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Tim Hortons Customer Survey (www.telltimhortons.com)

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Tim Hortons is currently inviting customers to complete a customer satisfaction survey. An invitation to the survey is currently being printed on select receipts.

About the Survey: www.telltimhortons.com

The survey is located at www.telltimhortons.com

This is a customer satisfaction survey, meaning it's goal is to gain knowledge and insight into how customers view their experience during their recent visit to Tim Hortons.

Rewards or "prizes" are often given for completing customer surveys such as this (check your receipt for details). This is what I like to call a "Survey Reward".

"Survey Rewards" are given to you as an incentive to give your valuable feedback as a customer.

If your receipt states that there is a reward (such as a free coupon, or sweepstakes entry) getting your free Survey Reward is simple.

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Here's what you need to do to complete the Tim Hortons Survey (located at www.telltimhortons.com) and redeem the offer printed on your receipt:

  1. To get started, visit www.telltimhortons.com
  2. Read over the quick and easy instructions
  3. Make sure you have your receipt in hand
  4. Click "Start Survey" to begin

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Ready to Speak Your Mind?

35 thoughts on “Tim Hortons Customer Survey (www.telltimhortons.com)”

  1. I was just refused “any iced coffee for $1 today- April12th 2020. Why? My survey code was: 9573-1310-4011-1370-00552 I realize the purchase date for this was Friday January 31, 2020 but I just found it in my console. There is no expiration date on the receipt and none was given me when I filled out the survey? Do these expire and how long does it take? Lastly, why doesn’t Tim’s make it a point to put an expire date on the flipping receipt? Would I have been refused to fill out the survey if I just wanted to do it today? I highly doubt it! This is not the first time I have been refused at one of my local Tim’s for redemption codes but come on? I had had at least 2 or more of the roll up the rim tabs refused over the past couple of years as well! Why? My redemption code is: BB41172 in case anyone cares!

  2. Christine Thickson

    Not happy with the service in the drive thru.
    Not very happy staff, and hardly ever smile.
    I ordered soup at 11.15 am today, only one kind!!
    Asked for 2 cheese tea biscuits with butter on the side, also asked at window when
    picking it up, staff ensured butter was in bag???
    It was not. Happens all the time.
    Please train staff to make soup available at lunch time.
    Hopefully find people who like their jobs!!!

  3. The afternoon staff was very helpful and upsold product. I don’t have to tell them what I want they know my order and have it ready. Great service as always.

  4. The store in Shelby Michigan gave us sub-par food. First the order was wrong, then the food was cold and one of the orders wad actually still frozen. Terrible food, we will not ever return to Tim Hortons

  5. we visited the tim Horton’s franchise outlet at the north end of Exeter, Ontario on hwy. #4 last Friday june 21st. at aprox. 5:45 p.m. and were appalled at the condition of the facility. it appeared the dirty dishes had been left on the counters above the waste receptacles to the point there was no more room to add ours to the counter top. the floors had not been swept, partition walls dirty and stained, both washrooms were dirty and messy and the staff working at that time seemed more concerned as to whose turn it was to go on break than to deal with the customers or do any clean-up. we were not the only customers at that time to be disappointed and commented but I do not know if any others are taking the time to bring this to your attention. we have travelled frequently, look forward to taking a break at a tim Horton’s outlet but this was by far the worst we have ever encountered. respectfully,

  6. Terri Phillips

    I was just at the store on Hall road in Utica and had bad service…I asked for a vanilla latte with an extra shot which they did not do…the young man said “this is not a set coffee” ???
    He gave me some sugar with no stirrer…when I opened my cup, it was only 3/4 full! My husband went up and told them and then they added milk I guess because it was barely warm! I gave up and we left…Thx

  7. Heather Holmes

    Earlier this month, May 13/19, I had the pleasure of stopping by Tim Hortons # 288 in Ontario. We were a group of 13 birders who showed up around 0630 in the morning. Quite a few people with diverging tastes to deal with at such an early hour.
    We were served by Marie and Jessica. Both these ladies took all our requests with grace and good humour. They worked well under tight time lines and a long line up.
    I just wanted to praise the work of these two excellent employees.

  8. Gord Bartlett

    About 6 0r 7 times in the last 6 months I have visited tims at 300 St Andrews St in Cambridge Ontario. Its usually around 8 or 8 30 at night. I drink decaf coffee and its usually only warm definitely not hot.. Or they don’t have any decaf. Tonight I was there at 8 and they had enough decaf for a small cup only. I declined, knowing that the pot had probably been sitting there for hours. I left and went to another location at Myers Rd. and Water ST. in Cambridge. What usually takes 2 minutes to go from my home to Tims ended up taking me almost half an hour to get a coffee and go home. It is just as quick to go to a Mcdonalds for coffee as it is to go to a different tims location. I think its time you took some action to correct this problem or lose a pretty good customer.. Thank You

  9. My husband and I hit a Tim Horton’s every day and we are always disgusted at the constant dirty tables and dishes on 90% of the tables.There’s rarely a clean table in the place. We live in the Brantford area and have travelled East to Burlington area, South to Pt.Dover area, West to London area and even North to Owen Sound area.Each time these places are disgusting! When will they staff someone to clear and clean the tables and sweep the floors. Honestly I don’t know why we continue to frequent Tim Horton’s because it certainly isn’t because of the cleanliness of the place.. My next step is to contact the Food Inspection Agency and see what they have to say about this.

  10. The Calgary Tim Horton kitchen staff are so loud and chatty, like they are at there own home, it’s annoying

  11. I went to Tim’s on Fairway Rd I. Kitchener Ontario on Sat. the 11th of Aug. and had a coupon for a free blueberry fritter. The fritter was stale. The next week on Sunday they had no blueberry muffins or fritters. The tims on Weber St. was much better. The Tim’s on Fairway Rd. is the most disgusting I have ever seen. I have read other reviews and talked to many people. That franchise should not be in business. This is the first time I have posted a comment.

  12. I tried the chili & cheese dish today, and was disappointed.
    The soggy, mealy “potato wedges” were awful.

    I have a suggestion. If you can’t make decent fries, either learn or give it up.

  13. HI … I Go to the Tim Hortons at the corner of Wynford Drive and Don Mills Road 5 times a week for the past 7 years….I have to say that the 3 ladies that have worked there for at least that length of time do a fantastic job!!!! They are so polite, well organized , very friendly and they the service area is always so clean. They ALWAYS remember your order which saves so much time! I have NEVER been to a Tim Horton’s that consistently runs so efficiently. Cynthia, Gladys and Susie are a true pleasure to deal with daily and they start my day off with a smile…..and all of my co-workers feel exactly the same about their level of service

  14. Terrie leveque

    I go to the two napanee Tim Hortons every day
    NOT one time can they get it right. The coffee taste burnt or has no sugar. EVERY DAY I ask them to make sure there is sugar in my coffee of course they say there is. I end up driving home with shit coffee or end up in the store freaking out daily. This is ridiculous, I’m wasting my money at these stores. If I could go to a different one I would but I can’t. I am so sick of every day getting a coffee that taste horrible. Then to have the manger come to me and ask me to be nice to there staff cause he knows I work at Tim Hortons . Why why should I when I nicely ask you to make sure there is sugar in my coffee and you can’t do that. I work at Tim Hortons and I no you can tell if there is sugar coming out of the machine when pushing the button. They just don’t care. I no you can tell the number of cream or the correct amount of cream for 2 cream and a double double. They just don’t care handing it out almost black. Mike and Bob you can’t be friends with your staff. You pay them to do a job and that job is to serve coffee CORRECTLY. GET ON TOP OF YOUR STAFF. This isn’t there fault this is your fault as poor store owner.

  15. I go to the timmies in Guildwood every morning and the ladies there are lovely…BUT man do they take abuse…from cranky old men early in the morning yelling at them, to the kids that come in from the school with no manners. These girls take it all in stride and keep going. But I can see they are hurt by the way they are being spoken to….People be kind!!!

  16. I go to Tim Hortons on Pinewood Park Drive in North Bay and we have our coffee inside and prefer a china mug but lately they are so stained on the inside they are disgusting….I asked a manager there about it and she said they have nothing to clean them with only the dishwasher…..my cup had 3 rings on the inside of it…..you mean to tell me a big company like this can’ t find something to clean the cups….makes me not want to go there !!!!

  17. my husband and i went through the drive thru yesterday at the new location on fairway street south lethbridge , Montana was at the the window, can’t believe Tim Hortons is not stricter how those girls act at the window , she is a fucking tramp, or are they working on commission now , the more they can fucking flirt with the men, the more man will come and buy coffee, get your act together , alot of those men are married men , I will never go that tim hortens again as long as that tramp is working there. i thought we went for coffee, not to see if some tramp would try to get behind my husbands pants. She use to work on 43 street

    1. This is interesting. But I seen something going on in London Ontario. And it’s worse seeing some tramp at the drive thru. LOL

  18. Got two beautiful donuts but I wanted to enter the survey code but there were no numbers at the bottom of my cash register slip so I can’t answer the survey so I can’t win

  19. In early November, when the peppermint mocha lattes came out, I tried one at Lansdowne west Peterborough on.It was delicious.
    On November 22, had another latte supposedly the peppermint at Tim Hortons highway 28 and 401 at Port Hope drive thru. It was terrible. No pepermint taste, and only 1/2 a cup. We were on route home to Peterborough, so did not go back. Today at Lansdowne Place food court in Peterborough, decided to try another.Terrible. No taste and only 1/2 a cup.Went back with the cup and contents to tell the girls behind counter, so she gave me another. This time, the cup was full, but no taste. It was just coffee and whipped cream.
    Terribly disappointed in your specialty coffee.

  20. Rachael Desmarais

    Wensday Oct.25.17 Tim Hortons#2172 12169 72nd ave Surrey BC. They refused me honey on the side as if they knew how much I like & insist they put it in? Do you know how much 2 honey is when free squeezed from a bottle? They sure dont! Stop being cheep & give back the honey packets!

  21. I would have loved to fill out the survey but of course bad service does not include a receipt they really have gone down hill . I blame the MGMT not setting and maintaining the standards. I ended up with an upset stomach after eating my sandwich.

  22. Harpartap Singh

    At niagara falls service was very slow there were 2 counters one person at each and only one person was taking order packing and giving and there was a girl she was free but still she wasn’t doing work, she was just talking with a boy.

  23. Diane Reykdal

    Bought a d/d from 128 st 153 ave Edmonton ab.
    The last part of my coffee a got a mouth full of coffee grounds ..
    Not happy ..
    We buy three coffee from timmys daily .. Everything has been great till then .
    How can I be sure this will not happen again.
    Thank you

  24. Service sucks at 2 locations in michigan. 12 and evergreen, always out of biscuits or croissants. 10 and evergreen, service sucks and were out of croissants and biscuits

  25. Tim hortons on hall road connected to happys pizza has very poor service i was there yesterday morning 1/19/17 and a girl named lauren had a huge attitude and made my coffee wrong i am very disappointed that you would hire someone like that it’s not the first time i’ve been there with her poor attitude and service and wrong order. she always refused to give me a refund and told me to go to a different location.

  26. I regularly visit this particular site and I find it to be one of the most efficient and friendliest ones; it’s always a pleasure to patronize this store.

  27. I received a receipt to take a survey, but , after doing so it didnt give me validation code , for a sandwich??

  28. survey code 744419312151622070925 receipt # 6305432 1-21-17 I had a iced capp with Hazelnut flavor. It was very good AS USUAL !!

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