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Taco Bell Customer Survey (www.tellthebell.com)

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Taco Bell is currently inviting customers to complete a customer satisfaction survey. An invitation to the survey is currently being printed on select receipts.

About the Survey: www.tellthebell.com

The survey is located at www.tellthebell.com

This is a customer satisfaction survey, meaning it's goal is to gain knowledge and insight into how customers view their experience during their recent visit to Taco Bell.

Rewards or "prizes" are often given for completing customer surveys such as this (check your receipt for details). This is what I like to call a "Survey Reward".

"Survey Rewards" are given to you as an incentive to give your valuable feedback as a customer.

If your receipt states that there is a reward (such as a free coupon, or sweepstakes entry) getting your free Survey Reward is simple.

Getting started with www.tellthebell.com

Here's what you need to do to complete the Taco Bell Survey (located at www.tellthebell.com) and redeem the offer printed on your receipt:

  1. To get started, visit www.tellthebell.com
  2. Read over the quick and easy instructions
  3. Make sure you have your receipt in hand
  4. Click "Start Survey" to begin

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Ready to Speak Your Mind?

10 thoughts on “Taco Bell Customer Survey (www.tellthebell.com)”

  1. I went to the Taco Bell in Bonita California, to be exact..it was store number 025489 and I went through the drive through. It really wasn’t busy so I really can’t find any excuse other than they weren’t being very considerate. I ordered a 12 pack of soft tacos and a beef burrito. Just ground beef, red sauce, onions and cheese. Simple right? Well when I got to sit down and have my lunch with co workers, I bit into my burrito and was instantly pissed off, instead of ground beef, red sauce, onions and cheese there was beans, no beef, red sauce, no onions, cheese. I wasn’t going back or even placing a call to the restaurant to explain my issue. I figure that I could do better here than if I went there. Usually I have a decent experience at TB, but for now, I’m done with them, maybe later or another time but at this point, I’m so disappointed with my experience there. Taco Bell huh???should of went to Del Taco at least I never get my order wrong there.

  2. I visited the Taco Bell at 5684 Thornton Avenue in Newark, California. I decided to try the nacho fries box. What a disappointment. Considering that I had to wait at the window, the box contained very little fries which were cold. Yes, cold. Ugh!!!

  3. I just left taco bell in Ferris TX, I ordered a #1 Burrito Supreme, Taco Supreme , I ask them to please put some sour cream on it, the girl ask if I wanted extra, extra 50 cents , I said NO I just want it like its supposed to be made, got my order and the taco had 5 times the sour cream on it then the burrito, the sour on the taco was running out both ends, the burrito had a spot about the size of a nickle! l complained about it and got laughed at! I told them I worked at Taco Bell in KCMO at 39th and main for a couple of years and I know how to make a Burrito Supreme! I left! the Taco Bell in Red Oak Tx, Ennis Tx, Waxahacie TX, Ferris TX are all the same! All of these Taco Bells don’t know how to make a Burrito Supreme, went to the one in Red Oak a While back and I heard one of them calling me names, there’s that Old BASSTURD again!! VERY RUDE!! Never going to go there again, NEVER! tired of paying 3 dollars for a Burrito Supreme and getting a Bean Burrito
    I guess they don’t know that the sour cream is what makes the Burrito Supreme .

    Charles Miller 104 Margaret Ln.
    Red Oak Tx. 75154

  4. Kenneth Brown

    Went through the drive thru on 7/17/18 / 4:45:36 at store #033789, 360 N. Broad Street, Fairborn, Ohio. Was extremely disappointed with the quality of the way my order was prepared! All I ordered was 3 Beefy Frito Burritos. Don’t get me wrong, the taste was very good. However, when I unwrapped each to put sauce on them, I was shocked to see: Burrito #1=2 Fritos, Burrito #2=3 Fritos, and Burrito #3 only had 1 lousy Frito on it! Now I realize their only $1 but, come on! With no more Fritos than that, you might want to think about renaming this product and leave the word FRITO out. That is, if this is truly how they are to be prepared. Thanks for letting me share.

  5. I went to taco bell today on 3rd in Spokane Wa. And I was treated like crap by the shift Manager she was rude to me from start to finish I got to the window and asked for a manager and low and behold she was the one taking my Order and I asked her why she was being rude and she gave me my card and told me to go somewhere else and closed the window in my face and then I kept asking her what her name was and she basically opened the window threw her badge at me and closed the window I have never had a bad experience at Taco bell I will never go back there her name is Taci Badger

  6. Adam was very awsome and respectful seems like one of the better people I’ve seen working in fast-food in a long time

  7. I visited the Taco Bell in Chelmsford, United Kingdom. It was my first visit to a Taco Bell since visiting the USA IN 2003.
    The food was as good as it was back in 2003, I really enjoyed it. Not easy for me to get to a Taco Bell now as I live In Oxford United Kingdom there are no Taco Bells near me, the nearest is in Essex. Are their any plans to open one in Oxford?, I think one would do well here with all the students and tourists. I could then enjoy the food I love at a reasonable price.
    We do have two Mexican places here but more expensive, one seems to do better than the other. That’s why you would do well here, you do a better deal for the price.
    It would make me a happy guy to be able to eat the food I love local without having to travel miles at great cost to get it.

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