time,and they definitely were not fresh they were cold so I couldn’t even eat them. I ordered a number 1 and it just wasn’t as good as it usually is , I totally get that at 830 they are trying to get ready for close but they don’t close till 10. Before the job I have now I worked fast food for 10 plus years and I would not have served that to anybody because especially the fries I was not pleased and they didn’t put my receipt in the bag so I just wanted somebody to know how bad my experience was.# if you wouldn’t eat you probably shouldn’t serve it to someone else.

  41. Purchased $20.20 take out order on 8/13/17 from Wendy’s 851 Unser Blvd, SE, Rio Rancho, NM. Food and service was great. Tried to take survey offered on receipt. Talk about cumbersome.

  42. Lisa Sangineto

    Went to Wendy’s today in tucson Az. On cambell and Prince… Usually it’s pretty good. So mom and I stop through the drive through we order 2 baked potatoes 1 mozzarella chicken salad and 1western bacon cheeseburger and 2 beef patties no bun. We get home 5 min away. The burger was cold the cheese nit melted. The potatoes were dry and wrinkled up. Im so dissatisfied and mad at myself for not checking before i left. And it was a second shot there because of previous problem with fries. Not every day is a good day but food should always be fresh and hot. I Unfourtanatly didnt save my reciept but thats ok. I won’t go back. .

  43. We regularily eat at the same Wendys each week today I had your new ‘grilled queso bacon’ huge disappointment 1 out of 5 stars would not have again. Dry chicken, dry bun over cooked bacon a big dolop of spicy something in the middle yawn yuk

  44. Dear all,

    Just spoke to The Cooperate.🤔
    Will not mention any names to protect the innocent so that being said here is my survey and thoughts.

    Called C. O. And The gentleman that answered at corporate simply said the following.
    Sir, this is coprate we do not look up info from just a Receipt.#
    end Quote.

    Wow no word to explain, wait I got one !
    And throw in some secret special sauce
    crappy non helpful shit service.

    Asked him if he had a problem
    He said no sir.
    Really could have fooled me custermore representative.

    Then to top it off, He asked me to give him the location I was enquiring about so he could transfer me and Guess what?
    Yup, you guessed it the unnamounus prick, jerk off hung up on me…Speechless.

    A real person in Ohio!
    just like on the back of there receipt ..yeah right! !!

    On the other hand shout out to all the hard workers that are keeping it trill in H-Town That make my experience great.
    Thank you.

    Store location
    10719 North Freeway
    Houston Texas, 77037

    Best Regards.
    H-Town Dueces

    P. S.
    Y’all need to come to Houston.

  45. Debbie Pearson

    Visited Wendys in Wilson NC on May 14,2107 Of all days mothers day. Needless to say it was the sorriest store I have ever eat at. Upon entering the store was full of flys counter dirty and the food prep area was dirty floor and table had to wait for the party crowd that was suppose to be working to wait on us with a no how can I help you. Ordered a Artisian grilled chicken sandwich combo plus grilled chicken baconator fries and drink. Fries were cold took back still cold. Grilled chicken was old cold and undercooked. Sticky stuff on floor at counter and drink station dirty. They Were not busy only one couple in there. Lobby was dirty in back and counter and sticky stuff was still on floor after we threw our food away and I asked for a manager. He had the nerve to ask where the store was dirty at. When I told him where the store was dirty at I pointed out the counter and floor. He acted as if he could care less. Very non professional I am very disappointed and being Mothers Day didn’t help. Thanks for ruining my mothers day!

  46. My Wendy’s single cheese hamburger, no onions was very good on Januar y 17, 2017.
    I also had a coke A\and Chocolate frosty.

  47. My Wendy’s hamburger was very very dry in cold and it was a long line so I am done with trying to buy food from Wendy’s

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