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Jamba Juice Customer Survey (www.telljamba.com)

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Jamba Juice is currently inviting customers to complete a customer satisfaction survey. An invitation to the survey is currently being printed on select receipts.

About the Survey: www.telljamba.com

The survey is located at www.telljamba.com

This is a customer satisfaction survey, meaning it's goal is to gain knowledge and insight into how customers view their experience during their recent visit to Jamba Juice.

Rewards or "prizes" are often given for completing customer surveys such as this (check your receipt for details). This is what I like to call a "Survey Reward".

"Survey Rewards" are given to you as an incentive to give your valuable feedback as a customer.

If your receipt states that there is a reward (such as a free coupon, or sweepstakes entry) getting your free Survey Reward is simple.

Getting started with www.telljamba.com

Here's what you need to do to complete the Jamba Juice Survey (located at www.telljamba.com) and redeem the offer printed on your receipt:

  1. To get started, visit www.telljamba.com
  2. Read over the quick and easy instructions
  3. Make sure you have your receipt in hand
  4. Click "Start Survey" to begin

Enter Survey

Jamba Juice is now encouraging all customers to participate in their Customer Satisfaction Survey, by visiting www.telljamba.com and entering the 15-digit survey code on the bottom of your receipt.

Then just answer the survey questions based on your past experiences at Jamba Juice. At the end of the survey you will receive a validation code, write that code on your receipt, then take that with you next time you go to receive your discount.

Ready to Speak Your Mind?

13 thoughts on “Jamba Juice Customer Survey (www.telljamba.com)”

  1. When i walked in they didn’t say hello or anything they just looked at me which wasn’t a problem, but then when taking my order she was wearing gloves and proceeded to take my money touch the screen and all the dirty cash in the drawer and then go back to making a toast with the same dirty gloves she was just using to count money. They then took 20 mins to make 3 drinks.

  2. My Jamba experience has turned for the worst. I have been a loyal customer for years. A few weeks ago my daughter and her boy friend went to a local store located in the LA area only to find out that the prices had been raised to over $1.10 for a medium drink. I was floored(sticker shock). We all were floored. I had reward points and it appears that they were implementing a new system, my points were not honored immediately because they were implementing a new app. I was told to give it a few days and I would be able to access my points. On 7/21/19 my Grandson and I were out enjoying a beautiful Sunday afternoon when I decided to stop at Jamba Juice on Wilshire Blvd & Western Ave, it turned from bad to worst, not only wasn’t the app working properly again, my order was completely botched, this happens frequently as they have employee turnovers quite often from location to location. Bad service, rising prices it’s time to go. Costco has a better smoothie and it’s nearly $5 cheaper. I don’t wish anything bad for the company but it’s just not worth it any longer,$8.46 for a cup of juice that melts 5 minutes into the drive, not worth it.

  3. lrgouldrywall@gmail.com

    Bought Razzmatazz 5/30/19
    Something was not done right it was very runny, didn’t notice till I was 5 minutes down freeway was melted in 10 minutes.
    Store was Wilsonville Oregon That was my first visit to that store and I know manager was training a couple new ones, I remembered later that when it was being poured into cup it just poured in she didn’t need to beat the side of the mixing container, I’ll definitely will look for that in future.
    Survey Code 776925100007311

  4. We’ve been buying from Jamba since you opened in Beaverton. But now, all our drinks are being underfilled, EVEN when there is a lot left in the blender. I was mad today, and said so. I still had to walk out with an inch left in each of my three drinks. I was told if he put more in it, it would be overfilled and would spill. Please correct this.

  5. I visits Jamba Juice everyday why became it taste so and I know how healthy it is for me and I like the location and happy 😊 people.👋

  6. Arthur L Piper

    It has been VERY hot in the valley and I told the young lady when I walked in I was goling to go to that place that began with a “S” but decided to get my favorite drink from Jamba Juice that is a Mega Mango (large). I also tried the water melon drink. Tasty… The staff is first rate, which means a lot to a customer.

  7. Chunky Bowls rock for breakfast! Lots of flavorful healthy juice and smoothies to cool off and pep your day off.

    At University blvd in Round Rock say hi to Amanda and Kristo! Really cheerful and professional folks!!

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